This shop is full of spring elements everywhere, stay in this store

Second, the project description
1, the project name: “step in the spring,” creative flowers and decorations shop
The name has three meanings:
This shop is full of spring elements everywhere, stay in this Cartier love bracelet replica store, you will feel the spring of life and color;
Bring the creative products in the store back, you will keep the breath of spring in your life;
At the same time the name is the call to the spring, the call of nature, hope and vitality of the call!
2, business content:
(1) creative and characteristic pots: the shape of strange new, rich variety of flower pots, practical and beautiful both, even if not as a plant, used to store or as a decoration is a good choice.
The material includes ceramic, glass, wood, cotton, plastic, iron and so on; shape with the current popular elements, such as Meng Chong Meng, letters, candy color, etc., the formation of lovely, Meng, Alternative and so unique style.
(2) dried flowers, flower arrangement: such as dried flowers for murals, bookmarks, tea, nail pattern, aroma, scattered flowers and so on.
(3) other derivatives: such as flower soap, hairpin and other headdress, coaster, lantern, paper flower gift box and so on. Products can be used as a home decoration, but also as a holiday, birthday gifts, for creative novelty, work well or DIY DIY works can also be used as a collection, versatile.
3, site selection and scale:
Location: Beijing after the sea or Sanlitun, preferred after the sea
Combined with the local economic development and demand for flowers, the nearest Beijing is the most appropriate. After the sea and Sanlitun is a well-known leisure area in Beijing, traffic, and after the sea in Beijing Xicheng District, near the universities and enterprises are Cartier love ring replica relatively more customers relatively strong purchasing power.
To the characteristics of small shops in the form of business, combined with business content, leisure, exquisite, natural style of the store decoration. Retail business model is relatively low cost, the risk is relatively small, no business management expertise in terms of relatively easy, suitable for our graduates.
Third, the market analysis
1, market trends
With the development trend of diversified trend of Chinese flower market, florist transformation and upgrading is imperative. The traditional single business content has been unable to meet the needs of the development of China’s flower industry, its related industries, products will be more
Systematic and standardized development, so that the flower industry from the seeds, planting conservation to flower modeling, home decoration and then to the relevant appliances, logistics and other aspects of the overall link to form a chain of Cartier nail bracelet replica services, flower industry system will be more professional and complete, so To flower-related creative products for the main content of the business will also appear in the public view of them.

Only 13 years old Tavi Gevinson because the blog “Style Rookie” a hit, at first she just share their own clothing with photos

Only 13 years old Tavi Gevinson because the blog “Style Rookie” a hit, at first she just share their own clothing with photos, but by the young people in the fierce pursuit, and then attracted the attention of many fashion giants. In 2010 Chanel fashion show field, she got a lot of Cartier love bracelet replica magazine editors are unable to sit the first position, then Yamamoto Yao Division and Marc Jacobs also have the fashion show the first position left to her.
Taige’s blog looks like a naughty child’s graffiti diary, the background is a number of fashion celebrity head or some dazzling single product parts together, living like a stylish inspiration clipboard. Full of an ordinary girl’s grievances and daily trivial, of course, there are many creative wear photos, looks very cute and lovely – the most powerful than the kind of Pingwei loved ones, self-talk style, so many young people do not Consciously have a sense of identity and a sense of belonging.
In real life, Tai Wei is just an eighth grade student in the suburbs of Chicago, and his peers need to fight with mathematics and chemistry; spare time like playing guitar, reading and writing and nothing to do with the text; in the second-hand shop Amoy clothes, buy H & M, Forever 21 and other popular brand clothing. The difference is that she likes to cut herself, design and match some seemingly unsound clothing, whether it is advanced custom or roadside spread clothes as raw material – it is this unique influence from the mainstream to keep her young people Think “cool”, but also let many professional experts praise.
Tewei’s blog keeps the click-through rate of 1.5 million per month, and after 9 months of opening, the owner of the famous brand Rodarte, Mulleavy’s sister, says she is her own muse, drawing on her inspiration Design a new season of fashion, and even with her influence to promote the brand. “New York Times” also claimed that Tai Wei’s appreciation ability than all “IT Girl” are superior. However, “Fantastic Man” magazine deputy editor is worried that the future of Cartier love ring replica will be affected, so that the loss of originality, “to her 18 years ago, there are ten season fashion show … … I hope she remains independent, continue to write blog, do not compromise … … hope she will not take her blog as a path to somewhere.
Indeed, for the sudden arrival of the great fame, Tai Wei some confused, so she has maintained a modest low-key attitude. Some people think that she seems too tender a little, but because of this ignorant, and not ready to meet the market to do the determination to change, so she is particularly valuable. This year, Tai Wei was 17 years old, was hired as fashion magazine “Blackbook” stylist, with his own electronic magazine “Rokkie”, the annual big fashion show she is still the first card passengers. I hope she has been in this impetuous circle to retain a uncompromising mainstream culture.
Small standard: hard to have spring
BryanBoy is the first red fashion bloggers, talking fluent English he is a Filipino, the biggest feature of the blog is that all photos are wearing women’s appearance, in other people stand out, cute, and style, the Chinese friends affectionately As “male version of Sister Furong”.
At that time only 14-year-old BryanBoy bored when the mother’s computer opened a blog, which the other stars wearing clothing sharp and unique comments and his “Sagittarius” women’s photos caused a great sensation – perhaps wearing women’s nothing Worthy of special appreciation of the place, but for many years to wear women’s clothing, do not stop to take the first ride and send a blog is really awe. In a word, you insist on. In 2003, his blog has reached 350,000 per month of traffic, with Replica Cartier love bracelet advertising alone is enough to pay for the luxury of generous expenses, live a high school life. Surely after the blog style also take the high-end atmosphere of the aristocratic route: pale pink background profile, Rome body English, oversized name, the only change is the ladies and share the so-called fashion experience.

A long history of the brand. Brand history is an important asset brand

Price Strategy
1. A long history of the brand. Brand history is an important asset Cartier love bracelet replica brand, the brand can bring trust and rich association. 160 years of history, has given Cartier unique cultural connotation, for the magnificent matchless, ingenious jewelry, watches and clocks to write a glorious chapter in the history of light can not be intimidated.
2. The birthplace of luxury. Heroes can not ask the source, but depends on the origin of luxury goods. Paris, France, London is the production of luxury goods, as long as the mention of these cities, there will be a rich origin Lenovo. Cartier from Paris, France, has a natural advantage.
3. Royal descent. Cartier royal descent to make it a symbol of high society, a distinction between the rich and the general public a special symbol. Cartier initially with innovative color gem ornaments sound noisy royal court, deeply Napoleon III applaud; King Edward VII has appointed him to make 27 crown for coronation, and as “jeweler emperor, emperor jeweler “; European multinational royal family also issued a letter of imitation Cartier love bracelet appointment to him.
4. Constantly innovative brand spirit. Innovation is the brand in the minds of consumers to maintain the vitality and freshness of the source, the brand’s history is the history of continuous innovation. Cartier in the product design and innovation has been at the forefront of leading the trend of contemporary art and fashion.
5. Unique design inspiration, quality and workmanship. Jewelry design requires classic aesthetics, but also with the contemporary spirit of interpretation, to a more contemporary, which was accepted. Cartier has a long history of many important design topics, including “series theme creation”, “to reproduce the essence of fine jewelry,” and so on, these traditional design concept has far-reaching impact on Cartier. In the smooth lines, Ming Cheng color, Cartier interpretation of the true meaning of beauty – the United States is simple but not complicated, is not in the conflict of harmony.
In addition to these sturdy, stand up to scrutiny to support its high price, all the details – the location of the store, store design, display, service staff attitude, product quality, print quality … … are Continue to enrich, interpretation, and strengthen the high-priced luxury brand Cartier love ring replica reason, and to consumers in the Cartier brand continue to examine, continue to understand and experience the formation of strong preferences, and ultimately constitute the brand of Cartier’s beliefs.

Jewelry think since ancient times is the women’s drilling situation. But how to wear jewelry has grade high vulgar elegant

Body shape and the collocation of jewelry
Jewelry think since ancient times is the women’s drilling situation. But how to wear jewelry has grade high vulgar elegant, particularly is with their own bodily form feature is more emphasized.
Fueling: figure stubby, bloated, neck is relatively short. When wearing jewelry not weaken the plate on both sides. Therefore, ear rings, Cartier love bracelet replica, bracelets and other appropriate choose dark, modelling concise. But the necklace hung sculpt appropriate chooses long, thin, big, beautiful, this kind of jewelry bright and attractive, easy to attract others depending on the line, make the person to the wearer’s body shape is less attention. If the wrong choice thick and short necklace, can make the person feels the wearer’s strength more stubby neck. Than the fat man’s arm and wrist Cartier love ring replica, bracelets or armband appropriate chooses wide and broad, if wearing a thin and small, will be highlighted the arm more bulky. Fat hand speaking like a finger short and flat, so the appropriate chooses wear the ring refers to the narrow side.
Thin type: this kind of bodily form appears weak, emaciated, slender neck. The principle of reason to choose jewelry is light act the role of the central and two side of colour and lustre. To make a long neck and appear shorter, necklace and hang drop should be fine Small and concise, and should not be too long. Earrings, rings, bracelets and so on are appropriate extraction for some gorgeous. Such as ear wearing have hang down Act the role of the swinging rings with largish area, the wrist wear a bit thick imitation Cartier love bracelet, which can make the eyes and ears, arms and hands to deprive a person makes a person feel is not too thin.
Partial short type: the shape of the principle of people choose jewelry is soft, tender feeling, dilute car-scrapping. Slender necklace appropriate chooses Concise, the best match with quietly elegant pearl hanging drop, as for the ear ring, ring should be properly, the thickness too thick to make a person feel you low fat, meticulous, and bears no relation to the coarser fingers.
Type high: the characteristics of this kind of bodily form is tall, and strong body bone son son. This shape on the choice of jewelry approximation and thin type, should be on both sides of the color and weaken the central. But that should be paid attention to is necklace should be thick and long, hanging drop modelling to big and rich thick, rings and earrings on embedded jewelry should choose to have primary and secondary collocation, so much more quiet hard and easy. By

Free and easy urban women without any bondage, love to explore unknown areas

A simple action, shed the magic seeds, blooming dream moments. Rotating, caressing, collision magic out of the spark … … the world by your master! Possession beyond the boundaries of jewelry, incarnation of modern women’s intimate partner, deeply into her time, and become her first choice. Piaget count for the women presented a seductive indulgence of the jewelry “ceremony.” Iconic rings, earrings and pendants series, in the new year and joined a number of new Cartier love bracelet replica – can be worn alone or with a flexible, shape the ever-changing shape.
Turn, the world by your master!
Possession to her heart!
Free and easy urban women without any bondage, love to explore unknown areas, the life as a brilliant film, highlight the bold and uninhibited attitude. Women both multi-faceted personality, tough but nuanced, all things in the world are among her mind. Unique nature, so that her freedom to show personality in every side, not for the arrest of foreign objects. She travels around the world, footprints in Paris, New York, Moscow, Seoul, London and even Milan and other places, to continue to shine the charm of women dumping these cities. Just wink, she will be able to unload the power of the armed game, lunch with friends; or enjoy playing with their children. In urban life like a fish in the water of the Cartier love ring replica, cheer for their own personality. Her modeling of ever-changing, from the business suite to Bohemia, from the reception to the comfortable sportswear, and even kicked off Hentian high, step on the Carrefour shoes out. Her unique charming temperament, by her heart Possession jewelry portrait interpretation!
“Turn, the world by your master” …… dream instantly come true
Possession series of classic theme of advertising contains magical power, a metaphor of intentional or unintentional gestures. A casual jewelry ceremony, people can quickly indulge. Possession call the wheel of women turn the fate, open the endless possibilities, cast a unique magic, bursts of lucky sparks. Quietly turn the ring gently, the world is dumping. Ring rolling slowly, condensate in the pace of time, so that memories of the idea of endless. Softly rub the ring, so that physical and mental immersion in the positive energy. Slowly turn the ring, to achieve the dream of the heart. Possession beyond the boundaries of Cartier nail bracelet replica, is a happy Collection, it allows women to release the body and mind, self-confidence to show ambitious, life gently nodded … … Possession is the most loyal female partner, guarding her secret time.
The world is in her hands
“When I put on the Possession ring, whether I’m busy working or thinking about it, I can not help moving it slowly,” Jessica Chastain, Piaget’s global brand spokesperson, said at the moment, I think the dream is in my grasp. “She is beautiful and moving, affinity and dedication – who better than the talented, informal pop star more perfect show Possession series of bright and moving personality?
Swept the world’s rings
A series of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets with the active ring design concept lead us into the fascinating country of eternal rotation, so that the eyes of attachment can be stopped. When the woman’s intimate partner into the fingertips, two overlapping rose gold ring Piaget count immediately interpretation of the bold ideas. The first ring in rose gold and a single set of round diamonds, write a tie into the elegant and elegant concerto. The second paragraph is a gorgeous single diamond ring, and the original design of a single set of diamonds rose gold ring, the ring is more plump.
The magic of the wrist ceremony
The new Possession bracelet series follows the design of the active ring, in the bracelet with two rotating gold ring. To this end, Piaget count the idea of a new way of wearing and feeling. With elastic rose gold or platinum bracelet, decorated with two meticulous rotating ring, seductive touch, while the delicate taste of two unique, so that thoughts gallop in the inspiration of the country, in the emotional impact imitation cartier love bracelet calm mind. Will be one or more precious bracelet sets into the wrist, makeup fiber hand, interpretation of the trend of fashion mix, so that women play to imagine, arranged in line with personal taste composition composition, complete their own magic ritual. Rotation, caress, collision …… the world by your master!

2016 spring and summer glasses series of outstanding technology and resonate with the signature features – Giardini Italiani

2016 spring and summer glasses series of outstanding technology and resonate with the signature features – Giardini Italiani, Diva, Parentesi and Bulgari Bulgari. The Giardini Italiani collection pursues the finest symmetry and classical proportions of the most perfect Italian garden. Soft-toned butterfly, or more inclined to the appearance of the feminine appearance of feminine qualities. Mirror legs inlaid Austrian crystal shine, as if blooming in geometric prints and plaid decoration, the mother of pearl enamel during embellishment. The decoration of the front of the glasses is reminiscent of the delicate wings of a butterfly, as if the dew fell. The new style of this series is also reflected in the special frame, the two-color painting process in the new frame painted on the geometric stripes, bringing the growth of flower beds like vines shade fantastic association. Looking at the history of Bvlgari star-studded, Diva series glasses are also inspired by the classic fan-shaped mosaic, this classic fan shape used to decorate ancient Cartier love bracelet replica bath. Vaulted shape into the final design of the new glasses were given a bold and three-dimensional fashion charm. In addition to the constant shape of the pilot, the sexy cat’s eye-like appearance presents a new fantastic mosaic, with pure hand-made crystal and enamel decoration into Diva shape embedded in the mirror leg surface. This season, new glasses models, Bvlgari also revived its iconic Parentesi design, by a fresh and modern approach to interpretation. Stylish acetate frame, a pure color lines or prints are available in two designs, printing patterns and diverse complex: a St. Petunia buildings, or a typical Roman street. Unique metal frame and inlaid with “Parentesi” jewelry mirror legs, is the most classic and most creative Bulgari logo design.
With emerald and tourmaline-like touch, the outline of precious snakeskin Bulgari Bulgari series into a new energy, this eternal symbol of urban fashion highlights the delicate and capable women’s temperament.

Bulgari 18k rose gold white ceramic bracelet 16 genuine m number of grams
Rose gold is gold alloy, gold content is generally not high, the collection is of little significance
Certificate is only responsible for the sample, the product code is not found within the normal identification
General precious metal jewelry marked material, gold content, template number, Cartier love ring replica have a diameter
The name of the national precious metal is not thousands of gold, thousands of gold, the general use of au999 or 24k to identify
Proposal to ask for an invoice to see the invoice name
Gold last week, a fall or so, has been more than 2013 Aunt grab the price of gold when the price is still lower than ten dollars
November 27, 2014 trading price to 236 yuan or so, gold jewelry 275 yuan, 244 yuan of gold investment, recycling $ 215, the pawn line recovery price is only 200 yuan below the investment risky business need to be cautious, For details of the brand price Can be asked to verify

They took to the streets to live up to good summer

They took to the streets to live up to good summer
All say handbags such as clothes, winter is warm “vision”, to “cool” enough in summer. Sorching summer, you still use the “boring” of qiu dong season handbags? Some bags as if born to summer, candy color, color printing, nifty MOE package, cool and refreshing bamboo weaving… Carrying them take to the streets to live up to beautiful summer!
Modelling of candy color bag: give your summer a bit “color”
Summer is a bright “tasted” can be all kinds of candy color of the season. Dynamic lemon yellow, sweet and romantic pink salmon, visual cool ice blue… Candy color of large area “waist” to “visual sense of expansion”, not everybody can harness, can match a candy color bag is much easier. Remember Cartier nail bracelet replica that summer modelling you just need a bit of “color”.
Both “sky blue” and “salmon pink” sense of pure and fresh and restore ancient ways at the same time, Taylor Swift use opportunely clever and playful yellow handbags, for overall modelling injected a nifty little woman.
How to make a fresh fruit color handbag is nifty and style, the answer is to find a profile is concise, line agile handbags.
Sofie Valkiers bright orange hand bag with skirts echo, overall modelling color grab an eye, the vision are harmonious. Handbag on the white stripes and white sneakers, bring forward movement.
See how color of hardcore players in a transparent, is red, electro-optic swimming between the blue and yellow. So color, fashionable and art.
The coral pink chain package such as “stand out” from the print dress, the colour of wen wan is never forgets anything.
White T-shirt with hole too simple random cowboy? A fluorescent orange bag can ensure that you don’t do a grey “man”.
Super MOE handbags: on a hot summer day little sense of humor
MOE is a handbag is not the young girl’s exclusive, nearly a few season of MOE bag is in the shape of the materials and the bold color constantly transforming “fashion stereotypes”. After all, the world is no more than women are afraid of getting old creature, so take this street stars, big Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica eyes and my camera ultraman when gout handbag back out of the fashion sense, both young girls and mature woman will be fascinated by the humor.
Feminine point of high heels and tassels skirt can and lovely modelling of camera packets “shake hands”, coupled with the drum ice cream and brilliant laugh, we are going to have a happy summer fun.
Pure white body modelling and relaxed atmosphere, a pair of black eyes “let the whole body modelling immediately become contracted but not simple.
Don’t be so serious! Classic black and white is not easy to go wrong, but occasionally also need to MOE handbags bags to reconcile the atmosphere. The “blue eyes” firmly locked in our line of sight.
Systemic cartoon slightly childish, then back a Stella McCartney’s diffuse superhero chain bag make a naughty big woman.
Halladay toyed with how to “fashion”? Back a bag – like this chain bag nifty only to tell you: I’m late!
Printed bags: summer flowers with him
Summer is the only one in four seasons we can “unbridled” with printing of the season. Winter you nothing but also only in animal grain printing printing with abstract geometry transform, can be in the summer, you can fully enjoy the flowers, animals, plants, printing, geometric printing, printed letters. Printed bags just a local window of the whole body modelling, so heavy and complicated is printed will not appear mixed and disorderly.
The printing chain bag and white shirt skirt of heavy and complicated is born of a couple, the trick is imitation cartier love bracelet printed on each kind of colour to the whole body modelling summit.
Abstract geometrical printed hand bag with black and white printing jacket overlay to create surprising visual feast, the modern printing always can let integral modelling appear art aron is dye-in-the-wood.
Printing bag with white sapphire abstract plants take fashionable and bright eyes, this kind of colour collocation is can’t help but think of the elegant blue and white porcelain.
Summer is a season, do not reject any kind of printing. Most wild charm of leopard grain is the darling of the winter, but also the necessary of summer “concave shape”.
Woven bags: the cool and refreshing
Cool and refreshing and lightweight woven bag is summer vacation, straw bags full of rural amorous feelings and almost any element joker. Swaying tassel straw bag revealed that some in the romantic charm, the geometric shape of straw bags both elegant and also apply to the workplace, and atmospheric basket type profile straw bag lets a person as if place oneself of south town. As summer classic bag, straw bags are coming towards us with ever-changing attitude.
Straw bags to match absolutely is rural printing. Wearing a floral dress, the foot is concise and flat, and Cartier love bracelet replica then carry on a straw handbag, Alex Chung deductive romantic lazy modelling have you learned?
Enchanting gorgeous flower pendant and peacock green dust coat from afar like evergreen bush a little red. The straw handbag carry to amorous feelings of the woman will only Dita Von Teese.
Turquoise and bright orange interwoven to summer cool and refreshing and Ming yan sessions, atmosphere and practical basket type profile, holiday is indispensable.
Straw handbags with exotic floral dress, free Bohemian be vividly portrayed.
Woven bag material softness, but with a sexy black hollow out dress collocation, we still feel that while the romantic and delicate.
Chanel this box straw bag nifty means of restoring ancient ways.

gorgeous flowers reveal feminine flavour

The wooden bottom of feeling restoring ancient ways and the smooth cortical reminiscent of the 80 s, building feeling heel raises some avant-garde fashion, imagine Ulyana Sergeenko put on after the socialite lasting appeal.
After last season after Roman shoes hot, it still has its place in the 2016 Cartier nail bracelet replica spring and summer, concise design, combined with reflective bottom, let a person do not love is difficult!
Givenchy wind will play sports? ! Surprising 2016 spring summer series shoes design, combined with the movement of mesh with wind and feminine pointed spike, just want to try.
Since taking office Alessandro Michele, Gucci is always with some girl feelings with amorous feelings restoring ancient ways, improved and shoes by muller shoes for this season, the iconic double G logo and green red green ribbon logo, thick with set with pearls modelling design, can’t wait to.
As brand tailored to the hale and hearty and the transition of the minimalist, also extends to the footwear design, with a tassel burrs and open-toed sandals with feminine phase and style, spell able.
Since the designer Carol Lim and Humberto Leon since he took office, the avant-garde combined with history has always been the core of Kenzo comes, this season they unexpectedly tries to clamp as inspiration to use on the shoes design, combined with Japanese bandage Cartier love ring replica design, novel and avant-garde.
2016 chun xia, Loewe will PVC material play, transparent shoes can be seen everywhere in the show, the light, like a dangling walk again through the divine light.
Louis Vuitton this season opened a modern space trip, thick primer leather shoes with metal buckle design, rebellious feels dye-in-the-wood, this will be the first choice for young women in spring and summer.
WHAT! This is CONVERSE? Yes, Marc Jacobs will CONVERSE changed to pointed flat shoes!
Marni is a because the color of his works and printing and popular with women’s brand, this shoes also fully reflects the characteristics of simple black sideband, a striking red leather cover the part of the toes, contracted with personality.
Printed since the “queen” proper cut their digital printing on garment design, she will be replica Cartier love bracelet playing this season on the high-heeled shoes, high-heeled shoes is naturally gorgeous flowers reveal feminine flavour.
Ballet shoes become the Miu Miu design inspiration of the season, with plaid bow bind girl can not help but make people want to finish at the beginning of the heart.
This season, and Mr Ralph Lauren used expressions related to navigation, common cork bottom sandals seemed to be playing our holiday and heart.
For Hedi Slimane, sex appeal and rock is always his theme, this season shoes from color to line design, sexy, needless to say.
Platform shoes is likely to return again in spring/summer 2016, Stella as if aware of this key, the Cartier love ring replica bottom of the wood grain leather belt, with irregular cross all fashionable casual.
In the eyes of Valentino, bind shoes seems to be the best companion of bud silk dress collocation, long skirt is hot summer without it how line?
As synonymous with wild, Versace always can normal to ignite a passion, to ultra-high with three belt design combined with metal buckle brand trademark design, very sexy.

More beautiful than the bracelet accessories Is a small dial watch

More beautiful than the bracelet accessories Is a small dial watch
Under the big dial has become increasingly popular agitation, exquisite small dial also return to the trends of wrist watch. For most women, a small wrist wear between the wrist and can show seems to be more feminine and elegant temperament. Take a look at this year’s small size wrist watch, maybe you will like it again contracted and delicate.
Dior DE La D Dior Satin series advanced wrist watch The dial diameter of 19 mm
Draw inspiration from the 70 s, the use of gold, diamond, and decorative stone jewelry, such as division of commonly used materials. Custer LAN designer Victoria her Howard (Cartier love bracelet replica) retained the men’s wrist watch the original pure simple shape, giving it a very feminine characteristics at the same time. DE La D Dior extract the essence of the Dior fine jewelry, used for jewelry division of snow that Mosaic art, the decorative stone dial, bold and creative to the integration of material, the color and the Swiss watchmaker, including by Zenith design Elite mechanical movement. Wrist watch like “ribbon” general modelling, equipped with milan type steel braided bracelet, texture is soft and flexible, metallic luster, is like a piece of metal texture of fabric.
Bulgari PiccolaLvcea series wrist watch dial 23 mm in diameter
LVCEA series wrist watch was born with a passion for light and time, extremely attractive. With the increasing demand for small size of the wrist, launch a small version of the watch of wrist of existing product. Piccola Lvcea wrist watch every line, every part after the designer’s thoughtful, reinterpret the contemporary women’s charming and elegant, is the perfect fusion of traditional and modern. Modern women through the size more delicate wrist watch, not only can express love for the watch of wrist of cultural inheritance, more add the tide of contemporary elements. Bracelet in subtle connection technique gives this watch a variety of different combinations. A delicate gem stone highlight female gracefuls and restrained, dense diamond is perfect showily temperament.
replica Cartier love bracelet turquoise blue bracelet wrist watch dial 15.8 x 23.6 x 6.2 mm
In 1987, chanel to launch its first designed for women to build a classic watch the PREMIERE. Its octagonal dial design, inspired by N ° 5 perfume bottle shape and Paris fang square landmark silhouette. In 2016, the PREMIERE camellia floating the tourbillon wristwatch, marked the PREMIERE from now on to the world of watch of wrist of complex function.
Harry Winston Emerald series wrist watch dial 17.75 x 24 mm
Emerald series wrist watch, fine and elegant white gold or rose gold watchcase material design is the classic type Emerald cut, for inspiration, and dial 12 when the position of the same type USES the Emerald cut gold stereo brand logo mutual reflect. Pure blue color dial, and it is one of the world’s most prestigious blue diamond is clever. Oh the harry Winston dial and strap “hope diamond” light blue attune, makes the wearer copy is like place oneself harry Winston jewelry world. Around two of satin wrist strap design, the main color to match the dial. In addition, the wrist watch equipped with elegant rose gold or platinum materials netting milan type bracelet, delicate netting milan type chain containing the craftsmanship of wonderful artical excelling nature, soft stick take hand catenary, precious metals will turn into elegant ornament wrist.
Table Cartier nail bracelet replica Prime Time watch dial 24 mm in diameter
Dodecagon CENTURY CENTURY sapphire watch case is the most dazzling mark: watch with its can readily identify the modelling of contour, the diameter of the lady’s wrist was only 24 mm, small and exquisite, modelling is just give Prime Time watch real jewelry. Dial, a total of 12 of the beauty of brilliant-cut decoration on every hour mark, will watch sublimated fantasy, showing this immaculate chronometer unprecedented bright beautiful. Table with pure white, pearl grey and noble generous jet-black mother-of-pearl dial, and with different adjustable strap that coincide with the same color, the two white style more through delicate rainbow paint processing, in the casual place bloom low-key CLS.
Treasure pearl women’s clothing series of lady bird Ladybird wrist watch dial diameter of 21.50 mm
(Ladybird) watch the lady bird, dial with contrasting bright finish, modelling is layer upon layer the delicate leaves. Brilliant purple strap special made of Louisiana crocodile build a fine elegant aesthetic effect. On the table ring set with 32 bright beauty; , drops on dial pointer light swept with a dazzling diamonds and platinum material scale of hours. Wrist watch equipped with platinum case only 21.50 millimeters in diameter. Carry with silicon balance spring automatic chain machine, automatic pendulum tuo made from platinum Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica put tuo on set with a gorgeous beauty to show limited wrist watch is scarce, in a specially equipped with three surrounding diamond punching groove to ensure that the diamonds was smooth and beautiful, the degree of detail to reaches can be seen; In addition, equipped with siliceous balance spring, can better avoid wrist magnetic – women’s watches also enjoy the material of the latest upgrade.