That day to visit the Sacred Heart of the Cathedral, from the concentration of time there are half an hour

That day to visit the Sacred Heart of the Cathedral, from the concentration of time there are half an hour, just near a subway station, took the time to go to see, but found inside the hall is very spacious, very beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica decoration. So many people, the order is very orderly. First person to buy a ticket window tear off their own ticket number, and then sit and wait for your ticket number is displayed from the top of the mask at the ticket window. Of course, this way to buy tickets very rules, there is no jam, the votes of the votes, trustees, the article, the collision, and do not need the police to maintain order, obviously more civilized than our domestic way of buying tickets, more easily accepted by people. A scholar once said, “The more rules you face, the more you treat ‘equal treatment’; the more flexible the rules you Cartier love ring replica face, the more likely you are to be discriminated against.” In Paris, Traffic lights in the non-stop changes, from the public toilet in front of the orderly queue, from the subway ticket window above that one of the numbers, to further deepen the understanding of this passage.

My relationship with Sylvie lasted only a few months, and I did not even finish half of the elementary French tutorial

Huadeng early, summer night is not the central, the young man standing in Xinjiang Yao Gan not late to collect money. Sylvie squeezed her eyes, mysteriously said: “We do not pay to go!” This girl would like to run a single. I thought and thought Cartier love bracelet replica, this thing I have not done, no dare to move the nest.
This meal Sylvie spent 45 yuan, so she was very unhappy. But she still asked me to go home to see her home. She lives in an old residential building, small house three houses filled with bunk beds, lived dozens of girls. Sylvie’s bed was a mattress that threw it on the floor, and she threw the bag and himself. Roommate all when she is the air, no one care for her, naturally no one greeted me. I stood in the middle of the room a small open space, with lying on the feet of Sylvie casually wagged a few words, lied to anxious to go home. We take the elevator downstairs, Sylvie take the opportunity to go to the bar. I am taller than Sylvie, see her golden hair, hanging from a shriveled cockroach skin. I told Sylvie this thing, she used the white fingers very calmly pulled the foreign body down. The aunt of the elevator looked. Later she told me that her bed mat fee of $ 200 per month. Really hard for her a foreigner, can find such a house.
Anyway, Sylvie has started my life with Cartier love ring replica me. Since then, she has more contacts with me. For example, she bought a scarf to send a friend, want to embroidered on the scarf embroidery, the owner asking price of 50 yuan, she called me, let me bargain with the owner; another example, she learned that my sister’s home in a beach The city, wanted to travel, eating and living in my sister’s home; and she saw my office has a color printer, asked to borrow, take some of their photos taken to print, she hit another one, Not let me see what are playing … …
And once again, at McDonald’s, Sylvie wanted to eat fries, and did not want to spend money to buy, she let me play with her, pretend our fries fell to the ground, so that the waiter sent us a copy. This is not my line, Sylvie advised me that she and her friends often do this, the Chinese waiter a good cheat.
My relationship with Sylvie lasted only a few months, and I did not even finish half of the elementary French tutorial, and she resigned to travel. Sylvie has been playing with China almost, she does not care what to eat rice, what car ride, what bed to sleep, only care about what kind of Cartier nail bracelet replica scenery. Her next destination is Thailand, bought the cheapest train tickets to Yunnan, and then crossed Vietnam to spend some time, go to Bangkok. She invited me to walk, but I was ready to have children, say I was afraid she sold me

I met with the French girl Sylvie do not fly

I met with the French girl Sylvie do not fly, which may also indicate that our intersection part is composed of some do not fly things.
At that time I wanted to learn French, MSN on a never met, through the work of the Cartier love bracelet replica relationship between the girls know E, her encounter on the train, want to improve the level of Chinese Sylvie introduced to me. E help us to make an appointment to the location: Beijing Fuxingmen Parkson Starbucks.
That time, I just became a small white-collar workers, every month the money had to clutching the wrist flower, Starbucks this place is not very often into the place In order not to hurt my national pride in front of the French friends, I ordered a cup of coffee, slowly sipping and so on. Two hours in the past, a cup of coffee is against the 8 cups of water also drank, Miss Sylvie came slowly.
Sylvie talked to me for a moment, set us twice a week in Parkson’s KFC meet, I need to buy this French tutorial; As for teaching Chinese, I just chat with her, talk about cultural life on the line, do not have to pay each other, sounds Yes. Farewell, Sylvie through the area, picked up a free small cream, opened plastic paper, drained.
Agreed to a day, the next class to eliminate all difficulties to Kentucky Fried Chicken and other Cartier love ring replica Sylvie. It was so late that Sylvie was late for half an hour and was late for two hours, and she explained that it was French culture.
This is nothing. Class time, turn to learn Chinese, Sylvie on the full of energy; turn to teach French, she yawned. But then I found that she was not listening to my pronunciation. She said she went to Sanlitun every night bar, drink two o’clock in the morning to go home, or back home. Sylvie is willing to spend money to buy drunk, but not willing to spend money to buy rice. Often see me, said: “I am so hungry.” See me eating hamburgers, begged me to bite her a few mouthfuls. Sometimes my drink did not finish, she was halflessly halfway.
Sylvie said that working in France is not easy to find, China’s work is not easy to find, she spent four months to find a job. According to her, she was a software tester at a company that served Microsoft. She neither told me the company location, but also refused to tell my company name, she said that this is part of the French culture, to protect personal privacy.
I thought I would have been ignorant of Replica Cartier jewelry Sylvie, she would ask me to eat, to return the last time I asked her to eat Cantonese cuisine. Out of the subway Xinjiekou station, she took me to go, through all kinds of alley, and finally to a large stall. On the white side of the road in the plastic white table, we shared the cold seaweed silk and several lamb skewers.