The “Only Watch” charity auction is to support the Royal Muscle Charity Association for medical research held for the first time in the auction in 2016

The “Only Watch” charity auction is to support the Royal Muscle Charity Association for medical research held for the first time in the auction in 2016, followed by once every two years, get a number of Swiss senior Cartier love bracelet replica and watch brands to support participation , It is said that in 2009 raised a total of 2.2 million euros, while in 2011 rose significantly to 4.5 million euros, it is estimated that this year’s charity also broke the previous record. The watch brand will be specially for this charity auction will design a unique watch, and at the meeting public auction, the proceeds of all donated to the Royal Muscle Shrink Charity Association. Participating in the Swiss watch brand is increasing each year in the first year when only a few, to this session (to be held on September 28, 2013) will increase to 33, shows that the charity more and more attention and support.
Many people are not familiar with “Duchenne muscular dystrophy” (Duchenne muscular dystrophy), in fact, this is a genetic disease, there is no cure. People with this disease, the human chromosome X chromosome abnormalities, loss of a DMD gene, and the role of this gene is to produce an important dystrophin (Dystrophin), if the lack of intracellular protein, Will make the muscle fiber membrane becomes weak, slowly will make muscle cell death, the most serious is the patient’s respiratory muscle will be greatly recession, leading to pulmonary complications or respiratory failure, and finally death. According to medical statistics, every 3,000 men will have a genetic disease, while the incidence of women is replica Cartier love bracelet twice as many men, one in every 1,500 people, can be a very serious and fatal genetic disease.
Only Watch Knowledge
Q & A
Q: What is the “Only Watch” charity auction?
A: “Only Watch” charity auction, from the name to see that only watch brand participation. It was launched in 2005 by Luc Pettavino, chairman of the Muscular Atrophy Association, and was supported by the top watchmakers and the Monaco royal family.
Q: When will the “Only Watch” charity auction be held each year?
A: Exactly, “Only Watch” charity auction was founded in 2005, held every two years, in September this year is the fourth. Before the auction, these watches will tour the world’s 10 cities, September 1 to 5, respectively, in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and finally in the September 22 return to Monaco, during the Monaco Boat Show auction.
Q: Which brands are willing to participate in the “Only Watch” charity auction?
A: Generally speaking, very good personal relations with the royal family will spare no effort to participate in the charity auction, the more brains to launch a imitation cartier love bracelet unique work. Because these watches, although not one day in the window to make money, but to establish a brand image has a great role, attracted the top watch brands have joined.
Q: “Only Watch” So far the amount of fund-raising?
A: The last four “Only Watch” auction, in 2005 the first raised 1.9 million euros; in 2007 a higher level, raising a total of 2.7 million euros; to 2009, the third “Only Watch “Charity auction raised a total of 3 million US dollars; in 2011 to raise 4.5 million US dollars, to refresh the charity figures.

Easily dropped more than ten million to buy Hermes bag, Rolex gold watch, it must be the real thing?

Easily dropped more than ten million to buy Hermes bag, Rolex gold watch, it must be the real thing? Sellers competing to promise the “Overseas Shopping Service” commitment, can guarantee is genuine? As the world’s largest consumer of luxury Cartier love ring replica goods, Chinese buyers are often “fall into” fake traps. Thus, fashion and mysterious “luxury appraiser” came into being. Their eyes, hand touch, nose sniffing and other stunts, the fastest ten seconds you can know to buy Chanel, LV bag is true or false! As the industry leader, Taiyuan girl Su Qing has “Kam” out of 700,000 annual salary and their own boutiques. This is how the multi-Jin Li Ren made?
Overseas Daigou deceived, female translation oath “extravagant teacher”
Tall, delicate look, a Versace printing scarves to bring out the women’s soft, Shoulin luxury fashion Chanel new handbags. The first to see 27-year-old Su Qing, many people will regard her as a foreign white-collar workers, but the “play for the luxury goods industry,” 85 after the girl, income is much higher than foreign beauty, the work easier than the former ” a lot of.
Su Qing was born in Taiyuan in 1988, after graduating from university in replica Cartier love bracelet, a private company to do the English translation. In order to meet their years of international big-name longing and longing, on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2012, she took out their full 3 months salary, so a circle of friends in the WeChat “overseas purchasing” friends, buy from Hong Kong Burberry (Burberry) handbags, the price cheaper than the domestic flagship store more than 3,000 yuan!
One day, a sharp-eyed female colleagues poured cold water on her, said her bag is a high imitation goods.
She reluctant to accept this brutal reality, to Shanghai Burberry flagship store repeatedly watch, compare, and search the relevant information online … … eventually convinced that he spent 17,000 yuan to buy back the “big British”, in fact only produced in the country Of the top cottage package, online price is only 2,000 yuan!
In a classmate, when the sisters listened to the Su Qing Aizai Aizai things, actually have spit bad, they also had a similar painful lesson. A female classmate said: “If a professional identification of people like, and help us to buy luxury goods when the gate, even if the higher fees we are happy!
Su Qing vaguely feel that with China has become the number one luxury imitation cartier love bracelet consumer, this fashion career will be promising. Even for the middle class to provide one-on-one luxury identification services, the market is also incalculable ah! Tired of the translation of her work, decided among the meantime.
In May 2012, Su Qing was informed by a recruitment network, Shanghai Milan station is recruiting staff, so pleased to go to candidates. Founded in Hong Kong’s Milan station, is a second-hand luxury goods trading platform for the country, stores across Hong Kong and Macao and the North-Canton and other places, mainly the sale of big handbags, clothing, leather goods and so on.

For example, GUCCI brand advertising tactics used: the female model and the two men together

For example, GUCCI brand advertising tactics used: the female model and the two men together, and write the photo below, “a family of three.” There are two women wearing GUCCI clothing to watch each other, these are filled with a hazy Cartier love bracelet replica homosexual atmosphere. United States, “Dallas” magazine editor in chief that GUCCI ads contain homosexual appeal. Especially in the two women watching each other’s ads, in this ad, two women face to face embrace, a woman’s hand on the other woman’s buttocks, another woman watching the first woman’s chest, and her hand Is stroking the other side of the chest a naked place. These ads reflect the Gucci brand luxury Mi, sexy, decadent features. Another example is Christian Dior’s ad, has been “fine” magazine as the most adornment in the clothing ad, designer Gary Hainuo also known as the “bad boy.” Because of its arrogant beauty of claws occupy an expensive advertising space, Dior brand advertising often naked to show a kind of female homosexual tendencies, advertising in the model sexy wild, body covered with brown bright oil, intertwined with each other , And show the fascination of passion.
In the fetishistic view of clothing, when the pleasure or characteristic of sexuality begins to run counter to normal or natural heterosexuality, such appearance or style is usually regarded as “abnormal” or even “pathological” “Transgressions, especially sexual transgressions, once defined, often reinforce rather than diminish the attractiveness of something, which explains why mainstream fashions Cartier love ring replica tend to have” marginal “characteristics such as Masochistic, fetish or gay and lesbian characteristics. These appearances and styles make fashionable moment “show” in the range of what is called “normal” sexy.
Thus, we can see that with the development of modern marketing, the connotation of the brand symbol gradually beyond the meaning of a simple product, like Levis jeans has long been a denim clothing is not just a reference, it also means that the United States cultural connotations significance. Many brands of meaning, that the brand is not simple is a brand signifier and product refers to the composition of such a simple symbol, but a more complex semantic phenomenon. DIESEL jeans not only refers to a kind of clothing, but also “sexy, rebel” symbol: wear DIOR clothing is not only choose a decorative body beautify, but also a means of social status. imitation cartier love bracelet Brand ambiguity, the brand as a symbol of the existence of an extension to the connotation of the ever-changing “shift acceleration” process. The brand has already reached far more than the signifier refers to the stage, clothing advertising to clothing itself with more identity and social significance. Aestheticism in the form of greater than the content in modern society has become more and more widely reflected. Relative to the content, the form is the most important, as Semir brand advertising slogan: “What is what to wear”, it is reflected in such a signifier and the meaning of the fracture.

Sexy brand known for sexy CK is a master of sexy advertising. CK brand advertising has a very sexy

Sexy brand known for sexy CK is a master of sexy advertising. CK brand advertising has a very sexy, bold and creative style and much attention. These ads not only for the CK brand to create a very sexy image, and to a large extent affect the younger generation, and even became a symbol of American Cartier love bracelet replica culture. As early as 1980, the 15-year-old filmed for a series of TV commercials, she tilted hips, highly suggestive, said: “These close intimacy between jeans.” These ads make CK’s tight jeans become national Selling fashion, just the first week to sell 200,000. CK in the ad, a variety of charm posture, provocative expression, almost naked body filled with them, people from shock, to rap, to attract, and even worship and longing, CK controversy and discussion never stopped, is With these bold advertising, making the CK has become a sexy symbol, has become a fashion symbol. We can see, in fact, CK advertising focus is not in the product itself, but the brand’s sexy image, he hopes to establish in the minds of Cartier love ring replica customers “sexy” and “CK” between the direct response chain, CK is a sexy symbol. The tone of the ad is sexy and attractive, so the buyer wants to express the same information to others. For consumers, the purchase of CK’s clothing, it means to buy to the sexy, to buy a fashion, and this is far more than clothing alone can achieve the psychological effect of the product itself.
However, when these sexy ads full of people in the sight, the people began to the normal sexy performance had Shenmeipilao, this time, many clothing ads began to use other means to the public’s visual and psychological impact , The most common is the use of a vague, abnormal sexual image to reflect the brand’s sexy features.
Apparel advertising in the general public is willing to pursue fashion under the psychological background of the use of various popular elements, firmly grasp the human nature, morality, gender, pop and other popular culture keywords, display all the symbols, with various symbolic image in order to impress the target consumption Of the heart. In a clothing advertising works, different people have different needs, consumers put it as the object of their own desire to project the consumer to participate in the process of symbolic imitation cartier love bracelet completion of the process of their own symbol, in the brand Sign recognition in the completion of the brand recognition process, this is the ultimate goal of clothing advertising.

Gothic style of art in the history of Western art occupies a very important and unique status, the article from the Gothic art of origin

Gothic style of art in the history of Western art occupies a very important and unique status, the article from the Gothic art of origin, development, evolution perspective, discusses the contemporary Gothic art formation style characteristics. Combined with the application of the Cartier love bracelet replica art in the fashion of fashion, this paper further discusses the unique aesthetic value and cultural connotation of the Gothic art in the contemporary times.
Gothic Artistic Style Evolution, Clothing Fashion Collision
Gothic style of art in the history of Western art occupies a very important and unique position. It originated in the Middle Ages with religious color and theological ideas of the church building, accompanied by the development of Gothic music and popular, with Gothic films and present a profound and lasting artistic expression, and finally formed a distinctive contemporary Gothic Style features: dark, gloomy, grotesque, mysterious and noble. When the unique aesthetic form of Gothic art collides with the Cartier love ring replica clothing fashion, the Gothic costume culture, which is dark and noble and grotesque without losing the beauty, is born. It shows Gothic art’s unique artistic value and style connotation.
1, the origin of the Gothic art style
“Gothic art” originated in the Middle Ages with religious color and theological concept of the church building, the original is 12 to 16 century Europe appeared in a steeple cathedral as a distinctive architectural style, and later this style popular throughout Europe , And reflected in the painting, sculpture, arts and crafts, music and literature and all other artistic fields, the formation of an international Gothic style of art form.
“Gothic art” was born, Christianity became the spiritual pillar of the feudal society. The church collusion with the feudal rulers, monopoly education, to promote the pious, abstinence, submissive, obedience, and after death into the heavenly concept of heaven and God-centered mysticism. Church building is not only a gathering place for believers, but also as a symbol of Christian faith, tall, beautiful people become chapel pursuit. Gothic church shape with cross-shaped structure, the use of light lines of sharp pointed arch formation towering tall minarets, and the church interior with slender columns and stained glass together constitute empty, mysterious space. This steeple towering Gothic cathedral served as a model of medieval architecture. As far as the architectural style is concerned, the Gothic style is Cartier nail bracelet replica mainly manifested in the vertical vertical line and the acute angle triangle. In art form, exaggeration, asymmetry, peculiarity, lightness and frequent use of longitudinal extension lines are the significant features. This style of art deeply influenced the medieval aesthetics, and quickly affected all areas of art in Europe, when the style of clothing affected by this style, full of acute angle triangle and vertical line shape, mainly reflected in the high The tip of the skirt is sharp and jagged and other acute angle of the feeling; to make the wearer look slender, by heightening the cap to increase the height of the human body, giving a light up feeling; and fabric Showing the distinctive colors and Gothic church is very mysterious stained glass of the same pulse

Almost all of the women have such a feeling, no matter how much wardrobe clothes to what extent

Almost all of the women have such a feeling, no matter how much wardrobe clothes to what extent, each time still can not find when to go out to wear. If we learn the “clothing with” this course, the situation may be greatly improved. Now, let us look at the dress with a few professionals with the principle.
First, the overall concept: clothing is three- Cartier love bracelet replica dimensional, so do not look up and down from the shape, from the overall to the slim-type dress.
Second, the concept of color: the mind should first have their own color for the color series. Must pay attention to all the clothing is to wear in their own “color” on, rather than with the white wall or model rack. If you really love a certain color but it really does not suit your skin color, or use it to decorate the room.
Third, the body concept: the body is not perfect, especially people learn to use clothing to avoid weaknesses. For example, the larger the hip if the person will wear a more prominent narrow skirt, but if put on the folds of the dress will make people feel a chic rural style.
Fourth, the concept of accessories: accessories and clothing are inseparable, buy clothes is just the first step in the Long March, to be half of the money budget to consider accessories. Accessories are not optional, but make your clothing icing on the cake an important part.
Fifth, the concept of hair: fashion designers of the Cartier love ring replica latest works, and sometimes through the strange hair show, hair style determines the style of clothing with the hair change less people should pay attention to this point.
Six, makeup concept: different clothing with different makeup type, can be more of the different styles of makeup, of course, is the best way. If the makeup type is relatively simple, it will affect the expression of clothing.
7, the concept of personality: young people have a very keen response to fashion, but often thick lines of intuition. The most intelligent people are popular when the “seasoning” into the seasonal clothes, so that their fashion will always be unique.
Eight, the economic concept: certainly the higher the quality of the more expensive clothing. The more clothes over the streets, the more options. The best way is to determine the purchase price list, buy clothes higher price, then the number of less, while the price of accessories listed.
9, maintenance concept: This is the most people do not attach importance to a, but it is the most important rules of a dress. Including clothing washing, ironing, collection and custody.
In fact, many people dress in the texture design style and so on has almost no gap with foreign countries, the difference is that some people wear out crumpled, and not through professional washing and ironing, collection of a lack of imitation cartier love bracelet science. Remember, good clothes to be regularly sent to the laundry for processing, wardrobe should also choose the internal orientation of the division is very detailed modern wardrobe, so that clothing to do classified storage.

We live a lot of pursuit, in fact, not just love. But no doubt, love is beyond the existence of certain feelings

We live a lot of pursuit, in fact, not just love. But no doubt, love is beyond the existence of certain feelings, it is different from the affection of the blood is thicker than water, it needs to fit each other, and management, and ultimately come to a married one day, to their loved ones to marry him Cartier love bracelet replica better right. Levi’s Xiaobian to take you to see where the Cartier ring is good.
Cartier, getting closer and closer to the heart
A road is not a straight line, it may meander or cramped, it is the difference with a section of the road is its length, its tolerance. You have not had a person’s chat records page by page to see, smiled and could not help but cry, those who are in life, many, many from strange approached you, and then unfamiliar. Cartier is the Chinese translation of Cartier, not to boast that it is the world’s first brand, it is the leader in this field, but also the ultimate pursuit of unremitting efforts. I hope I wear a Cartier ring, we farther and farther away is the distance, closer and closer to each other’s heart.
Real name diamond ring life only to send one person
Cartier, it is like mellow wine
Cartier, it is the French watch and jewelry manufacturers, mention it, we have to say that the Santos de Cartier the earliest flight watch, it stems from the sky for the freedom of desire, it is the watch world In the milestone of the works. The mid-19th century Cartier love ring replica became famous in the early 20th century, became the French royal jeweler, favored by the nobility, was loved by the royal family. Cartier, it is like wine, wine, the longer the more alcohol the more fragrant, high-end brands always need enough time to precipitate, in order to extend their own unique qualities. Advertising in the brand image theory that a product it should not be just a product, it should be a kind of person, what kind of personality with their own. Cartier should be a calm and noble and proud gentleman, but with a unique romantic French, so so fascinating.
Cartier, unique in order to stand out
Just like JDB’s successful marketing, it is creating a new type of beverage, the Chinese herbal tea. So inevitably, it is the way to bring fire and its is herbal tea, but this is necessary. If a product has no competitors, it will end up falling, and a brand without competitors, it can not highlight their ability. The first is called the first, necessarily means that there are many second and third and so on. Cartier, almost at the beginning to lead, easy to fight Jiangshan difficult. It’s unique, its development to create, its relentless pursuit, let it maintain the status of the king, come to the fore firmly rooted in the years more and more temperament.
Now in the diamond ring industry brand inside, imitation cartier love bracelet rom France, naturally has its advantages. But inside the diamond ring industry, there is a brand has its own characteristics, and the implication is very rich, this is Levis diamond ring. Lovis is known as “true love ring,” said, is the first to engage in real custom ring wedding ring Hong Kong brand, it is learned that each one Levis diamond ring to be real-name customization, meaning: “In my name, Accompanied by life, I go hand in hand “.

A long history of the brand. Brand history is an important asset brand

Price Strategy
1. A long history of the brand. Brand history is an important asset Cartier love bracelet replica brand, the brand can bring trust and rich association. 160 years of history, has given Cartier unique cultural connotation, for the magnificent matchless, ingenious jewelry, watches and clocks to write a glorious chapter in the history of light can not be intimidated.
2. The birthplace of luxury. Heroes can not ask the source, but depends on the origin of luxury goods. Paris, France, London is the production of luxury goods, as long as the mention of these cities, there will be a rich origin Lenovo. Cartier from Paris, France, has a natural advantage.
3. Royal descent. Cartier royal descent to make it a symbol of high society, a distinction between the rich and the general public a special symbol. Cartier initially with innovative color gem ornaments sound noisy royal court, deeply Napoleon III applaud; King Edward VII has appointed him to make 27 crown for coronation, and as “jeweler emperor, emperor jeweler “; European multinational royal family also issued a letter of imitation Cartier love bracelet appointment to him.
4. Constantly innovative brand spirit. Innovation is the brand in the minds of consumers to maintain the vitality and freshness of the source, the brand’s history is the history of continuous innovation. Cartier in the product design and innovation has been at the forefront of leading the trend of contemporary art and fashion.
5. Unique design inspiration, quality and workmanship. Jewelry design requires classic aesthetics, but also with the contemporary spirit of interpretation, to a more contemporary, which was accepted. Cartier has a long history of many important design topics, including “series theme creation”, “to reproduce the essence of fine jewelry,” and so on, these traditional design concept has far-reaching impact on Cartier. In the smooth lines, Ming Cheng color, Cartier interpretation of the true meaning of beauty – the United States is simple but not complicated, is not in the conflict of harmony.
In addition to these sturdy, stand up to scrutiny to support its high price, all the details – the location of the store, store design, display, service staff attitude, product quality, print quality … … are Continue to enrich, interpretation, and strengthen the high-priced luxury brand Cartier love ring replica reason, and to consumers in the Cartier brand continue to examine, continue to understand and experience the formation of strong preferences, and ultimately constitute the brand of Cartier’s beliefs.

As the majority shareholder and chairman of the United States is the largest shareholder and chairman of the listed company Tang Yiu’s cousin

As the majority shareholder and chairman of the United States is the largest shareholder and chairman of the listed company Tang Yiu’s cousin, this acquisition constitutes a related party transactions, and has been approved by Belle Independent Shareholders. Investment bank UBS issued a report saying that after this acquisition, Belle in Greater China, the number of stores will grow to 6500, and estimated that Belle will have sufficient cash for new Cartier love bracelet replica acquisitions.
Belle CEO Sheng Baijiao said earlier, the group is now emphasis on women’s shoes business, while the beautiful treasure is the agent of a number of men’s shoes brand, through acquisitions can improve the Group’s product mix.
Edit this paragraph
Easy to see through the false Belle
Look at the price
Belle official authentic sales price of ordinary shoes and sandals in the 250 ~ 450 between the boots priced at 450 ~ 1000 Belle
, While the fake and shoddy products due to the selection of low-grade PU, plastic and other materials and simple rough work, under normal circumstances, the sale price of online fake goods is lower than the cost of Belle genuine, and Belle genuine in principle will not be low At the cost of sales. So price recognition is the most common method! At the same time warned hope that the Internet with a very low price to buy Cartier love ring replica Belle authentic friends do not believe you will buy low-priced genuine!
See baby description
Baby title or description of the baby is 100% original statement, Wei Huo, the same paragraph, and almost can be determined as fake, Belle Group will not have the so-called Weihuo, do not believe.
See product pictures
The use of professional camera and studio shooting, the picture clear professional, can truly reflect the original appearance of the product, counterfeit products to take pictures using ordinary camera, the picture clutter irregular, part of the fake will steal official website shopping Network Amoy network picture, but the price is very low.
See shoes
Buy shoes, leather products to observe the color, the genuine feeling of two shoes no color. The two shoes soles coincide, the length of the two shoes should be the same. And then the two shoes are on the platform to see if there is no two-heeled, if each kind of comparison are consistent, then this pair of shoes basically meet the standard.
Look at the cortex
Belle shoes are mostly leather material, even if the fabric to take a special treatment, Lippi must also be leather. Cortical mainly by the naked eye, the skin will have small pores, and uneven size, striae will have thickness. Under normal circumstances, the toe in the production will
Using the best leather, and often less lumbar cortex, tongue skin more times, so the pores of each place are not the same. The PU striae are often 100% consistent. Feel, the PU is now done with the leather has been very much like. In the shoe-making process used in chemical processing, relying on the news is difficult to distinguish the cortex.
Look at work
The work best embodies the quality of a shoe, the main criteria are: the toe can not have skin injury, folding to flat, uniform needle, about the same imitation cartier love bracelet, smooth inside, vamp and sole smooth, no thread, Glue overflow and other phenomena, vamp anywhere can not have uneven conditions, soled LOGO print clear, in line with standards.

In the past, people may be because of the elegant gold choose to buy gold ring

In the past, people may be because of the elegant gold choose to buy gold ring, but now more and more young people began to like pure sparkling diamond ring. However, many people on the diamond ring there are some misconceptions. For example, some people think that the bigger Cartier love bracelet replica the better, and the size of the diamond ring is not clear. Such as how much 10 kt diamond ring? The ring to buy much? Listen to Levi’s professional interpretation, perhaps you will understand.
10 kt diamond ring how much
In accordance with international standards to calculate a carat is equal to 0.2 grams, then the 10 carat diamond ring is about 2 grams of weight. We usually say that the pigeon eggs are often more than five carats, 10 karats of the diamond ring can be imagined to be more common pigeon eggs twice as large. Thus, ten carat diamond ring is not suitable for everyday wear, even if it is set thousands of pet for a star, will tend to about five karats pigeon eggs. Of course, in addition to the pursuit of “big” effect, the stars love some of the deep meaning of the diamond ring, such as Levi’s real name diamond ring by many popular stars love. Such as intellectual hostess Cartier love ring replica, the words sharp emotional instructor Tu Lei, the national soccer players Gao Lin, etc., are the real fans of Levi’s.
10 carat diamond ring worth
When you know the size of the 10 carat diamond ring, must have someone on this huge pigeon egg prices doubt. So, 10 kt diamond ring what is the value? Under normal circumstances, the price of a carat diamond ring between 30,000 to 280,000, by the brand and quality and other factors affect the value of its more obvious differences, the leading brand diamond wedding ring Leywitz a carat diamond price in the fifty thousand to two Between 100,000, in order to infer the price of 10 karats diamond ring will be between 500,000 to two million. Of course, this is only an estimate, more than 10 karats of the real diamond ring, if the quality is likely to tens of millions of good prices.
Diamond ring to buy much
On the diamond ring should buy much, can be sure that the diamond ring is not the bigger the better. 10-carat diamond ring is not only expensive, not suitable for wear, and even the existence of insecurity. For ordinary people, buy diamond rings do not need to choose too much,
Able to express their true feelings of love in the size of thirty to one carat can be between. On behalf of the real love of the Loewe real name system diamond ring is a good choice. Its “in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I accompanied the” brand meaning, enough to impress countless girls.
Levi’s professional interpretation so that we understand how much the 10-carat imitation cartier love bracelet, but also let everyone realize that love is priceless. No matter what size to buy a diamond ring, be sure to carefully selected for each other, be sure to choose a profound meaning and meaning of love diamond ring.