Plum watch is one of the earliest entry into the domestic Swiss watch brand some old friends on the plum mechanical watch

Plum watch is one of the earliest entry into the domestic Swiss watch brand, some old friends on the plum mechanical watch has a deep feeling. And now, plum mechanical watches more and more models. So many parents do not know how to adjust the time. The following watch home to tell you how to adjust the time and date of plum mechanical watch it!
A plum watch watch calendar calendar, due to the system is divided into two different speed, the first ± 5 minutes to complete the calendar, the second in 3 hours to complete the calendar.
Two cases, such as the use of spiral crown plum watch, do not pull hard, please turn counterclockwise rotation to open imitation Cartier love bracelet the crown of the lock, after adjusting the time, the plum watch the clockwise direction and push into Lock, so as not to water.
If you want to adjust the date, please adjust the date before the day, then turn the clock to adjust the date, then the needle after 12 o’clock the date will change, so you can avoid direct adjustment The date is confusing day and night.
Four calendar table watch calendar, week, moon phase adjustment Do not operate between the watch time 21:00 PM — 3:00 AM, during which the calendar function is operating, but also when the gear engagement is low, frequent The action will damage the internal parts of the plum watch.
Five plum table on the top right button is the tune of the week, dial 9 o’clock position of the small dial display. The function of the week is 7 times in a circle or 7 under a multiple of 14. That is: jump in the morning, jump once in the afternoon.
Six loose loose plum table in the middle of the button, loosen the state, the table is not pulled out in the state of rotation is the winding, the new plum table or long set of the proposed winding about 30 times, so give the table reserves Some power, so as to avoid the lack of activity caused by the pause or timing are not allowed.
Seven then pull out the clockwise two laps at 7 o’clock position to stop why this operation, because the new plum table in the absence of the operation of the following functions will be stuck.If a long time did not wear the proposal is also the operation of the machine The heart did not damage .Then the table to pull out a block, is the date, 1 – 31 days, such as met only 30 days of the month, it is necessary to manually adjust the 31 can be.
Automatic mechanical watch is based on the structure of ordinary mechanical watch, adding a part of the automatic mechanism device, through the Dai table in the daily life of the role of arm movements automatically winding. Dial printed with “Automatic” words, that is automatic mechanical watch, which is also divided into automatic mechanical watches and semi-automatic mechanical watches.
What is the principle of automatic mechanical watch
Understanding the principle of automatic mechanical watch on the need to understand its automatic mechanism, automatic mechanism by the heavy hammer (automatic swing Tuo) swing, through the automatic on the train and the origin of the system to achieve the automatic connection of this special function.
About 1920 in the United Kingdom, watchmaker John Howard invented the prototype of Replica Cartier jewelry the modern automatic mechanical watch, the automatic mechanical watch principle for the development of automatic mechanical watch industry laid the foundation. But he is not the first person to make an automatic mechanical watch. As early as 1770 had a Swiss, Louis Boleley made the earliest automatic hanging table. Due to hand-made, very few, in the flea market is difficult to see. Because it is the predecessor and birthplace of modern automatic mechanical watch. Thus the Swiss watch industry and therefore fame.
Automatic mechanical watch principle Semi-automatic and fully automatic difference: automatic mechanical watch table drive hammer (that is, automatic swing Tuo), through a group of automatic train for the automatic transmission system, the arm swing automatically on the winding. As the automatic watch used by the heavy hammer and automatic upper working conditions are different, the structure of the automatic mechanical watch can be divided into the following four types:
Swing one-way
Swinging two-way
3. Rotary one-way action,
4. Rotating two-way bars;
Swing automatic hammer can only be in the table for about 120 ° swing, for the semi-automatic. Rotary automatic hammer in the table machine can do 360 ° rotary transport, said automatic, which is semi-automatic and fully automatic mechanical watch principle.
In the early automatic mechanical watch table also produced automatic hammer in the heart of the two grooves for a straight line reciprocating motion, this automatic mechanism called the hopper automatically; because of its effect is poor, early to be eliminated. But also because of its limited production, very valuable collection.
Part of the automatic mechanical watch on the dial has a pointer to show the stock on the automatic, you can determine the reliability of the automatic on the article. Due to the complexity of the organization, the need for 14 parts, so the use of such institutions of the automatic watch is not much.
Casio BABY-G will continue to provide innovative, functional and fashionable experiences for individualized and respectable women. Will be the trend of street culture and girls love the elements of fashion rubbing in one, BABY-G to Tough, Cool image in the tide circle by the hot. So what about the Casio BABY-G watch?
Watch the left button for the A key, the left button for the C key, the upper right button for the B key, the upper right button for the D key. Press and hold the A key until it sounds, press the D key, then press the C key, flash the number, press it at the appropriate time (press B or D). After the time, press the C key, (transfer date, the same as before). Finally press the C key to save.
The above is the Casio BABY-G watch how to adjust the alarm clock, hoping to help you!

JEEP watches are very personal but it does not make professional watches

Johnnie is from Switzerland, founded in the Swiss JURA Mountains French Quarter of GRENCHEN. GRENCHEN has a long tradition of tabulation, JOHNNIE (Johnnie) since its inception, has been known for fashion and elegant design, integration of imitation Cartier love bracelet watches and clocks, technology, casting a precise watch. The following watch home for you to recommend two Johnny men’s watches
Johnnie watches men recommend
Series: Gold Navigator Series Style: Male Movement: Quartz Movement Material: Stainless Steel Dial Length: 4.91cm Watches Length: 10.5cm Full Table Wearable Range 101mm Strap width 2.0-1.8cm Clasp type: Double press butterfly buckle Waterproof 30 meters
Johnnie watches men recommend
Series: Royal Hourglass Series Style: Male Movement: Quartz Movement Material: Stainless Steel, Leather Dial Length: 4.91cm Length: 23.5cm Full Form Wearable Range 205mm Strap width 2.0-1.8cm Clasp form: Needle buckle Waterproof 30 m
Henry Graves is one of the most famous pocket watch products of Patek Philippe. In the 1930s for the New York banker Henry Graves custom handmade gold pocket watch. The table takes five years to complete the production, Henry Graves’s name was permanently engraved on the dial.
Henry Graves Henry Graves pocket watch introduction
Henry Greifus Super complex function pocket watch is made in 1932 by Patek Philippe, this watch is the world’s most famous purely handmade the most complex function pocket watch, a total of more than 900 parts, weighing more than half a kilogram, is expected to be accurate Traveled to 2100 years. It includes 24 complex functions, including the calendar, the three hours, the time, the Westminster bell, the moon phase, the stars, the power reserve display, the sunrise time, the sunset time, and even the display of the night sky changes in Manhattan Fifteen minutes will ring the Westminster bell as a timekeeping.

At first this pocket watch is New York banker Henry Graves (Henry Graves) in 1925 to Patek Philippe hope to get a world’s most complex table, so Patek Philippe sent the top watchmaker who spent three years of design, Eventually made five years of time made. Henry Graves himself was also known as the greatest watch collector of the twentieth century.
This is a super complex function pocket watch in more than half a century of Replica Cartier jewelry time are the world’s most complex timepiece, until the birth of this pocket watch 56 years later, Patek Philippe to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the brand and launched the Caliber 89 , Before breaking the complex record, but Caliber 89 production has been the computer and modern 3D technology support.
In 1941, JEEP was born in the United States Daimler Chrysler, the first positioning in the cross-country four-wheel drive car brand, has now become the US spiritual culture business card. Over the years, JEEP’s form has been changing, but the spirit of JEEP can be eternal. JEEP has been silent for the elite who insist on and advocate adventure, freedom and passion, from the elite who serve the wartime to the elite of the times. The JEEP watch, it is time to witness the spirit of the best interpretation, JEEP is not only a brand, it is a symbol of the elite way of life.
JEEP watch how, JEEP watch official price
How about JEEP watches?
JEEP watches are very personal, but it does not make professional watches. Like the Czech Jones, CK, Chanel and other brands. Do a good look, but the quality does not flatter, and the price is not cheap.

JEEP watch official website offer is how much
JEEP watch official website prices generally more than 900 to more than 5000 yuan between the more popular prices generally more than 1,000 to more than 2000 between.
JOHNNIE Jenny from Switzerland, founded in the Swiss mountains of the French Quarter of the watch industry GRENCHEN. GRENCHEN has a long tradition of watchmaking, JOHNNIE Johnnie since its inception, has been fashionable and elegant design known, fusion watch technology, casting a precise watch.
How about Jenny watches?
In order to better expand and serve the market, Johnnie Table set up headquarters in Shenzhen, Switzerland to maintain the technical level under the premise of trying to lead the Chinese consumers cost-effective products to meet consumer demand, the only one in the field of watch Sub-market strategy to enter the Swiss watch brand.

JOHNNIE Johnnie watches recommended
GSL5006WW quartz watch

Dial length: 4.9cm watch, length: 23.5cm, the whole table can wear range 205mm, strap width 2.0-1.8cm
JOHNNIE will be “elegant, stylish, unique” brand spirit as a worthy way of life, so that all JOHNNIE consumers feel a new fashion culture and value experience.
Johnny watches okay?
As a fashion business representative brand, JOHNNIE Johnnie will experience the cultural experience condensed into a unique brand value, is committed to the material and spirit Qi, quality and brand synchronization. Johnnie watches focus on the details of beauty, grasp the fashion pulse. While fashion and not publicity, delicate and not expensive. If you want a delicate and cheap watch, Johnnie is the best choice!

Yellow K gold wedding ring, spread with round brilliant cut diamonds

The Cartier wedding ring with Cartier love bracelet replica engagement ring has the same effect, as if a match made in heaven, perfect collocation, be a happy couple. Whether the Cartier love ring is wide or thin body, spread with or ring set beauty, each combination is unique. Cartier ponder style, strive for a harmonious balance on jewelry design, perfect fit.

Cartier with infinite originality, brand new diamond engagement ring and matching Cartier weeding ring, for his pledge in the witness of love feeling with her.

Yellow K gold wedding ring, spread with round brilliant cut diamonds

Make you become the brightly star in the party,choose your favourite Cartier love ring in

Environmental protection and creative home accessories

Environmental protection and creative home accessories
Modern home in the choice of home decorations Decoration, in addition to consider the appearance and practicality, but also very concerned about the decorative material, in this low-carbon and environmentally friendly Cartier love bracelet replica society, the more environmentally friendly materials in the modern home in the more popular, Old transformation has also been a lot of family attention, as we usually see the exchange of space in the design of the same, many old things can be transformed into a very fine home jewelry Oh.
To the environmental protection of the modern home decorations Decoration, you can consider the straw of the decorations, the most natural material, absolutely no pollution, this a straw rabbit frame, with full of pastoral style, exquisite appearance beautiful, lively and lovely, placed at home given You are a comfortable living museum.
Paper ornaments simple, creative infinite, the magazine’s own gorgeous colors, so that the finished product has a Cartier love ring replica unpredictable beauty, a fresh life was born, watching them dance with the wind, you can also feel that distant Drums.
Storage is the most troublesome one of the most troublesome people in every home. To make the home clean, then the storage space must be done in place. With creative home to create indoor storage space.
Practical and visual arts to be fully integrated and play, of course, the effect is not questioned the wonderful chrysanthemum. Note that the color of the shelf is the same as that of the wall, and its smooth curves and convex surfaces give a false impression of the Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica wall. Rich grid, large capacity, you can place a variety of items. Its wall-mounted design and unique appearance not only save space and give a sense of oppression.

That day to visit the Sacred Heart of the Cathedral, from the concentration of time there are half an hour

That day to visit the Sacred Heart of the Cathedral, from the concentration of time there are half an hour, just near a subway station, took the time to go to see, but found inside the hall is very spacious, very beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica decoration. So many people, the order is very orderly. First person to buy a ticket window tear off their own ticket number, and then sit and wait for your ticket number is displayed from the top of the mask at the ticket window. Of course, this way to buy tickets very rules, there is no jam, the votes of the votes, trustees, the article, the collision, and do not need the police to maintain order, obviously more civilized than our domestic way of buying tickets, more easily accepted by people. A scholar once said, “The more rules you face, the more you treat ‘equal treatment’; the more flexible the rules you Cartier love ring replica face, the more likely you are to be discriminated against.” In Paris, Traffic lights in the non-stop changes, from the public toilet in front of the orderly queue, from the subway ticket window above that one of the numbers, to further deepen the understanding of this passage.

For example, GUCCI brand advertising tactics used: the female model and the two men together

For example, GUCCI brand advertising tactics used: the female model and the two men together, and write the photo below, “a family of three.” There are two women wearing GUCCI clothing to watch each other, these are filled with a hazy Cartier love bracelet replica homosexual atmosphere. United States, “Dallas” magazine editor in chief that GUCCI ads contain homosexual appeal. Especially in the two women watching each other’s ads, in this ad, two women face to face embrace, a woman’s hand on the other woman’s buttocks, another woman watching the first woman’s chest, and her hand Is stroking the other side of the chest a naked place. These ads reflect the Gucci brand luxury Mi, sexy, decadent features. Another example is Christian Dior’s ad, has been “fine” magazine as the most adornment in the clothing ad, designer Gary Hainuo also known as the “bad boy.” Because of its arrogant beauty of claws occupy an expensive advertising space, Dior brand advertising often naked to show a kind of female homosexual tendencies, advertising in the model sexy wild, body covered with brown bright oil, intertwined with each other , And show the fascination of passion.
In the fetishistic view of clothing, when the pleasure or characteristic of sexuality begins to run counter to normal or natural heterosexuality, such appearance or style is usually regarded as “abnormal” or even “pathological” “Transgressions, especially sexual transgressions, once defined, often reinforce rather than diminish the attractiveness of something, which explains why mainstream fashions Cartier love ring replica tend to have” marginal “characteristics such as Masochistic, fetish or gay and lesbian characteristics. These appearances and styles make fashionable moment “show” in the range of what is called “normal” sexy.
Thus, we can see that with the development of modern marketing, the connotation of the brand symbol gradually beyond the meaning of a simple product, like Levis jeans has long been a denim clothing is not just a reference, it also means that the United States cultural connotations significance. Many brands of meaning, that the brand is not simple is a brand signifier and product refers to the composition of such a simple symbol, but a more complex semantic phenomenon. DIESEL jeans not only refers to a kind of clothing, but also “sexy, rebel” symbol: wear DIOR clothing is not only choose a decorative body beautify, but also a means of social status. imitation cartier love bracelet Brand ambiguity, the brand as a symbol of the existence of an extension to the connotation of the ever-changing “shift acceleration” process. The brand has already reached far more than the signifier refers to the stage, clothing advertising to clothing itself with more identity and social significance. Aestheticism in the form of greater than the content in modern society has become more and more widely reflected. Relative to the content, the form is the most important, as Semir brand advertising slogan: “What is what to wear”, it is reflected in such a signifier and the meaning of the fracture.

What is a 4c diamond ring

What is a 4c diamond ring
Diamond’s discovery history after a relatively long process, dig out her value is also a difficult process, which is she can achieve “long-lasting” value. After that, they were made into a diamond ring. So, for the diamond ring 4C is what, so Replica Cartier love bracelet to explain it for everyone.
4C diamond with its highest hardness, crystal clear texture and dazzling features, sought after by the people. It is a symbol of success, elegance, loyalty, eternity and innocence, so people love it. Diamond is currently the world’s largest trade in jewelery trade a gem, since thermal conductivity meter and other portable detection equipment available, identification of diamonds Of the authenticity has become a very simple matter, but how to evaluate the merits of a diamond has become a major problem in the diamond trade. Mainly to see the quality of diamonds (diamond grade) evaluation criteria called 4C, respectively: weight (carat), color (color) clarity (clarity) cut (cut) these four aspects is to look together, a good light , Can not explain this diamond is good enough. The latest national standard GB / T16554-1996 “diamond grading” provides that there are four factors to determine the level of Cartier love ring replica diamond, “4C” is the color, clarity, cut and carat weight of the four English terms in the first letter of the C , And 4C is to evaluate the quality of diamonds indispensable one comprehensive element, is also a consumer to judge the value of a diamond standard. There are a variety of diamonds in the jewelry market, there are natural diamonds, but also after irradiation, filling, etc. processing of diamonds; white diamonds (in fact, colorless, white background against white background), yellow diamonds , There are color diamonds such as red, green, blue, orange, etc .; from the shape points, there are standard round diamond, but also heart-shaped, oval, pear-shaped and other shapes of diamonds. In the market, the most common diamond is white (colorless) standard round drill, so in the “4C” standard, diamond color, clarity, carat weight grading refers only to the natural white (colorless) to yellow (Brown, gray) series, carat weight is greater than 0.2 polished imitation cartier love bracelet diamonds grading, and cut classification only for standard round cut diamonds or inlaid white (colorless) to light yellow (brown, gray) series, 1 carat ~ 0.1 Carat diamond quality grading. “4C” standard does not apply to color diamonds and irradiated, filled diamond grading.

The little nanny found another job, in the city took root. Occasionally she would go to see the two old people

The little nanny found another job, in the city took root. Occasionally she would go to see the two old people, mention a bag of fruit, to accompany the two old people chat. Old man is still tough, the old lady is getting worse, but she still can not forget the ring, said that if the ring can not be found, she will regret for life.
Later she fell ill, lying in the hospital, overhead hanging bottle. A few days later the elderly dying, Cartier love bracelet replica. That day is her golden wedding anniversary with his wife, but they do not represent the eternal ring. The old man could not speak. She clasped the old man’s hand tightly.
Then the door was pushed open, a small nanny gently walked in. She sat in the old man’s bed, broke down in tears. She loosened her hand and lay a silver ring in her hand. Silver ring small, slender, ring face carved a touch of lily pattern.
The nanny said: “10 years ago, I really stole your ring … … then small. Not sensible.” The old woman’s eyes flash a bit. Grabbed the ring. Firmly in the palm of your hand. The old man asked her: “This is the ring?” The old lady could not speak, just nodded. Her expression of satisfaction, her eyes full of tears. Nanny asked: “You are willing to forgive me a imitation Cartier love bracelet?” The old man smiled, and then nodded vigorously. And then her head will be tilted, and she died in the sudden happiness.

The old man asked the nurse, “Why are you doing this?
A small nanny said: “I do not have the heart to let her leave with regret … … I think, as long as you keep my secret, as long as I do not say, no one will know this thing … …”
“But I know you’re not a thief,” said the old man, “you did not move the ring 10 years ago.
“Why are you so sure?”
“Of course I am sure,” said the old gentleman, “because that day, she neither took out the ring, nor put it on the coffee table, the ring is her illusion, the ring before you come lost, then she Has been delirious, there is no ring, but that day, she is still convinced that you took the ring. Afraid to tell her to understand, just because my selfish, I think so, at least make her wishful … ”
“But you thought that one day I would send a Cartier love ring replica?” Asked the nanny, biting his lips.
“Of course not.” The old man said, “but now I actually believe that the lost ring in a day that really can return to my hands … … When a non-pro-people who is willing to an old man The desire to recognize the thief ‘s reputation, this world what can not happen?

In the hot sun, shining on the coast. Sparkling blue and ochre yellow rock, dancing sunset, black waves

In the hot sun, shining on the coast. Sparkling blue and ochre yellow rock, dancing sunset, black waves, Cartier was vieira’s charming scenery moved with changeable colors, new senior jewelry Etourdissant Cartier series was born.
This series of in smooth shadow overlap weave beautiful…… Extremely precious diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and opal, coral, Tanzania stone, garnet, or chrysoprase gem, rich in beautiful posture and unique bright light dance form for Cartier love ring replica. New series of design freedom is bold and unrestrained, bold innovation, after carve stone gleams of light, like fireworks in the night sky and intoxicating.
Day and night, as if the face of positive and negative of well-dressed fabrics, are reflected. Look, gorgeous infinity, lively and strong contrast to let a person dazzling, and gradually under the soft night comfort, tranquility.
The day is hot and sunny
Under the hot summer sun, a series of powerful colour hot like fire, flares, occasional water like the fresh color, enjoy the pleasure of life.
Cartier love bracelet replica. Engraving emerald, ruby and sapphire, constitute the iconic fruit trick style… Contrast color and rich achievements modelling unique, senior jewelry works, collar, forehead, wrist blooms in unprecedented female glamour.
HYDERABAD tire – platinum, 1 18.23 -carat octagonal Colombia emeralds, carving carving sapphire, and emerald, teardrop-shaped ruby, ruby, sapphire, and emerald bead, onyx, triangular diamond, round brilliant cut diamonds, satin ribbons. Tire can be used as a bracelet or necklace to wear.
ROMANOV. The 197.80 -carat shines slightly pink sapphire blue color, just like the coast sunrise, fall from the sky a piece of blue. In the crystal and diamond surrounded by bright, its myriad facets on this bracelet acura emitting bright luster. Of the legendary rare gems had belonged to Romanov, Romanov family heir, tsarist Russia last queen – Maria fee o love her more (Maria Feodorovna). It trimmed to the bracelet to blossom downy burnish, surrounded by the beauty of the magnificent diamonds around, foil a magnificent bright it up.
Romanov bracelet – platinum, 1 197.80 -carat rose cut pillow Ceylon sapphires, 2 total weight 2.50 -carat peltate cant cutting D IF Replica Cartier jewelry, a 1.03 -carat F SI1 triangular diamond, a 1.02 -carat E VS2 triangular diamond, natural crystal carving, round brilliant cut diamonds. Among them, the sapphire can be replaced with natural crystal carving.
In the darkness
Under the darkness, the grandeur of the jewelry, the changing face… Chalcedony and rich purple crystal jade, ruby and diamond intoxicating.
VIOLINE long necklace, necklace back – platinum, chalcedony beads, purple crystal beads, amethyst, round brilliant cut diamonds.
GARANCE necklace – platinum, 2 pillow mozambique ruby, weighs 5.27 carat, respectively, and 5.27 carat, 26 total weight 8.44 -carat circular and elliptical myanmar rubies, round brilliant cut diamonds.
ETEINDIEN bracelet – platinum, 1 24.91 -carat oval convex circular cutting Ethiopian opal, garnet, carving carving spessartine, manganese aluminum pomegranate Shi Zhu, convex circular cutting color sapphire, fry circular cutting sand stone, round brilliant cut diamonds. By
ARABICA bracelet – 18 K rose K gold, 18 K white gold, pomegranate Shi Changzhu, ruby beads, brown round brilliant cut diamond, round brilliant cut diamonds.

In the wedding season, how to choose a suitable diamond ring?

In the wedding season, how to choose a suitable diamond ring?
First, the diamond: the size of the election is very important
The majority of women’s Cartier love ring replica for the diamond ring is always the bigger the better, of course, the greater the carat number will indeed seem luxurious, but not suitable for everyday wear, those who are not dozens of carat the average person. So 50 points to play between 2 kt, it is very suitable for everyday wear. If you want to be slightly more luxurious, then between 3 to 5 kt carat is sufficient to meet.
Second, the diamond criteria: “4c” principle
In the selection of diamond ring, the most basic principle is “4c”. Cut, color, clarity, carat (carat weight), known as 4c.
Cut (cut)
The so-called cut, although a human factor, but for the dazzling diamonds have a great impact. A good cutting process, not only can maximize the retention of the diamond component, but also allows the internal light to maximize the reflection to the diamond Cartier love bracelet replica.
In the choice of diamonds, in addition to cutting, the color and clarity is the other two diamond-level standards. Color gradations are D, E, F, G, H, I-J, K-L, M, N-O, P-R and S-Z. GHIJKL (close to colorless) this level is relatively more, the diamond ring are generally IJ color; MN (Cartier nail bracelet replica), this level of yellow is already able to naked eye (colorless), this level is relatively rare, the price is high; Visible, the price will be much lower. However, you only need to know that the H-color level represents the most standard white, higher than the H-color level will not appear yellow tone.
Defects determine the value of the diamond, the clarity of sub-5, SI2 clarity of diamonds above 10 times need to enlarge to find flaws in the budget, the lower the clarity does not affect the value of diamonds, diamonds are the largest size cost-effective s Choice.
In fact, the value of diamonds is not determined by carat size, Rapaport International Price Table calculation, D-grade IF clarity of 3-carat diamond and H-color SI2 grade clarity of 10-carat diamond price is almost flat.
Third, a variety of cutting process
In addition to the traditional classic round brilliant cutting, cutting a variety of other processes can also meet the diverse needs of the bride for the diamond ring. Of course, these patterns cut the diamond carat number required, usually in the 1 carat or above to meet the cutting process.
Pillow-shaped: pillow-shaped cut both round and the Princess Diamonds Replica Cartier jewelry round part of the advantages of its corners were arc-shaped rectangle, both the classical and fashion different beauty. It consists of a single multi-faceted transformation, which is now said pincushion, the shape of the mat. As the corners are cut into a circular shape, it looks gentle than the princess diamond.
Heart-shaped: As the name suggests, shape, such as peach heart-shaped cutting. Its proportion, just to be able to show the diamond light just right, not dazzling, but emotional and fantasy.