Kangaroo leather goods Co., Ltd. is a collection of men and women leisure package

Kangaroo leather goods Co., Ltd. is a collection of men and women leisure package, stereotypes package, wallets, belts, gift boxes and trolley me series of product design development, production and sales of well-known enterprises. Company brand in the People’s Cartier love bracelet replica Republic of China State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office approved the registration, is a very small number of its own internationally renowned leather goods brand one of the large enterprises. The company’s long-term adherence to the people-oriented, quality win, the purpose of excellence, strengthen the service, the implementation of multi-channel marketing strategy and modern enterprise management system, improve the quality of enterprise employees and product technology gold content, improve product structure, stability and expansion of the global More consumers share the brand culture and broad prospects. Based on the company’s brand development and brand strategy long-term planning needs, the company expanded its headquarters in Dongguan R & D center, the headquarters covers an area of 60 acres, plant 4000 square meters completed in 2008. Brand registered in 1997, Dongguan City, Kangaroo Leather Co., Ltd. as the total distribution in China, solely responsible for product line in the Chinese market to expand their business.
Ninth: Kim Lu Da
Jin Lu Da JINLUDA is a self-developed leather goods brand in Zhejiang Jinlu Da Leather Co., Ltd. Since the establishment of the brand in 1984, 28 years, Jin Lu Da JINLUDA with leather luggage leather production as the main body, will set Cartier love ring replica design development, production and operation , Trade as one of the modern leather goods business as a brand development goals, specializing in the production of various types of bags to meet the different age of fashionable women, the product closely follow the trend of the times, full of fashion sense, rich in personality and taste.
Tenth: red dragonfly
Red Dragonfly Group started in March 1995, located in Wenzhou. Is a set of shoe industry, real estate properties, department stores, education industry, financial investment in one of the national non – regional enterprise groups.
Red Dragonfly Group owns Zhejiang Red Dragonfly Footwear Co., Ltd., Red Dragonfly Wenzhou children’s products company, Shanghai Jie Road Sporting Goods Company, Guangzhou Hot Shoes Co., Ltd., and so on more than 10 wholly-owned subsidiary. Red Dragonfly Group business scope includes footwear, sports goods, clothing, leather goods, education, finance and other fields; with Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Yongjia, Wenzhou five footwear production base, with an annual output of more than 10 million pairs of Replica Cartier love bracelet shoes; Nearly 30,000, the main brand and sub-brand sales terminal more than 4,000, covering the country’s major economic cities.

Only 13 years old Tavi Gevinson because the blog “Style Rookie” a hit, at first she just share their own clothing with photos

Only 13 years old Tavi Gevinson because the blog “Style Rookie” a hit, at first she just share their own clothing with photos, but by the young people in the fierce pursuit, and then attracted the attention of many fashion giants. In 2010 Chanel fashion show field, she got a lot of Cartier love bracelet replica magazine editors are unable to sit the first position, then Yamamoto Yao Division and Marc Jacobs also have the fashion show the first position left to her.
Taige’s blog looks like a naughty child’s graffiti diary, the background is a number of fashion celebrity head or some dazzling single product parts together, living like a stylish inspiration clipboard. Full of an ordinary girl’s grievances and daily trivial, of course, there are many creative wear photos, looks very cute and lovely – the most powerful than the kind of Pingwei loved ones, self-talk style, so many young people do not Consciously have a sense of identity and a sense of belonging.
In real life, Tai Wei is just an eighth grade student in the suburbs of Chicago, and his peers need to fight with mathematics and chemistry; spare time like playing guitar, reading and writing and nothing to do with the text; in the second-hand shop Amoy clothes, buy H & M, Forever 21 and other popular brand clothing. The difference is that she likes to cut herself, design and match some seemingly unsound clothing, whether it is advanced custom or roadside spread clothes as raw material – it is this unique influence from the mainstream to keep her young people Think “cool”, but also let many professional experts praise.
Tewei’s blog keeps the click-through rate of 1.5 million per month, and after 9 months of opening, the owner of the famous brand Rodarte, Mulleavy’s sister, says she is her own muse, drawing on her inspiration Design a new season of fashion, and even with her influence to promote the brand. “New York Times” also claimed that Tai Wei’s appreciation ability than all “IT Girl” are superior. However, “Fantastic Man” magazine deputy editor is worried that the future of Cartier love ring replica will be affected, so that the loss of originality, “to her 18 years ago, there are ten season fashion show … … I hope she remains independent, continue to write blog, do not compromise … … hope she will not take her blog as a path to somewhere.
Indeed, for the sudden arrival of the great fame, Tai Wei some confused, so she has maintained a modest low-key attitude. Some people think that she seems too tender a little, but because of this ignorant, and not ready to meet the market to do the determination to change, so she is particularly valuable. This year, Tai Wei was 17 years old, was hired as fashion magazine “Blackbook” stylist, with his own electronic magazine “Rokkie”, the annual big fashion show she is still the first card passengers. I hope she has been in this impetuous circle to retain a uncompromising mainstream culture.
Small standard: hard to have spring
BryanBoy is the first red fashion bloggers, talking fluent English he is a Filipino, the biggest feature of the blog is that all photos are wearing women’s appearance, in other people stand out, cute, and style, the Chinese friends affectionately As “male version of Sister Furong”.
At that time only 14-year-old BryanBoy bored when the mother’s computer opened a blog, which the other stars wearing clothing sharp and unique comments and his “Sagittarius” women’s photos caused a great sensation – perhaps wearing women’s nothing Worthy of special appreciation of the place, but for many years to wear women’s clothing, do not stop to take the first ride and send a blog is really awe. In a word, you insist on. In 2003, his blog has reached 350,000 per month of traffic, with Replica Cartier love bracelet advertising alone is enough to pay for the luxury of generous expenses, live a high school life. Surely after the blog style also take the high-end atmosphere of the aristocratic route: pale pink background profile, Rome body English, oversized name, the only change is the ladies and share the so-called fashion experience.

Fashion life is today’s very fashionable term, what is fashion life?

Fashion life is today’s very fashionable term, what is fashion life? Probably who is also difficult to make a conclusion, each with its own standards. But as a white-collar family, in their fashion life, some people used to supper Cartier love bracelet replica, some people like to eat instant noodles, some people love fruit. In fact, this is not a fashion life, but a misunderstanding
And “supper” farewell
Shi Mincheng
I and many people have “supper” habits, tired after a glass of beer, fried a few dishes delicious dishes, is indeed a pleasure. I am a fashion magazine editor, because of the long climb lattice, often boil the middle of the night, empty belly, always want to add something and “supper”. And sometimes like after 10 o’clock in the evening and three or five close friends to the food stalls eat and drink meal, Jiuzufan full home again to rest. Although I know that “supper” habits of good health is not good, but for many years are so, it is not too concerned about the.
Recently, I saw from the publication of a report that people have 1/3 of obesity and eat “supper” related. The reason is that people eat “supper”, especially eating high-fat diet will lead to a large number of insulin secretion, and because most of the sleep after the sleep state, this time less activity Cartier love ring replica, low calorie consumption, supper intake of excess calories In the role of insulin under a lot of deposition, obesity and thus.
This news aroused my vigilance, because these years my “general belly” more and more “quite”, the body more and more Shen. I went to the hospital to find the internal medicine director. Director Zhang not only gave me a physical examination, gave me patiently introduced a long “supper” in addition to obesity, the impact of other health “guilt” –
It can cause high blood pressure. In the “supper” if too much to eat meat, not only will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, but also make the body of blood suddenly rose. Because the speed of blood running in sleep is slow, a lot of blood lipids adhere to the blood vessel wall, causing atherosclerosis, high blood pressure is also produced; clinical practice shows that long-term “supper” crowd than “supper” Of the fat to be higher than 2 to 3 times.
It will form urinary stones. In recent years, according to some hospital medical practice found that stones, especially urinary stones and “supper” directly related. This is because the main component of urinary stones is calcium, and food contains calcium in addition to a part of the absorption by the intestinal wall, the excess calcium is discharged from the urine. Body urination peak after eating 4 to 5 hours, due to “supper” in the middle of the night, after eating most of the bed to rest. So “supper” after the urine generated by all remain in the urinary tract, and sometimes difficult to excreted, which makes urinary tract urinary calcium content continues to increase, thus forming a urine stones.
It can induce neurasthenia. Once the stomach, stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder and other organs of the load increases, it will produce information transmitted to the brain, so that the corresponding parts of the Replica Cartier love bracelet brain cells are very active. Once the excitement spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex will lead to a variety of nightmares, will make you feel tired, so that the nervous system disorders, resulting in disease, induced neurasthenia.
Zhang Zhuren’s remarks made me sober. This bad habit has been developed for 20 years, and I love to persuade me all day, I can not listen to still so I, now I opened my heart, for health and “supper” completely broke up!

Last season’s show field street fried red Chinese “Jia Ren” fashion project manager Han fire fire

Last season’s show field street fried red Chinese “Jia Ren” fashion project manager Han fire fire. Korean fire fire is also in the Milan Fashion Week show, was the famous THE SARTORIALIST Street photographed, we see like a live treasure, a time of wind and water, the boys posted in the blog posted dress like “fashion “Or” monster “controversy constantly. Han fire fire storm is actually this year 3/4 months of things, but after that storm in the present quiet down, ridiculed people ridiculed, the media coverage of the eye also attracted, those who ridicule curse do not know now Why, but through the blog, Han fire still adhere to their own “repeated defeats, repeated defeat”, wearing the clothes he wanted to wear, listen to him want to hear the song, his own day, work, play, and occasionally Blog to express feelings, from his choice of clothing to see Cartier love bracelet replica, it seems more bold than before. He did with his “Fan children” set off a small Chinese network fashion revolution. Condemning, praise, speculation, he was a single income, did not affect, still go their own way. In this season’s fashion week, he put on high heels was street patted to put the “New York Times” network video. People see him and the supermodel cuckoo after the photo, is a warm discussion of his height. He should be the most popular this year’s hot fashion week outside the new face.
Dear paparazzi
Show the field, the major mainstream media, the small independent media, big creative director, small to the director assistant, while watching the show, sometimes from time to time with iphone to shoot models, shoot stars, shoot show, shot every move, the first time Twitter, signed #NYFW (New York Fashion Week). Show the field, the photographers, photography enthusiasts, fashion visiting people, making editors, shoot buyers, take models, shoot exaggerated dress, shoot strange different heel Fashion up to people, one side complained that there is no invitation to the card no matter how young people to stir up fashion week, one side willingly in front of the camera. English (accurate to speak Italian) has a word, called paparazzi, like the Chinese paparazzi. Used to describe the star celebrities do not know the case, photographed her / their dynamic photographer. Fashion Week, such a paparazzi, divided into such categories. Road people are purely join in the fun, see others shoot, they also shoot, shoot what, who shot, even in the film did not know anything. Japan Xiao Bian is very professional Replica Cartier love bracelet, long lens capture, a small book record, there is enthusiasm, there is insistence, very dedicated. Internship assistant: the network, the paper media sent internship assistant. Very serious, very polite, very enthusiastic about the fashion.
Professional fashion journalists / photographers of this type probably can not be classified in paparazzi. They do not focus on capturing celebrities, but focus on the subject and quality of photography. New York Times senior photographers BILLCUNNINGHAM, TOMMY TON, SOTT SCHUMAN and GARANCE DORE. Which TOMMY TON most won my heart, his works, Pianpian can be used to do Lane Crawford advertising blockbuster. He also “holding the red” some have a taste of the body of fashion editors, fashion buyers. SOTT SCHUMAN and GARANCE DORE, mostly the last show field, the first one out, elegant low-key field outside the film “ordinary people”.
Such as fashion blog host Yiyu YY said, do “paparazzi” to capture hard, have to cheek, was despised, from time to time handed a “you look great. Can i take a photo?”; Patted four fashion week, Not only need to have a warm fashion, very understanding, but also need strong physical. In order to be someone else to shoot, we must wear a bit, shoes must be when the season, must be high heel; to put POSE, know which side face mirror, but also do self-public relations, Go back and forth repeatedly
Passers-by B & B is also an important part of the fashion week street shooting, they follow their own style and understanding of the United States and fun to dress up, and frankly face the camera. And know how to use props to make their own mirror more chance Cartier love ring replica, some people fashion riding people riding a bicycle in the show outside the wandering. They are not necessarily all sitting in front of the fashion show may not even enter the show, but it is a bright part of fashion week. Shoot Ye Hao, be beat worth mentioning, are all necessary. Shoot people, or meet their own fashion desire, or pay homework. The person who was photographed, or the pleasure, or from the road of no return. Are also personal choice. Some people are willing to watch the fun, some people are willing to show out, but seek yourself comfortable. Fashion Week, already need to rally, need buzz, need topic, need gossip. Now the scene, maybe can drive the economy.

Compared to the drama, Japanese drama, Korean fans, the United States fans seem to always have a sense of superiority

Compared to the drama, Japanese drama, Korean fans, the United States fans seem to always have a sense of superiority. Although the non-American fans on this kind of self-feeling very good disdain, but the beauty of the fans of the sense of the Cartier love bracelet replica height is indeed evidence – such as the beauty of the heroine in the makeup and shape can be from Europe and the United States Fashion Week to follow the prototype – this is the Asian drama fans can not match the “tall” that sense of view.
There is also a retro hot drama, is the “sex master” (Masters of Sex). Actress Virginia Johnson in the sixties of the last century to help William Masters in the university campus and school surrounding buildings to carry out a series of sex experiments and research, she is a dancer, but also a researcher. So Virginia’s shape has some of the restraint of the abstinence of the desire – regular brown black short hair, bangs like Nara beauty like the characters. But her big eyes and lips reveal her bones sexy, so she needs red lips and frowned brow decoration, like the fashion week on this Marc By Marc Jacobs makeup, eyebrows thicker, lip to Yan.
Advertising madman
Retro beauty drama hot, retro style is also fashion week show all the major designers favorite. Retro American drama “Mad Man” (Mad Man), the Emmy Award for best TV drama in the sixties of the last century, the US advertising industry, the brutal competition in the golden age show most vividly. And the beauty of the play, the most eye-catching Betty Draper’s play was January Jones. A golden short hair she always show the Cartier love ring replica breathtaking temperament, retro Peng high curls so that the whole person noble and cold, always sandwiched a cigarette, she seems to be the representative of the era of strong women. This makeup in the fashion week to follow, in the autumn and winter of 2013 Luisa Beccaria in the background, we seem to see through the time and space Betty Draper, blonde, lips temptation, retro temperament show – the beauty of the retro Makeup is always amazing.
Sex master
Finally, we look at the current hottest US drama – “tyrant” (Tyrant). Director David Yates, who has authored four of the last Harry Potter films, will be directed to the play, so it is of great concern at the beginning of the launch. The story focuses on the turmoil situation in the Middle East, focusing on the experience of an American family working in the Middle East. In the play, the actress of the country, Moran Atias, is very concerned, and she is so hot that she is filled with mysterious Middle Eastern style and impresses the audience. Moran Atias’s style is always emphasizing her exotic style, leaving the characteristics of clothing does not say that her menopausal eyebrow is the most common type of Replica Cartier love bracelet eyebrows in India – the brow has some rounded so little thick. Coupled with the dark line of eye makeup outline her charming eyes, flashing big eyelashes filled with sexy tease, wheat skin in the red lips, red dress against the backdrop made her more “some of the snake beauty” temperament. Fashion Week in the Middle East style is not uncommon, masked the mysterious woman in the Middle East, Givenchy’s Swarovski custom mask to give a gorgeous sense, while not taking the unusual way KTZ also put the Middle East style on the New York Fashion Week T On stage.

Like the size of the directors of China scrambling to send works to Oscar to participate in the best foreign language film campaign

Like the size of the directors of China scrambling to send works to Oscar to participate in the best foreign language film campaign, the Chinese athletes for four years and so on a proud to the Olympic gold medal in a piece of his chest, the Chinese fashion industry began to group To capture the well-known Earth for many years the four major fashion week. Especially this year.
The Dior show in Paris, the Parisian fashion week, is the most striking part of the Paris Fashion Cartier love bracelet replica Week, and the new work of John Galliano in previous years will be the biggest news point, but this year’s trip to Paris to show the Chinese people Actress, really saved the Galliano absent Dior show field.
Li Xiaolu’s carnation and Tong Yan big breast shape, and Huo Siyan that top “wonderful work” black hat … … challenge the human nerves.
“They must not sleep the night before, the day out of the time, must also be very confused, and no hesitation to fight it.” Material mad to see them both look like, she felt like this two Biezujinjin to own The best look presented to everyone’s bride, the results get a big face, on the sedan chair.
“Super like this hat, this is my gift in Berlin to give you a hat you are very chic, appreciate your people will always appreciate you, you do not like to let it go with the wind … … floating floating … … “Huo Siyan in their own Sina microblogging on the cover of the love of this hat.
“Maybe it is really like this hat, so just like the holidays to wear their most beautiful clothes to New Year’s wear, she wore the top hat to see Dior’s show.” Material mad can understand her Of the mind, “but she forgot the most critical point, where she can be considered a beautiful one, especially the chest and back. Is the head and body ratio is too large this point, perhaps her only fatal Weakness, and the top of her favorite hat, but why exposed her fatal Cartier love ring replica weakness that hat to her head looks overwhelmed, head and feet, like a strange black dahlias.
“Miss sister (Note: Huo Siyan in the girlfriend nickname sister), we two of the bulk I still lost to you, ha ha, because I did not buy a hat in Berlin.” Li Xiaolu although escaped hat hatred, but planted Bigger pit.
“Even if it is intended to use the chest Xiren, can not be so regardless regardless of it!” When you see Li Xiaolu who Dior2012 spring and summer dress is always at any time from the body may fall from the dangerous situation, the material mad for her pinch Khan.
A network called “sucking noodles chat fashion” fashion column author so satirical Li Xiaolu: “other people dressed no matter how good only in a ‘beauty’ word, and in the small Lu who I almost saw the entire Oscar: makeup Is the thriller, the skirt is the fashion film, the giant milk is the porn film, there are science fiction film … … This is a real master.
“There are several sets of fur really good to see, but I do not wear fur for a long time.We can only whisper blowing a afternoon, hair stylist is hard for an hour.” Li Xiaolu in their own Sina microblogging Tucao , That she is indeed a sincere child.
Chinese star out of Paris fashion week early battle is not good.
However, the Chinese people, especially Chinese women have always been more and more courageous perseverance. Paris Fashion Week also have a lot of show can read and see, there may be regain.
Grand Chancellor of the Chanel Show, destined to Paris Fashion Week Huacai chapter. As Chanel Chinese image ambassador Zhou Xun live up to this, was the Lafayette called the young cocoa Chanel and ballet master Zizi Jeanmai re complex of the Chinese star, a profound understanding of Ms. Chanel in the definition of elegance mentioned, To be irreplaceable, you must be different from the true meaning.
“Fashion-related clothes, style is identity.” People called “Zhou Gongzi” Zhou Xun twill in the day with a small jacket with a short Replica Cartier love bracelet skirt dress, indicating that her king see more and more agree with this sentence.
And Louis Vuitton Show a end, we all know, Paris Fashion Week has come to an end.
But then Fan Ye played.
“I can withstand the number of slander, to afford the number of praise!” Fan Ye white hollow dress, flames lips, big day umbrella Baotou modeling, was slandered and praised, any comment.

Magazine in the second and third tier cities influence

Magazine in the second and third tier cities influence
Second and third tier cities has undoubtedly become the most concerned about all high-end watch brand market is the focus of many brands and the Nuggets market, so a magazine in the second and third tier cities to become the actual influence of many brand evaluation magazine an important standard value . Many magazines is to see this, only to expand their own second and third tier cities in the distribution capacity. However, because the second and third tier Cartier love bracelet replica cities in the team and the lack of customer resources, the real issue of the second and third tier cities to do the high-end magazines can be counted on one’s fingers.
Second and third tier cities to a certain extent that the ability to issue the media in the second and third tier cities in the public relations activities of organizational capacity in the second and third tier cities to the media and public relations campaign packaging is one of the most common form of branding.
Fourth, high-end watch brand magazine run errors
1. Fashion magazines are high-end magazines
Fashion magazine readership mainly for the pursuit of fashion and the trend of urban white-collar workers, rather than the wealth of people, so, strictly speaking, fashion magazines is not high-end magazines, that readers are not real luxury customers.
2. High-end content is the magazine high-end
A magazine is not a high-end magazine, the most important criterion is its readership. At present, most of the magazine external publicity that readers are wealthy people, in fact, simply can not let the magazine to the wealth of the population. Evaluation of a magazine media readers is not the main means of wealth for the interview and public relations capacity, that is able to interview a sufficient number and quality of wealth model, whether there is sufficient quantity and Cartier love ring replica quality of high-end activities for the wealthy people will directly reflect the Magazine reader resources, the former can be achieved through the brand, but the latter must have sufficient resources to do the reader base.
Fifth, the high-end watch brand media trend analysis
1. High-end fashion watch the trend of mass media delivery
Fashion brand more into the watch industry, a direct promotion of the high-end watch brand popular market, but also directly to high-end watch brand popularization of media. Brands increasingly channel their budgets into the mass media, with the goal of reaching more consumers, and educating more potential consumers and young people.
2. Marketing budget to the second and third tier cities
More and more high-end watch brands recognize the second and third tier cities for the great contribution to sales, as well as the great potential of the future, so some forward-looking brand has a great advertising budget to the second and third tier cities, and Get more returns. However, the current luxury advertising in the second and third tier cities in the launch is still in its infancy, and has some problems to be solved: the second and third line cities for the lack of high-end watch the media carrier. China’s second and third tier cities, media development is far behind the first-tier cities, especially in high-end magazines, represented by high-end media. Therefore, there is no place to advertise, high-end luxury watches and luxury brands into the second and third tier cities, the biggest obstacle. Faced with either not to put, or to endure the embarrassment and other colored brands gathered together.
The existing first-tier cities can not be the main high-end media in the second and third tier cities to effectively issue. In general, foreign monks chanting, especially in the field of luxury goods and fashion media, second and third tier cities in fact, consumers are more willing to believe that the international background and editing strength of the national media, but these media are generally issued in the second and third tier cities Very few, and it is difficult to really have the spending power of high-end consumers to see. Fortune Research Institute of quality research shows that millions of wealthy to the newsstand to buy the magazine’s share of only 3%, showing that the public can not solve the high-end audience issue.
3. Regal media trend is obvious
At present, the main high-end watch brand advertising is also concentrated in the fashion magazine media, but fashion magazine readers younger, less purchasing power, although many high-end watch brands in fashion magazines put a lot of Replica Cartier love bracelet budget, but not The expected return is received. Therefore, more high-end watch brands began to pay attention to the rich media this type of emerging print media, due to reading habits and other reasons, Regal media is still the main expression of Regal magazine. This kind of media generally has a good reader resources, and often with a large number of public relations activities and rich readers to maintain good and close communication, the reader is better than other types of media effectiveness.

Watch industry is entering a chase complex functions of the times, each watch factory have introduced a variety of new complex function watch

Watch industry is entering a chase complex functions of the times, each watch factory have introduced a variety of new complex function watch, which is not difficult to see the market for this type of watch in the pursuit. Even so, we still do not miss the watch the most authentic features, and the match with the most simple, but never tired of the classic shape. Ultra-thin watch is undoubtedly the best shape in the heritage of the classic, but also the best progress of the tabulation process the best embodiment.
CAR TIER Cartier
Tank Louis Cartier
As a veteran collector of classical culture, Louis Cartier in the development of the creation of Cartier love bracelet replica unique aesthetic jewelry at the same time, deliberately differentiated from the prevailing “Art Nouveau.” After 1904, Louis Cartier began to design a lot of geometric lines and abstract structure is characterized by avant-garde and modern style, which is later popular “Art Deco style.” At the same time, Cartier has made rapid development in the tabulation, Louis Cartier is committed to the development of new watches, so only the first real 1904, the birth of the modern watch. In 1917, Louis Cartier was first put into the battlefield of the military tank simple and energetic lines inspired by the design of the Tank wrist watch this legendary work.
Cartier Tank Louis Cartier Since the advent of the 1920s, has always been a symbol of ultimate elegance, but also one of the eternal classic Cartier watches one. Created in 1922, Louis Cartier Tank watch, Louis Cartier called the modern style of the best endorsement, with a significant “decorative arts style”: once arrogant and tight square and rectangular lines soften , A sharp angle also relieved, replaced by a wonderful harmony, this harmony has expanded a broader and more far-reaching future. The launch of the ultra-large ultra-thin models, more clear lines, and the thickness of 5.1 mm to become the thinnest Tank family table models.
Glashuette Glashütte
Pavonina series of female form
Pavonina – from the Latin word pavoninus, meaning “peacock”, blooming out of the brilliant colors and eye-catching bright. German watchmaker Glashütte produced Pavonina series of new watch, brilliant and Empress Dowager, reflecting the characteristics of today’s female face of thousands of Cartier love ring replica face.
Pavonina series eye-catching case can be traced back to the 20th century, the 1920s, when the watch generally adopt a unique “cushion” shape, all the rage. Glashütte’s designers to this shape a little change, so that it meets the needs of contemporary women, and in the case into a flexible ear.
Bell & Ross
BRS Ceramic Instrument Ceramic Watch Series
With the experience and technology of master watchmaker, engineering researcher, designer and professional user, the BRS Ceramic Instrument ceramic watch series, which embodies Bo Laishi ‘s unique personality, is on display. BRS Ceramic Instrument ceramic series than the 46 mm classic BR 01 Professional Instrument Table slightly smaller, 39 mm Founder body is only 6.8 mm thick, weighs only 55 grams, very light, the proportion of lines just right, Metropolitan fashion style vividly out.
This new ceramic watch series slim and smooth, more firmly adhere to Bo Lai Shi clear display, excellent features, precision and high degree of waterproofing four tabulation principle, very suitable for daily wear; assembly of high quality quartz movement, reliable performance, accurate Degree of no doubt.
Ceramics not only has excellent anti-wear properties, and its long-lasting moisturizing Replica Cartier love bracelet does not fade; high-tech ceramic materials manufacturing BRS Ceramic Instrument watch series of light fortitude. BRS Ceramic Instrument watch series with stainless steel or pink gold coated with black or white ceramic style, lightweight fiber, wearing comfortable, demanding men and women will be attracted to table fans.

One of the best watches for the philosophy of “Less is more” is a Swiss watch

One of the best watches for the philosophy of “Less is more” is a Swiss watch (COSC) certified self-winding movement with a 42-hour power reserve and a watch engraved Geneva ripple (C? Tes de Genève) and fish scales pattern (Perlage) and other senior watch only decoration, is definitely out of the big scenes of the watch. Sky blue anthracite, matte finish of the dial, with low-key black “old plating” steel case, as each case of the table polished degree is different Cartier love bracelet replica, it can be said that each one is unique, 20,000 Yuan will buy a world only table, indeed cost-effective.
Function: hours, minutes, seconds display
Case diameter: 44.8mm
Waterproof: 100 meters
Strap: Olive green weathering canvas black leather lining, with black “old plating” steel pin buckle
“A table control 24 city”
Tissot Heritage Navigator
Classic World Time Automatic Watch (Stainless Steel Edition)
Tissot founded this year is the 160th anniversary of the global limited edition of 333 160 anniversary of the special edition watch watch collection must be contended. It is Tissot 1953 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Tissot Navigator replica, dial engraved with 24 local time, and with COSC Swiss official Observatory certification self-winding movement, from the function, shape and meaning Said that this is a very good Cartier love ring replica. Case: 316L stainless steel case (18K rose gold limited edition commemorative edition, priced at HK $ 65150), with a transparent bottom cover
Waterproof: 30 meters
Strap: leather strap with folding clasp and button
“Equipped with more accurate than GMT UTC technology”
Rado Hyper Chrome UTC UTC time watch
Although the time function of the two watches is not necessarily high, but this watch the two time display with UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, Coordinated Universal Time), more accurate than the traditional GMT, you want to purchase two time function wrist Table, this is a good reason to spend it. In addition, Rado is a famous ceramic watch factory, its case with a plasma high-tech ceramics to the overall structure to produce, so extremely lightweight, scratch-resistant and comfortable, belonging to the ceramic watch one of the most outstanding . Rhodium-colored hands with black finishes and white luminous coating (Super-LumiNova?), In the dark can also clearly read the time. Movement: automatic mechanical movement, 42 hours power reserve
Case diameter: 42.0 × 48.4 × 10.8mm
Function: hours, minutes, seconds, date and time
Waterproof depth: 100 meters “self – produced movement + deep dive 300 meters waterproof!
Alpina EXTREME DIVER 300 Automatic timekeeping watch
Many of the watch brand below 30,000 yuan are not their own movement production, but Alpina from 1883 on its own R & D movement, and the entire production in their own plant to complete, compared to other brands, Alpina watch enthusiasm more Convincing. This diving watch with 300 meters waterproof capability, in this price is indeed rare, is a very high cost option.
Case diameter: 44mm
Movement: 46 hours power reserve timing automatic movement
Function: hours, minutes, timing and date
Waterproof: 300 meters
Strap: Black rubber belt with safety folding buckle, also with steel and mesh belt
“German table traditional goose neck fine-tuning!”
Glashütte Original Sixties Panorama Date
Like the German table simple design table fans, Glashütte Original can be said to love and hate, love because it is 100% heritage of the German table is less of the style, hate is that its price is always so attractive (compared to From another well-known German table brand), the table fans is a great magic. Sixties series in this year joined the dark blue dial of the new members feel more 1960s, but also a large date and the German table of the traditional gooseneck fine-tuning device and 3/4 splint and so on, you also consider?
Case diameter: 42mm, arched sapphire crystal glass table at the end
Movement: 40 hours power reserve automatic winding movement
Function: hours, minutes, seconds and large date display
Strap: dark blue Louisiana alligator leather strap, with steel pin buckle
“And 1973 original price”
Tudor Heritage Chrono Blue Chronograph
If you love the nostalgia watch, the re-engraved since 1973, Tudor launched Chronograph Montecarlo series Heritage Chrono Blue retains the original classic “eyes” design – the timing of the small dial on the dial 3-bit is 60 seconds Timing, and 9-bit time is 45 minutes. 1973 edition in the secondary market to about 3 million yuan, the new are just thirty or forty thousand, plus this year’s hot blue design, there is no reason to refuse a chronograph.
Case diameter: 42mm
Movement: 42 hours power reserve automatic winding movement
Waterproof: 150 meters
Strap: Stainless steel strap with a discount or weave strap
“Tribute to Mikrogirder Concept Chronograph!” TAG Heuer Carrera Caliber 1887 Jack Heuer 50th Anniversary Edition
If I tell you that TAG Heuer is the father of the Carrera chronograph and the brand honorary president (Jack as the CEO of the brand during the ’60s and 70s), the design inspiration was taken from 2012 Aiguille d’Or winner of the Mikrogirder concept chronograph, and Jack Heuer when the racing chronograph used Heuer chronograph Replica Cartier love bracelet design, you imagine its worth should be? Now only 6 million can have, there is no reason to refuse?
Case: sandblasted steel shell and titanium frame
Bezel: Black titanium carbide coated stainless steel, hand-polished and polished, shiny texture
Movement: Self – winding Caliber 1887 movement
“Love to Love the Earth”
Omega Planet Ocean 600M GoodPlanet watch
With the protection of marine ecological significance of the diving table, it is Omega and GoodPlanet Foundation jointly launched the timepiece, the Omega self-developed 8605 coaxial movement and Si14 silicon hairspring, travel time high accuracy, but also to protect the watch High level of production quality. Of course, buying it equals indirect goodwill (part of the sales proceeds from the watch will be donated to GoodPlanet to finance a project to protect mangroves and seagrasses in Southeast Asia and educate the local people to preserve these precious natural resources to maintain ecosystem balance ), You pay, but also help the earth, is a win-win consumption.
Case: 10 o’clock position with a row of helium valves
Bezel: two-way rotating blue smooth bezel with orange paint 24 hours a day scale
Function: hours, minutes, seconds, date and time
Waterproof: 600 meters
Strap: steel strap or blue rubber strap