Wrist watch strap is divided into five rows of chain chain steel strap

Breitling is the production of new and unique and durable multi-purpose watch eagerly. Over the years for the aviation industry tabulation experience, the Breitling products have a significant feature, it is always concerned about the function of the watch-oriented, giving its products continue to adapt to aviation, navigation, navigation, diving and other special needs of the characteristics of the industry, Into the practicality, functionality and diversity as one of the perfect combination. Today, watch home for everyone to bring a Breitling Galaxy world time zone exquisite watch, the official model: WB3510U0 / A777 / 375A.

Excellence Pilgrimage Products Breitling Galaxy World Time Zone Exquisite Edition watch

This watch in many ways to achieve innovation, the first is a breakthrough on the technical level, it is equipped with Breitling self-made B35 movement to achieve an unprecedented convenient control, and by the four Breitling patent protection. Followed by the pursuit of imitation Cartier love bracelet aesthetics, the new smooth bezel made of tungsten steel, this extremely strong high-tech composite material exudes a natural gradient luster, and polished steel to form a subtle contrast. While scratching the surface also makes it able to withstand the violent impact, to ensure lasting as new. Full of futuristic bezel around the white dial, dial the center decorated with a fine fillet made of fine earth pattern.

WB3510U0 / A777 / 375A
This exquisite watch to create a stainless steel diameter 44 mm, 15.30 mm thick case, the use of tungsten steel bezel, dial decorated with exquisite earth pattern, in addition to display the time and date display, but also with day and night display and The function of the world. Wrist watch steel chain strap, the use of folding clasp. Wrist watch brand self-made B35 automatic mechanical movement, with 100 meters waterproof function. Watches not only watch the exquisite atmosphere, and excellent performance, is the table in the goods.

Watch crown shape unique arch round, decorated with a crown on the crown, not only increase the aesthetics, and easy to grasp the time to tune. In both sides of the crown with delicate shoulder protection, reflecting the details of the Breitling grasp.


Wrist watch strap is divided into five rows of chain chain steel strap, strap chain arrangement is peculiar but patchwork. This sort of fine links can make wearing more comfortable.

Watch steel watch case for the traditional round case, bezel after three-dimensional treatment to make the case more three-dimensional layering; case after polishing polished, the surface smooth and shiny.


Dial details
Watch the middle of the white dial decorated with filament made of fine earth pattern to the three needle and black time scale instructions time, at three o’clock date display window, and in the dial outside the day and night display and 24 city name Of the world time zone display. The dial is covered with sapphire crystal glass.

Watch ear is not long, it is very delicate, and the case of one cast, and the formation of the smooth Replica Cartier jewelry lines of the table Lai; table ear after polishing, round smooth and rich metallic luster; ear was micro-arc, can guarantee Watch and wrist more fit.

Watch strap with stainless steel to create a folding clasp, clasp opening and closing easy to wear more convenient; in the clasp engraved with Breitling logo.

Table bottom
Watch is made of stainless steel to create a closed bottom, the bottom of the logo engraved with the brand logo and watch some of the relevant parameters; internal equipped with the Swiss Observatory certified high-performance automatic mechanical movement, the other watch water depth 100 Meter.

Summary: The overall shape of this watch although the traditional, but in the details we can easily see Breitling watch on the delicate grasp. This watch 44 mm table diameter for men is very appropriate, and watch the exquisite beauty of the dial shape, strict atmosphere of the watch design and excellent features to meet people’s needs, is a worthy wrist Between the goods.
In November, Marc A. Hayek, president and chief executive officer of the Breguet Museum and Brands, successfully repurchased an antique pocket watch with an important historical value – N ° 3104 at the Antiquorum auction. This pocket watch is Abraham Louis Breguet watchmaking proof, 1783 three asked the table dedicated spring playing wire is Mr. Breguet’s invention and creation.
N ° 3104 from the hands of Mr. Breguet, is a very rare, highly acclaimed three asked when the pocket watch. 1818 sold to the Spanish prince Francisco de Paula, after 140 years of history to revive the world.
Beginning in the early 19th century, the Spanish Bourbon family became an important customer of Breguet, King Charles IV, Queen Marie-Christine and his son bought a lot of Breguet timepieces. Ferdinand VII and his brother, Prince de Paula, also have some famous Breguet works. Between 1804 and 1814 when exiled in France, the other members of the family also bought a Breguet watch. Prince Francisco de Paula heir is long, in fact, he is the Spanish king Felipe VI’s immediate ancestor.
The watch has a diameter of 62.5 mm and the watch is decorated with “barley grain” (from Pierre-Benjamin Tavernier). It is obvious that the silver dial (also from Pierre-Benjamin Tavernier) is made up of two parts. Small seconds in the 8 o’clock position, with two tiny blue steel screws www.ourlovestore.com, integrated in the dial.
Another unusual feature is that the hour circle has an Arabic numerals marked every ten minutes. 12 o’clock on both sides of the Roman numerals are decorated with Breguet hidden signature. Disk with blue steel central hour and minute hand, the end of 1/4 there are hollow dots, which is the famous “Breguet pointer”, 1783 by the Breguet design and invention.

This pocket watch carrying a 22 ” movement, inverted character wheel escapement is clearly visible. The movement is equipped with a two-tone spring and two-tone hammer, activated by the piston device on the ornament, driving the spring. Breguet is pleased to include it in the antique table and the original manuscript collection, inviting the watchmaking history, culture and heritage lovers to visit Paris, Zurich and the Shanghai Museum.

Have to mention,another significant friend of Cartier is Charles Flore Delhi Wentz

Have to mention,another significant friend of Cartier is  Charles Flore Delhi Wentz, Charles Wentz is a tailor,who has many fantastic idea,service for Eugenie queen and Princess Mathilde.
Charles Wentz introduce Cartier to many nobleman and merchant prince’s lover,get many orders from them.In those orders,Cartier love bracelet is the most sell model,I will choose cartier love bracelet if I have enough money,but in fact,many cartier fans can not afford the expensive love bracelet,so my friend advise cartier love bracelet replica ,he bought one from http://www.ourlovestore.com
Afterwards,Louis Francois Katia’s granddaughter be married to Jacques Wass,their marriage strengthen theclose contact between Cartier and Wass.

This shop is full of spring elements everywhere, stay in this store

Second, the project description
1, the project name: “step in the spring,” creative flowers and decorations shop
The name has three meanings:
This shop is full of spring elements everywhere, stay in this Cartier love bracelet replica store, you will feel the spring of life and color;
Bring the creative products in the store back, you will keep the breath of spring in your life;
At the same time the name is the call to the spring, the call of nature, hope and vitality of the call!
2, business content:
(1) creative and characteristic pots: the shape of strange new, rich variety of flower pots, practical and beautiful both, even if not as a plant, used to store or as a decoration is a good choice.
The material includes ceramic, glass, wood, cotton, plastic, iron and so on; shape with the current popular elements, such as Meng Chong Meng, letters, candy color, etc., the formation of lovely, Meng, Alternative and so unique style.
(2) dried flowers, flower arrangement: such as dried flowers for murals, bookmarks, tea, nail pattern, aroma, scattered flowers and so on.
(3) other derivatives: such as flower soap, hairpin and other headdress, coaster, lantern, paper flower gift box and so on. Products can be used as a home decoration, but also as a holiday, birthday gifts, for creative novelty, work well or DIY DIY works can also be used as a collection, versatile.
3, site selection and scale:
Location: Beijing after the sea or Sanlitun, preferred after the sea
Combined with the local economic development and demand for flowers, the nearest Beijing is the most appropriate. After the sea and Sanlitun is a well-known leisure area in Beijing, traffic, and after the sea in Beijing Xicheng District, near the universities and enterprises are Cartier love ring replica relatively more customers relatively strong purchasing power.
To the characteristics of small shops in the form of business, combined with business content, leisure, exquisite, natural style of the store decoration. Retail business model is relatively low cost, the risk is relatively small, no business management expertise in terms of relatively easy, suitable for our graduates.
Third, the market analysis
1, market trends
With the development trend of diversified trend of Chinese flower market, florist transformation and upgrading is imperative. The traditional single business content has been unable to meet the needs of the development of China’s flower industry, its related industries, products will be more
Systematic and standardized development, so that the flower industry from the seeds, planting conservation to flower modeling, home decoration and then to the relevant appliances, logistics and other aspects of the overall link to form a chain of Cartier nail bracelet replica services, flower industry system will be more professional and complete, so To flower-related creative products for the main content of the business will also appear in the public view of them.

Environmental protection and creative home accessories

Environmental protection and creative home accessories
Modern home in the choice of home decorations Decoration, in addition to consider the appearance and practicality, but also very concerned about the decorative material, in this low-carbon and environmentally friendly Cartier love bracelet replica society, the more environmentally friendly materials in the modern home in the more popular, Old transformation has also been a lot of family attention, as we usually see the exchange of space in the design of the same, many old things can be transformed into a very fine home jewelry Oh.
To the environmental protection of the modern home decorations Decoration, you can consider the straw of the decorations, the most natural material, absolutely no pollution, this a straw rabbit frame, with full of pastoral style, exquisite appearance beautiful, lively and lovely, placed at home given You are a comfortable living museum.
Paper ornaments simple, creative infinite, the magazine’s own gorgeous colors, so that the finished product has a Cartier love ring replica unpredictable beauty, a fresh life was born, watching them dance with the wind, you can also feel that distant Drums.
Storage is the most troublesome one of the most troublesome people in every home. To make the home clean, then the storage space must be done in place. With creative home to create indoor storage space.
Practical and visual arts to be fully integrated and play, of course, the effect is not questioned the wonderful chrysanthemum. Note that the color of the shelf is the same as that of the wall, and its smooth curves and convex surfaces give a false impression of the Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica wall. Rich grid, large capacity, you can place a variety of items. Its wall-mounted design and unique appearance not only save space and give a sense of oppression.

Valentine’s Day to send her boyfriend what gift is better

Valentine’s Day to send her boyfriend what gift is better
Valentine’s Day is coming, you choose a good gift to a boyfriend? As a girlfriend you do not want to headache Valentine’s Day gift, and the following finishing some Valentine’s Day gift for the boy, to pick it!
Men generally like practical gifts, and often used to get Cartier love bracelet replica, such as wallets, razors, car supplies, watches and so on. According to the needs of her boyfriend to choose this is much easier Oh. To see what gift for him is the most appropriate, everyone will have an experience, to give the gift is to make the other happy, according to the likes of her boyfriend to carefully choose, in Valentine’s Day to send him a practical and satisfactory gift!
Valentine sent a razor to a boyfriend, on behalf of him in your heart is excellent mature male. He is also happy to keep you neat face and charming smile.
Watch on behalf of you and he like to have the feeling of minutes and seconds, Valentine’s Day sent to the boyfriend watch, to express his love, you cherish and every day with him, is a happy and moved gift. While the watch is also a man worth and status symbol, send him a favorite watch is very considerate.
Wallets are also indispensable in daily life and show the identity of the items. Choose a so that he took out a very face of the wallet, certainly can help him favor. Especially for those who usually do not spend money on the wallet for men, you receive the wallet is undoubtedly a gospel. Wallet which is better cut off some of the more Cartier love ring replica powerful, and pay attention to the size of the size, easy to accept.
Creative Gifts
Ordinary gifts are full of boring … Do you want to be a little bit chic, then choose creative gifts it! Creative, only enough to mind! A set of socks, a clock flow clock, a crazy wooden lamp and so on. Such a creative gift will be very practical, but also can reflect your concern for her boyfriend, give him a surprise, is not it good?
Nutritious meals
Basically, every man will be outside to run around, in order to give you a better life in the future and work hard. So, in this Valentine’s Day, you can personally cook a sumptuous nutritious breakfast or dinner, to reward the hard work of him. He will be touched by you.
★ 20 to 25-year-old man is in a semi-mature stage, they like the gift must be the kind of more popular gifts in www.ourlovestore.com, but also with a little cool feeling, they like and buddies to show off their gifts, they like to show off after the envy of buddy You have a good wife of the kind of success, a printed with your sweet photos and can be lettering fashion zippo lighters, a fashionable cool belt, a noble watch, a stylish wallet, will become a boy favorite one’s gift.

The Method of Authenticity and Authenticity of Silver Jewelry

The Method of Authenticity and Authenticity of Silver Jewelry
With the rise of investment hot, people are very enthusiastic to buy silver, but when buying silver, pay special attention to identify the true and false silver, so as not to be deceived.
The proportion of silver to determine the proportion of 10.5 Cartier love bracelet replica, much larger than other metals or alloys, such as the proportion of lead is only 2.7.
Sound judgments soft silver, thrown in the hard objects issued by the sound weak, and other metal sound crisp.
Color to determine the fire barbecue, the case of true silver, silver unchanged; if fake silver, or fineness inferior products, barbecue will turn black. Another way is to use nitric acid drip on the surface of silver jewelry, erase nitric acid, the jewelry surface is still silver-white, which shows a very high silver content, if the silver content of low jewelry, it will be gray-black.
Bending method with both hands bent, high color, easy to bend is not easy to break, the quality of the bend when the feel hard, or barely twisted, and some can not even use your fingers to twist, including silver bent or hammer Knock a few will crack, fake can not afford to bend, easy to break.
Look at the stub test to cut the jewelry half of the cut, look at the color. If the mouth snow white and cotton, fineness in about 98%, if the mouth is thick and soft, slightly reddish, fineness in about 95%, hand bent hard, if the mouth with white, or slightly reddish, fineness In about 95%, hardness, if the mouth of the red, yellow with gray, fineness in about 80%, bending hard, if the mouth reddish, yellowish, yellow and other colors, fineness in about 70%; mouth if Red with black, yellow with black, fineness in about 60%.
Silver medicine (also known as eating silver tiger) wiping the silver jewelry in the touchstone grinding on the silver road, with silver medicine (silver is more than 95% fineness of silver and silver to reconcile the soft body) in the silver road Smear, hang silver and more, fineness is high, less fineness low, false do not hang silver medicine.
Small business should pay attention
To reduce the risk of small business, operators should pay attention to the Cartier love ring replica following investment principles.
One, stable
People often say that business risk, business to risk. To choose the most stable projects, such as clothing, food, housing, travel cycle consumption of more industries. First lock the project in this range, and then further weigh. Shop more suitable for lack of funds for entrepreneurs,
Two, low
The lack of funds do not operate high-end consumer goods, or follow-up additional investment and the consequent increase in operating costs, costs, etc. will you overwhelmed. Operating low-grade goods, small profits but quick turnover, low cost, the operating conditions are not high, you can also achieve the purpose of making money.
Three quick
No matter what kind of business, goods should have the right amount of inventory. Inventory is not seeking more, to fine, good sales of the appropriate into the mainstream of the goods to take the amount, with the profits, do not blindly ask for a low price and blind purchase. Otherwise, the turnover is not working, like a heavy stone running, others have already come back, and you are still halfway. (Liu Yang) red bean hawthorn date porridge can lower blood pressure
Hawthorn acidy, slightly sweet, with lipid-lowering, antihypertensive Replica Cartier love bracelet effect, atherosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease and senile heart failure patients can eat. But also try to cook the first red bean hawthorn date porridge. Red beans 50 grams, 10 grams of raw hawthorn, jujube 4, with them under the pot add boiled to Shulan can.

Design and Analysis of Women ‘s Shoes

Design and Analysis of Women ‘s Shoes
Women because of history, physical and social reasons, there is an instinctive pursuit of dress. Women’s shoes in the market was rich and colorful, women’s shoes designer much attention, they poured into the great enthusiasm, and constantly promote the development of women’s shoes Cartier love bracelet replica design, so that women are more and more difficult to resist the charm.
First, women’s shoes design analysis
As already mentioned, footwear designers are designed for specific consumer groups, product design, must be clearly served by the object and its various factors and conditions. The design of today’s era can be said to be a highly targeted positioning design, there is no clear consumer positioning, it is likely to lead to design failure. Therefore, in the design of women’s shoes, to its specific consumer groups for the corresponding analysis.
Women’s clothing groups, from the age can be divided into 20-30 years old, 31-45 years old and 45 years of age three stages. Regional (mainly refers to the different regions of the customs) and climate conditions is also considered in the Cartier love ring replica design of shoes, two factors. The above conditions often affect women’s choice of style and function of shoes. 20-30 age group of women are sensitive to new things, determines the age of women’s style of shoes are very important. For the preferences of this consumer group, should strengthen the shoe shape, color matching, the use of materials and accessories and other aspects of innovative design. 31-45 age group of women do not require footwear modeling too exaggerated, the need for implicit beauty, at the same time, the comfort of footwear requirements are relatively high. Women over the age of 45 to further reduce the sensitivity of footwear modeling, comfort, practicality and economic considerations to further increase.
Second, female shallow mouth shoes design
Shallow shoes is a woman often wear a shoe. This shoe was originally for men’s shoes, but by the beginning of this century, it gradually became a woman wearing a footwear. Women’s shoes can be worn as a dress shoe (color image 57), or as evening shoes (color image 58), avant-garde Replica Cartier love bracelet shoes (color image 59).

Compared to the drama, Japanese drama, Korean fans, the United States fans seem to always have a sense of superiority

Compared to the drama, Japanese drama, Korean fans, the United States fans seem to always have a sense of superiority. Although the non-American fans on this kind of self-feeling very good disdain, but the beauty of the fans of the sense of the Cartier love bracelet replica height is indeed evidence – such as the beauty of the heroine in the makeup and shape can be from Europe and the United States Fashion Week to follow the prototype – this is the Asian drama fans can not match the “tall” that sense of view.
There is also a retro hot drama, is the “sex master” (Masters of Sex). Actress Virginia Johnson in the sixties of the last century to help William Masters in the university campus and school surrounding buildings to carry out a series of sex experiments and research, she is a dancer, but also a researcher. So Virginia’s shape has some of the restraint of the abstinence of the desire – regular brown black short hair, bangs like Nara beauty like the characters. But her big eyes and lips reveal her bones sexy, so she needs red lips and frowned brow decoration, like the fashion week on this Marc By Marc Jacobs makeup, eyebrows thicker, lip to Yan.
Advertising madman
Retro beauty drama hot, retro style is also fashion week show all the major designers favorite. Retro American drama “Mad Man” (Mad Man), the Emmy Award for best TV drama in the sixties of the last century, the US advertising industry, the brutal competition in the golden age show most vividly. And the beauty of the play, the most eye-catching Betty Draper’s play was January Jones. A golden short hair she always show the Cartier love ring replica breathtaking temperament, retro Peng high curls so that the whole person noble and cold, always sandwiched a cigarette, she seems to be the representative of the era of strong women. This makeup in the fashion week to follow, in the autumn and winter of 2013 Luisa Beccaria in the background, we seem to see through the time and space Betty Draper, blonde, lips temptation, retro temperament show – the beauty of the retro Makeup is always amazing.
Sex master
Finally, we look at the current hottest US drama – “tyrant” (Tyrant). Director David Yates, who has authored four of the last Harry Potter films, will be directed to the play, so it is of great concern at the beginning of the launch. The story focuses on the turmoil situation in the Middle East, focusing on the experience of an American family working in the Middle East. In the play, the actress of the country, Moran Atias, is very concerned, and she is so hot that she is filled with mysterious Middle Eastern style and impresses the audience. Moran Atias’s style is always emphasizing her exotic style, leaving the characteristics of clothing does not say that her menopausal eyebrow is the most common type of Replica Cartier love bracelet eyebrows in India – the brow has some rounded so little thick. Coupled with the dark line of eye makeup outline her charming eyes, flashing big eyelashes filled with sexy tease, wheat skin in the red lips, red dress against the backdrop made her more “some of the snake beauty” temperament. Fashion Week in the Middle East style is not uncommon, masked the mysterious woman in the Middle East, Givenchy’s Swarovski custom mask to give a gorgeous sense, while not taking the unusual way KTZ also put the Middle East style on the New York Fashion Week T On stage.

Easily dropped more than ten million to buy Hermes bag, Rolex gold watch, it must be the real thing?

Easily dropped more than ten million to buy Hermes bag, Rolex gold watch, it must be the real thing? Sellers competing to promise the “Overseas Shopping Service” commitment, can guarantee is genuine? As the world’s largest consumer of luxury Cartier love ring replica goods, Chinese buyers are often “fall into” fake traps. Thus, fashion and mysterious “luxury appraiser” came into being. Their eyes, hand touch, nose sniffing and other stunts, the fastest ten seconds you can know to buy Chanel, LV bag is true or false! As the industry leader, Taiyuan girl Su Qing has “Kam” out of 700,000 annual salary and their own boutiques. This is how the multi-Jin Li Ren made?
Overseas Daigou deceived, female translation oath “extravagant teacher”
Tall, delicate look, a Versace printing scarves to bring out the women’s soft, Shoulin luxury fashion Chanel new handbags. The first to see 27-year-old Su Qing, many people will regard her as a foreign white-collar workers, but the “play for the luxury goods industry,” 85 after the girl, income is much higher than foreign beauty, the work easier than the former ” a lot of.
Su Qing was born in Taiyuan in 1988, after graduating from university in replica Cartier love bracelet, a private company to do the English translation. In order to meet their years of international big-name longing and longing, on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2012, she took out their full 3 months salary, so a circle of friends in the WeChat “overseas purchasing” friends, buy from Hong Kong Burberry (Burberry) handbags, the price cheaper than the domestic flagship store more than 3,000 yuan!
One day, a sharp-eyed female colleagues poured cold water on her, said her bag is a high imitation goods.
She reluctant to accept this brutal reality, to Shanghai Burberry flagship store repeatedly watch, compare, and search the relevant information online … … eventually convinced that he spent 17,000 yuan to buy back the “big British”, in fact only produced in the country Of the top cottage package, online price is only 2,000 yuan!
In a classmate, when the sisters listened to the Su Qing Aizai Aizai things, actually have spit bad, they also had a similar painful lesson. A female classmate said: “If a professional identification of people like, and help us to buy luxury goods when the gate, even if the higher fees we are happy!
Su Qing vaguely feel that with China has become the number one luxury imitation cartier love bracelet consumer, this fashion career will be promising. Even for the middle class to provide one-on-one luxury identification services, the market is also incalculable ah! Tired of the translation of her work, decided among the meantime.
In May 2012, Su Qing was informed by a recruitment network, Shanghai Milan station is recruiting staff, so pleased to go to candidates. Founded in Hong Kong’s Milan station, is a second-hand luxury goods trading platform for the country, stores across Hong Kong and Macao and the North-Canton and other places, mainly the sale of big handbags, clothing, leather goods and so on.

We live a lot of pursuit, in fact, not just love. But no doubt, love is beyond the existence of certain feelings

We live a lot of pursuit, in fact, not just love. But no doubt, love is beyond the existence of certain feelings, it is different from the affection of the blood is thicker than water, it needs to fit each other, and management, and ultimately come to a married one day, to their loved ones to marry him Cartier love bracelet replica better right. Levi’s Xiaobian to take you to see where the Cartier ring is good.
Cartier, getting closer and closer to the heart
A road is not a straight line, it may meander or cramped, it is the difference with a section of the road is its length, its tolerance. You have not had a person’s chat records page by page to see, smiled and could not help but cry, those who are in life, many, many from strange approached you, and then unfamiliar. Cartier is the Chinese translation of Cartier, not to boast that it is the world’s first brand, it is the leader in this field, but also the ultimate pursuit of unremitting efforts. I hope I wear a Cartier ring, we farther and farther away is the distance, closer and closer to each other’s heart.
Real name diamond ring life only to send one person
Cartier, it is like mellow wine
Cartier, it is the French watch and jewelry manufacturers, mention it, we have to say that the Santos de Cartier the earliest flight watch, it stems from the sky for the freedom of desire, it is the watch world In the milestone of the works. The mid-19th century Cartier love ring replica became famous in the early 20th century, became the French royal jeweler, favored by the nobility, was loved by the royal family. Cartier, it is like wine, wine, the longer the more alcohol the more fragrant, high-end brands always need enough time to precipitate, in order to extend their own unique qualities. Advertising in the brand image theory that a product it should not be just a product, it should be a kind of person, what kind of personality with their own. Cartier should be a calm and noble and proud gentleman, but with a unique romantic French, so so fascinating.
Cartier, unique in order to stand out
Just like JDB’s successful marketing, it is creating a new type of beverage, the Chinese herbal tea. So inevitably, it is the way to bring fire and its is herbal tea, but this is necessary. If a product has no competitors, it will end up falling, and a brand without competitors, it can not highlight their ability. The first is called the first, necessarily means that there are many second and third and so on. Cartier, almost at the beginning to lead, easy to fight Jiangshan difficult. It’s unique, its development to create, its relentless pursuit, let it maintain the status of the king, come to the fore firmly rooted in the years more and more temperament.
Now in the diamond ring industry brand inside, imitation cartier love bracelet rom France, naturally has its advantages. But inside the diamond ring industry, there is a brand has its own characteristics, and the implication is very rich, this is Levis diamond ring. Lovis is known as “true love ring,” said, is the first to engage in real custom ring wedding ring Hong Kong brand, it is learned that each one Levis diamond ring to be real-name customization, meaning: “In my name, Accompanied by life, I go hand in hand “.