In 1893, Ernst Alexander Wellendorff in Pforzheim, Germany, the creation of jewelry workshop

Each Wellendorff ring is set with a diamond W mark, representing the true value and the highest quality of jewelry making
2016 Ring “Thanksgiving with you” is not just a simple expression of gratitude, it is deep inside the conviction and emotion, but also the most loyal to accompany the wearer. Every time the rotation of the ring, are the inner feelings of gratitude to tell, remember the best moments of life, blessing the wearer has a happy life with love and beautiful life!
The real value: German jewelry family Wellendorff Cartier love bracelet replica
In 1893, Ernst Alexander Wellendorff in Pforzheim, Germany, the creation of jewelry workshop. Now take over the workshop is the fourth generation descendant of Wellendorff family. Wellendorff is not only committed to the top 18k goldsmiths from Germany, but also to create real value. In the past 120 years, each Wellendorff jewelery that was born in Pforzheim was inlaid with a brand logo – a diamonds “W” logo. The most famous is the Wellendorff gold silk necklace, as well as by the gorgeous enamel, picturesque, exquisite decoration and diamond inlay made of Wellendorff rotating ring. Wellendorff in Europe, Asia and North America are equipped with boutiques and has a worldwide sales network for the selection of love jewelry works.
In a corner of the world, there is a team of artist-like dare and perfectionist team of diamond experts, each person adhering to the traditional quality of De Beers diamond jewelry, decades as a day, devoutly guard that in Debbie Diamond Institute set a romantic commitment. To exceed the standard 4C selection, cut and design, for every person to choose De Beers to write the most beautiful love declaration. In this chill of the early spring, please with them, abandon all the hesitation and timidity, write a long lost love letter, for the most important person, or a more brave oneself.
I love you, willing to spend every wonderful morning with Cartier love ring replica
Dewdrop series to join a new rose gold ring, platinum earrings, the recovery of the spring season of all things for the design inspiration, radiant diamonds like the early morning dew, floating in studded diamond ring between. Reminding us of scenes in the morning between the Smart eyes, Ruoyouruowu through the mist and the fragrance of coffee, gentle and Chongni. Please accept the pillow from De Beers this love letter, promised me, accompany me through the next every one has your morning.
I love you, now for me to protect your Replica Cartier jewelry
Talisman series available for ten years, always adhere to the bare diamond of the highest selection criteria, selection of one-thousandth of the precious stones in the diamond, carefully cast, such as lovers of the beginning of the heart like a warm blessing. In medieval times, the natural diamond represents power and good luck, limited to the royal ruler to wear. Today, De Beers will be the magic of nature into Talisman series of natural rough diamond, dedicated to everyone. The good fortune has been with me to meet you, fall in love with you, spend our every sweet dispute, every twists and turns of travel. Thank you, and Talisman with the simple guard me. Now, for me and Talisman to take care of you, please brave to love, boldly to live. By

The Love Circle 2016 Ring of Remembrance with a strong contrast of black and white cold enamel tell these emotions

2016 is about to end, but also means the arrival of the party season. In the festive atmosphere of rich moments, select the party dress time, do not forget to select a charming jewelry for the dress. To bring out the noble and elegant dress at the same time, with different colors of gem will make dress with a sense of style. Whether it is elegant, neutral or sexy, Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry is undoubtedly the best thing to embellish.
Autumn and winter dress style, can not help but bring a bit dull sense, so the jewelry accessories is to highlight the details of modeling. For jewelry design, minimalist design is just one of the style, and can reflect the charm of jewelry must be colorful gemstones. Will be different colors of gemstones with platinum, platinum or gold with, showing a dazzling style. Such a jewelry with autumn and winter clothes with, is undoubtedly the key to brighten the shape.
Every day, people say thank you, and this is the love of the people to express gratitude of the most sincere words. Whether friends, friends, or parents, children, they are precious in life, indispensable people. Thank them for their endless support and help; thank them as always in the side guard, day and night companions; thank those in life worth remembering moments; thank all the good things in life. Inspired by “Danke” (thanks in Cartier love ring replica), Wellendorff, the German jeweler, brings this sincere feeling to the rotating ring and presents the 2016 Ring of Limited Gratefulness, expressing the gratitude of the heart with jewels. . With the unique 18K white gold molding of the Luo Luofu “Thanksgiving with you” ring, into the family’s Thanksgiving, is the eternal symbol of real value, but also the wearer’s most sincere wishes and gratitude.
2017 Limited Ring “Thanksgiving With You”
Whether experiencing joy or sadness, good or bad, thanks to the warmth of the people who love and rely on to thank people around the day and night to accompany and guard. The Love Circle 2016 Ring of Remembrance with a strong contrast of black and white cold enamel tell these emotions, the rotation of the ring symbolizes the cycle of life, each rotation will record the joy of 2016 moments, those who Unforgettable memories of happiness in the heart of the collection, to accompany forever. Wellendorff extreme goldsmith craft and exquisite cold enamel sculpture of black flowers from the elegant inspiration from the elegant celestial lotus, for the ring to give women the soft feelings, and hope that through clematis clematis to convey the most sincere Of the emotions. “Thanksgiving with you” ring inlaid six 0.1 carat diamonds – whether the central flower of diamonds, meaning the real value of the diamond “W” sign or a symbol of the limited edition ring 2017 years of diamonds, are shining with a charming light, Shine. The inside of the ring engraved with the German alphabet “Danke”, will be sent to one of gratitude. The annual ring “Thanksgiving with you” is the best evidence of Hua Luofu’s top goldsmith art, but also the family since the introduction of the annual ring in 1997 up to now adhere to the tradition of 20 years.
Wellendorff to clever flawless clematis as inspiration painting 2017 annual limit ring “Thanksgiving you” By
Wellendorff in 1997 to commemorate the British colony of Hong Kong’s return to China, designed and produced the first annual limit ring. Since then, Hua Luofu each year with a unique design perspective introduced with a special implication of the annual limited ring, and the annual annual ring sale is caused by the world’s collectors competing. Each annual ring is based on the year limited edition – the world’s only 216 women have the opportunity to have imitation Cartier love bracelet 2017 limited ring “Thanksgiving you.”

In the wedding season, how to choose a suitable diamond ring?

In the wedding season, how to choose a suitable diamond ring?
First, the diamond: the size of the election is very important
The majority of women’s Cartier love ring replica for the diamond ring is always the bigger the better, of course, the greater the carat number will indeed seem luxurious, but not suitable for everyday wear, those who are not dozens of carat the average person. So 50 points to play between 2 kt, it is very suitable for everyday wear. If you want to be slightly more luxurious, then between 3 to 5 kt carat is sufficient to meet.
Second, the diamond criteria: “4c” principle
In the selection of diamond ring, the most basic principle is “4c”. Cut, color, clarity, carat (carat weight), known as 4c.
Cut (cut)
The so-called cut, although a human factor, but for the dazzling diamonds have a great impact. A good cutting process, not only can maximize the retention of the diamond component, but also allows the internal light to maximize the reflection to the diamond Cartier love bracelet replica.
In the choice of diamonds, in addition to cutting, the color and clarity is the other two diamond-level standards. Color gradations are D, E, F, G, H, I-J, K-L, M, N-O, P-R and S-Z. GHIJKL (close to colorless) this level is relatively more, the diamond ring are generally IJ color; MN (Cartier nail bracelet replica), this level of yellow is already able to naked eye (colorless), this level is relatively rare, the price is high; Visible, the price will be much lower. However, you only need to know that the H-color level represents the most standard white, higher than the H-color level will not appear yellow tone.
Defects determine the value of the diamond, the clarity of sub-5, SI2 clarity of diamonds above 10 times need to enlarge to find flaws in the budget, the lower the clarity does not affect the value of diamonds, diamonds are the largest size cost-effective s Choice.
In fact, the value of diamonds is not determined by carat size, Rapaport International Price Table calculation, D-grade IF clarity of 3-carat diamond and H-color SI2 grade clarity of 10-carat diamond price is almost flat.
Third, a variety of cutting process
In addition to the traditional classic round brilliant cutting, cutting a variety of other processes can also meet the diverse needs of the bride for the diamond ring. Of course, these patterns cut the diamond carat number required, usually in the 1 carat or above to meet the cutting process.
Pillow-shaped: pillow-shaped cut both round and the Princess Diamonds Replica Cartier jewelry round part of the advantages of its corners were arc-shaped rectangle, both the classical and fashion different beauty. It consists of a single multi-faceted transformation, which is now said pincushion, the shape of the mat. As the corners are cut into a circular shape, it looks gentle than the princess diamond.
Heart-shaped: As the name suggests, shape, such as peach heart-shaped cutting. Its proportion, just to be able to show the diamond light just right, not dazzling, but emotional and fantasy.

Watch Movie Online Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Watch Movie Online Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Crazy Rich Asians

Released |Duration : 2 hours 1 minutes



PRODUCED BY : Nina Jacobson, John Penotti.

GENRE : Drama, Comedy.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English.


PRODUCTION BY : Color Force, Ivanhoe Pictures.


Movie ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ was released in August 15, 2018 in genre Drama. Jon M. Chu was directed this movie and starring by Constance Wu. This movie tell story about An American-born Chinese economics professor accompanies her boyfriend to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, only to get thrust into the lives of Asia’s rich and famous.

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Free and easy urban women without any bondage, love to explore unknown areas

A simple action, shed the magic seeds, blooming dream moments. Rotating, caressing, collision magic out of the spark … … the world by your master! Possession beyond the boundaries of jewelry, incarnation of modern women’s intimate partner, deeply into her time, and become her first choice. Piaget count for the women presented a seductive indulgence of the jewelry “ceremony.” Iconic rings, earrings and pendants series, in the new year and joined a number of new Cartier love bracelet replica – can be worn alone or with a flexible, shape the ever-changing shape.
Turn, the world by your master!
Possession to her heart!
Free and easy urban women without any bondage, love to explore unknown areas, the life as a brilliant film, highlight the bold and uninhibited attitude. Women both multi-faceted personality, tough but nuanced, all things in the world are among her mind. Unique nature, so that her freedom to show personality in every side, not for the arrest of foreign objects. She travels around the world, footprints in Paris, New York, Moscow, Seoul, London and even Milan and other places, to continue to shine the charm of women dumping these cities. Just wink, she will be able to unload the power of the armed game, lunch with friends; or enjoy playing with their children. In urban life like a fish in the water of the Cartier love ring replica, cheer for their own personality. Her modeling of ever-changing, from the business suite to Bohemia, from the reception to the comfortable sportswear, and even kicked off Hentian high, step on the Carrefour shoes out. Her unique charming temperament, by her heart Possession jewelry portrait interpretation!
“Turn, the world by your master” …… dream instantly come true
Possession series of classic theme of advertising contains magical power, a metaphor of intentional or unintentional gestures. A casual jewelry ceremony, people can quickly indulge. Possession call the wheel of women turn the fate, open the endless possibilities, cast a unique magic, bursts of lucky sparks. Quietly turn the ring gently, the world is dumping. Ring rolling slowly, condensate in the pace of time, so that memories of the idea of endless. Softly rub the ring, so that physical and mental immersion in the positive energy. Slowly turn the ring, to achieve the dream of the heart. Possession beyond the boundaries of Cartier nail bracelet replica, is a happy Collection, it allows women to release the body and mind, self-confidence to show ambitious, life gently nodded … … Possession is the most loyal female partner, guarding her secret time.
The world is in her hands
“When I put on the Possession ring, whether I’m busy working or thinking about it, I can not help moving it slowly,” Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s global brand spokesperson, said at the moment, I think the dream is in my grasp. “She is beautiful and moving, affinity and dedication – who better than the talented, informal pop star more perfect show Possession series of bright and moving personality?
Swept the world’s rings
A series of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets with the active ring design concept lead us into the fascinating country of eternal rotation, so that the eyes of attachment can be stopped. When the woman’s intimate partner into the fingertips, two overlapping rose gold ring Piaget count immediately interpretation of the bold ideas. The first ring in rose gold and a single set of round diamonds, write a tie into the elegant and elegant concerto. The second paragraph is a gorgeous single diamond ring, and the original design of a single set of diamonds rose gold ring, the ring is more plump.
The magic of the wrist ceremony
The new Possession bracelet series follows the design of the active ring, in the bracelet with two rotating gold ring. To this end, Piaget count the idea of a new way of wearing and feeling. With elastic rose gold or platinum bracelet, decorated with two meticulous rotating ring, seductive touch, while the delicate taste of two unique, so that thoughts gallop in the inspiration of the country, in the emotional impact imitation cartier love bracelet calm mind. Will be one or more precious bracelet sets into the wrist, makeup fiber hand, interpretation of the trend of fashion mix, so that women play to imagine, arranged in line with personal taste composition composition, complete their own magic ritual. Rotation, caress, collision …… the world by your master!

Is also a delicate and glorious fusion, to praise Josephine Queen innate charm

“Joséphine, Joséphine! You can remember what I once said: God made me strong and decisive, and weave the soft beauty with lace and tulle …” – Napoleon, the emperor of France’s first empire, Condensate Fanghua. November 7 to 13, Cartier love bracelet replica Joséphine crowned love high-level jewelry exhibition in Beijing SKP VIP salon elegant presentation. Nearly 50 pieces of Joséphine’s coronation and love of fine jewelery and watches are displayed in the exhibition space. They are intertwined with portraits of Queen Josephine, precious antique manuscripts and magnificent classical ornaments. To more than two centuries ago the brand inspiration Miao Si Josephine Queen is full of whimsy aesthetic world.
Back to the brand in the 1900-1915 beautiful age (Belle Époque) created by the period of graceful products, from necklaces, pendants, to the crown, hair ornaments are reflected CHAUMET from the minutiae to the layout of the extraordinary idea. Power and Dexterity, Balance and Rhythm: This is the Cartier nail bracelet replica style of Joséphine’s coronation and love series – the elegance and femininity of the birth of the ever-evolving history. Inspired by the classic geometric patterns in the building, around the moment between the whirlpool and vibrant beauty, as if the jewelry has caught the burst of water droplets scene. Her ethereal and noble interpretation of CHAUMET characteristics: is a combination of different contrast, is the combination of pure and strength, is also a delicate and glorious fusion, to praise Josephine Queen innate charm, both soft and moving Distinguished authority.
This style of writing and Josephine Queen’s  replica Cartier love bracelet own life experience, temperament and preferences of solidarity, Queen Josephine was born in a Caribbean garden of the Martinique island, the birth background of the distinguished she has a refined taste, rich in inspiration Of the drive to continue to explore the good things in life. She favored the graceful swans, not the eagles representing the empire; she admired the warmth of nature, not the cold shades of marble in the palaces; she liked the softness of fine cloth, rather than the complexity of royal tapestry. Arabian floral, whirlpool totem, leaves and floral patterns that make her favorite aesthetic symbols, are neo-classical geometry of tough lines into the beauty of Smart women.
As the emperor of France’s first emperor Napoleon’s wife and his beloved woman, Josephine Queen’s distinctive emotional characteristics of Napoleon Queen jewelry maker – CHAUMET founder Niduo create a piece of handed down the endless inspiration. Under the guidance of the infinite artistic creativity, emotions such as diamond-like burst out of the spark, but also as lace-like delicate and moving. These highly poetic and full of emotional jewelry works, celebrating the life full of love and surprise moments of grace, for the militarized ice cold empire added a soft touch of charm.
This time, Joséphine crowned love high jewelry exhibition on the nearly 50 works, once again interpreted CHAUMET proud of the style of art: the combination of chic design and colorful gems, with a very modern creative way to re-explore CHAUMET pass 12 generations, after more than two centuries of peak jewelry production skills. Joséphine Coronation · love series devoted to Napoleon and Josephine deep love, will be different styles of diamond crown into the fingers of the United States ring, neck side of the necklace, drape of the earrings, wrist bracelet and Zhen US watch, the continuation of “coronation for love,” the waves

Watch and Download Movie The Meg (2018)

Watch Movie Online The Meg (2018)

The Meg

Released |Duration : 1 hours 53 minutes


DIRECTED BY : Jon Turteltaub.

PRODUCED BY : Belle Avery, Lorenzo di Bonaventura.

GENRE : Drama, Action, Science Fiction, Thriller, Horror.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English.


COUNTRY : China, United States of America.

PRODUCTION BY : Maeday Productions, Apelles Entertainment, Gravity Pictures, Di Bonaventura Pictures, Flagship Entertainment Group.


‘The Meg’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in August 9, 2018. Jon Turteltaub was directed this movie and starring by Jason Statham. This movie tell story about A deep sea submersible pilot revisits his past fears in the Mariana Trench, and accidentally unleashes the seventy foot ancestor of the Great White Shark believed to be extinct.

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2016 spring and summer glasses series of outstanding technology and resonate with the signature features – Giardini Italiani

2016 spring and summer glasses series of outstanding technology and resonate with the signature features – Giardini Italiani, Diva, Parentesi and Bulgari Bulgari. The Giardini Italiani collection pursues the finest symmetry and classical proportions of the most perfect Italian garden. Soft-toned butterfly, or more inclined to the appearance of the feminine appearance of feminine qualities. Mirror legs inlaid Austrian crystal shine, as if blooming in geometric prints and plaid decoration, the mother of pearl enamel during embellishment. The decoration of the front of the glasses is reminiscent of the delicate wings of a butterfly, as if the dew fell. The new style of this series is also reflected in the special frame, the two-color painting process in the new frame painted on the geometric stripes, bringing the growth of flower beds like vines shade fantastic association. Looking at the history of Bvlgari star-studded, Diva series glasses are also inspired by the classic fan-shaped mosaic, this classic fan shape used to decorate ancient Cartier love bracelet replica bath. Vaulted shape into the final design of the new glasses were given a bold and three-dimensional fashion charm. In addition to the constant shape of the pilot, the sexy cat’s eye-like appearance presents a new fantastic mosaic, with pure hand-made crystal and enamel decoration into Diva shape embedded in the mirror leg surface. This season, new glasses models, Bvlgari also revived its iconic Parentesi design, by a fresh and modern approach to interpretation. Stylish acetate frame, a pure color lines or prints are available in two designs, printing patterns and diverse complex: a St. Petunia buildings, or a typical Roman street. Unique metal frame and inlaid with “Parentesi” jewelry mirror legs, is the most classic and most creative Bulgari logo design.
With emerald and tourmaline-like touch, the outline of precious snakeskin Bulgari Bulgari series into a new energy, this eternal symbol of urban fashion highlights the delicate and capable women’s temperament.

Bulgari 18k rose gold white ceramic bracelet 16 genuine m number of grams
Rose gold is gold alloy, gold content is generally not high, the collection is of little significance
Certificate is only responsible for the sample, the product code is not found within the normal identification
General precious metal jewelry marked material, gold content, template number, Cartier love ring replica have a diameter
The name of the national precious metal is not thousands of gold, thousands of gold, the general use of au999 or 24k to identify
Proposal to ask for an invoice to see the invoice name
Gold last week, a fall or so, has been more than 2013 Aunt grab the price of gold when the price is still lower than ten dollars
November 27, 2014 trading price to 236 yuan or so, gold jewelry 275 yuan, 244 yuan of gold investment, recycling $ 215, the pawn line recovery price is only 200 yuan below the investment risky business need to be cautious, For details of the brand price Can be asked to verify