Longines MASTER COLLECTION master craftsman series watch

25 years old this year, working six months or 1 year, grew up some, but perhaps not enough, always feel that lack of what, and the film story after the male graduate in the company to show their style of painting a bit inconsistent, no matter how this Is the ordinary we have just started to fade the tenderness of the psychological, but can not change the tender face, work hard in the company, there is growth, but not fast enough, 25 years old, one year will end, the new year will begin , The desk desk calendar have to change, the new year to give yourself some change, give yourself some growth, you need a watch.

Tissot LE LOCLE AUTOMATIC force Locke series T41.1.483.33 watch
Watch Comments: Tissot Lokke white, classic unparalleled, Tissot watch can be said to be a stepping stone into the imitation Cartier love bracelet watch field brand, if not very rich and want to buy a Swiss brand watch, Tissot can be said to be a very Good choice, today recommended to you this force Locke watch is a very popular watch, classic atmosphere, equipped with classic 2824 self-winding movement, accurate and durable.
Longines MASTER COLLECTION master craftsman series L2.628.4.78.3 watch
Watch Comments: star series as a well-known Longines series has long been a lot of people have long admired style, this section is characterized by white side with blue just pointer, so the classic design is indeed in this price range is rare. Six o’clock position with date display function, stainless steel case with crocodile leather strap also make the watch more grade.
NOMOS TANGOMAT Series 601 watch
Watch Comments: Nomos inherited the German machinery industry rigorous style of product style, simple design people can not forget to see, it is said that the complexity of the production process on behalf of the superb, but I think can put a watch design simple And let people like is also a show of strength, 38.3 mm table with black strap and white dial really lovable. From the comfort, the watch strap, it is unusual, with a black horse strap with a needle buckle, wearing a comfortable toughness, more set off the dial readability. From the details of view, through the table at the end of the mechanical structure at a glance, parts of the grinding more brand-name technology to meet the needs of the wearer for the movement.

Summary: 25 years old, the whole is still a new workplace, at this time to choose a suitable watch for the tips of their own image has a crucial role, today why not recommend for you the top brand watch is because Even if the family well, wearing a top watch also looks hard.
December 19 to 25, 2015, Girard-Perregaux in Yokohama, Japan held an exclusive exhibition, pay tribute to the Swiss watch industry pioneer François Perregaux. The opening ceremony was chaired by Mr. Antonio Calce, Chief Executive Officer of Suofeng Group, and many VIP guests attended the event.

The exhibition aims to pay tribute to the Swiss watch for the first time set foot on the land of Japan. On the eve of the 225th anniversary of the brand, Girard Perregaux held an exclusive exhibition, highlighting the rich heritage and long tradition. In 2016, the Girard Perregaux Museum will be officially opened in the Swiss La Chaux-de, the exhibition is the future of the museum’s first results.
“During his lifetime, François Perregaux has never escaped the challenge Replica Cartier jewelry and retains tradition while he has been pursuing to create a new future.We will inherit the idea of François Perregaux,” said Antonio Calce, chief executive officer of Girard Perregaux, at the opening ceremony. move on.”

The footsteps of extraordinary people
Girard Perregaux, together with the La Chaux-de-France International Museum of Clocks and the Naxitail Ethnographic Museum, exhibited many 19th-century historical relics related to François Perregaux: the Gibbon family’s sailing astronomical clock designed for Japan, the Japanese clock and the type A wide range of crafts, including the first Japanese map published in 1870 by the West, which has François Perregaux figure. Girard Perregaux and Japan have a long and a half century of deep contact, how many exhibits are debut Yokohama. In the view of François Perregaux, Yokohama is a truly attractive city, and in history he has settled here.

The show shows the history of the table
The exhibition shows a selection of antique clocks from the Girard Perregaux Museum, which tells the story of the brand’s long history since its founding in 1791.

As early as Switzerland and Japan signed the treaty

In February 1864, the Swiss messenger and the Japanese government representatives signed a treaty of friendship and trade in www.ourlovestore.com. The bilateral agreement is the basis for the establishment of special contacts between Switzerland and Japan, the first official agreement to allow Switzerland to Japan to export timepieces products. In fact, as early as before the signing of the agreement, a Swiss watch business, François Perregaux, has been operating in the Japanese archipelago for many years.

Francois-Perregaux, the first Swiss watchmaker based in Japan
In 1834, Francois-Perregaux was born in the Loleock watchmaker family. In 1853, he went to New York to take care of the family business H. Perregaux & Co. In 1859, Francois-Perregaux returned to his hometown, the same year, he as a Swiss watch alliance agent to Asia, the establishment of export offices. In 1860, Francois-Perregaux came to Yokohama, became the first Swiss watchmaker based in Japan. In 1865, Francois-Perregaux founded F. Perregaux & Co in Yokohama, and since then died in 1877, he has served as the official agent of Girard Perregaux in Japan.

Wood, teeth, bamboo, carbon, jade carving, color carving resin wood carving

Crafts classification
Wood, teeth, bamboo, carbon, jade carving, color carving resin wood carving
Handed down the wood carving process and sculpture techniques:
(A) the characteristics of wood and the selection of some Cartier love bracelet replica soft wood, some rough, easy to soft wood easy to carve, rough Shen
Heavy hard carving. Woody tough, fine texture, bright color called hardwood, such as mahogany, boxwood, rosewood, almond, wood, etc., with all the advantages of carving, is the carving of the finest materials, suitable for carving complex structure Fine works, but also in the production process and preservation is not easy to break damage, a high collection value, just carved more costly, easy to damage the tool. Relatively loose wood suitable for beginners, such as linden wood, ginkgo wood, camphor wood, pine and so on. This kind of wood for carving modeling simple structure, the image of the more general works, carved up also easier, but because of its soft wood, weak color, and some need to color processing to enhance the sense of volume. Some wood grain is more obvious and varied, such as: Ash, pine, fir, etc., you can use the smooth grain, grain texture, for some more lyrical works. In general, the greater the ups and downs of the shape, the richer the change of grain, the more flavor; the shape of the shape of the more Cartier love ring replica dynamic, smooth, the effect of grain is more ideal, as well as unexpectedly good, Rich decorative. Of course, this wood design should be based on a high degree of general summary, too complex and too small volume, not only will damage the grain, but also cause visual contrast.
Therefore, before the creation of a work, we must first understand the wood, choose the material is suitable for the performance is very important.
(B) the drying of wood 1, artificial drying: the wood sealed in the steam drying room, by steam to promote water
Sub-evaporation, so that wood dry. (Depending on the size of the wood, thickness, such as 4cm plate drying time generally takes a week), the highest degree of dryness can make the wood water content of only 3%. But after the high temperature evaporation of wood crisp toughness is easy to be damaged and not conducive to carving. Usually the degree of drying of the logs should be kept at about 30% of the water content. 2, natural drying: the classification of wood placed in the ventilation (plate, just or logs), shelved into the stack, stack off the ground about 60cm, leaving the middle of the gap, so that air circulation, take away the water, wood gradually Replica Cartier jewelry dry. Naturally dry to go through a few years or months, in order to achieve a certain dry requirements. 3, simple manual drying: First, the use of fire dry wood internal moisture. The second is to boil the resin composition of the wood, and then put in the air dry or dry. The drying time of these two methods may be shortened, but the wood after the invasion of water easily discolored, detrimental to wood.

This shop is full of spring elements everywhere, stay in this store

Second, the project description
1, the project name: “step in the spring,” creative flowers and decorations shop
The name has three meanings:
This shop is full of spring elements everywhere, stay in this Cartier love bracelet replica store, you will feel the spring of life and color;
Bring the creative products in the store back, you will keep the breath of spring in your life;
At the same time the name is the call to the spring, the call of nature, hope and vitality of the call!
2, business content:
(1) creative and characteristic pots: the shape of strange new, rich variety of flower pots, practical and beautiful both, even if not as a plant, used to store or as a decoration is a good choice.
The material includes ceramic, glass, wood, cotton, plastic, iron and so on; shape with the current popular elements, such as Meng Chong Meng, letters, candy color, etc., the formation of lovely, Meng, Alternative and so unique style.
(2) dried flowers, flower arrangement: such as dried flowers for murals, bookmarks, tea, nail pattern, aroma, scattered flowers and so on.
(3) other derivatives: such as flower soap, hairpin and other headdress, coaster, lantern, paper flower gift box and so on. Products can be used as a home decoration, but also as a holiday, birthday gifts, for creative novelty, work well or DIY DIY works can also be used as a collection, versatile.
3, site selection and scale:
Location: Beijing after the sea or Sanlitun, preferred after the sea
Combined with the local economic development and demand for flowers, the nearest Beijing is the most appropriate. After the sea and Sanlitun is a well-known leisure area in Beijing, traffic, and after the sea in Beijing Xicheng District, near the universities and enterprises are Cartier love ring replica relatively more customers relatively strong purchasing power.
To the characteristics of small shops in the form of business, combined with business content, leisure, exquisite, natural style of the store decoration. Retail business model is relatively low cost, the risk is relatively small, no business management expertise in terms of relatively easy, suitable for our graduates.
Third, the market analysis
1, market trends
With the development trend of diversified trend of Chinese flower market, florist transformation and upgrading is imperative. The traditional single business content has been unable to meet the needs of the development of China’s flower industry, its related industries, products will be more
Systematic and standardized development, so that the flower industry from the seeds, planting conservation to flower modeling, home decoration and then to the relevant appliances, logistics and other aspects of the overall link to form a chain of Cartier nail bracelet replica services, flower industry system will be more professional and complete, so To flower-related creative products for the main content of the business will also appear in the public view of them.

Mother’s Day is coming, the students have prepared a beautiful gift for her mother

Mother’s Day gift diary
Sunday, June 12, 2006 Weather: sunny
Mother’s Day is coming, the students have prepared a beautiful gift for her mother, Xiao Ming also want to send her mother a carnation, he hovering in the flower shop door, because the pocket money is not enough.
Xiao Ming ready to leave the flower shop to go home, he found not far from a piece of paper lying quietly on the ground, approached a look at the original is a 20 yuan yuan. Xiao Ming think, if you use this 20 yuan to buy flowers to the mother, my mother will be very happy, my mother will praise me is a good boy. However, Xiao Ming turn to another thought, lose money who should be more anxious ah, I am a good student, the teacher also educates us to be an honest Cartier love bracelet replica child, I should put this 20 yuan to the owner, but not their own Spent the money. Think of this, Xiao Ming decided to find the money lost people, the money back to that person.
Xiao Ming in the money to pick up the place to find the owner, do not know how long, or no one to claim. Suddenly a figure appeared in the eyes of Xiao Ming, Xiao is a small and almost a small school students Xiao Liang, seems to be looking for something. Xiao Ming asked him: “Did you lose something?”
“Mother ‘s Day is coming, I think the flower shop to buy bouquet to the mother, but after entering the flower shop, I found that I bought the money to lose, I find a long time did not find.
“How much did you lose?” Asked Xiao Ming.
“A 20, which is my plot for a year of pocket money, but did not expect the key time but lost it, I was really careless, if the good people who can pick up the money back to me just fine ”
“This is your right” Xiao Ming took out just pick up the money on the roadside.
“Yes, yes, that is, I lost the money, thank you, you are a good student. Go, we go to the flower shop to buy flowers.” Xiao Liang pleased to answer that.
In this way, two people walked into the flower shop, Xiao Liang bought two carnations, one is to their own Cartier love ring replica mother, the other is sent to Xiao Ming’s mother. Xiao Ming happy to take the carnation, said: “Thank you, next year I have to save their own money to buy a gift to her mother.” Two children took the flowers happily left the florist.
2: Mother’s Day gift diary 200 words
Sunday, May 12, 2012 Weather: sunny
May 12 is Mother’s Day, my mother in the past for me to pay so much, I did not return her. So, I decided to give a wonderful gift to my mother on this special day.
Sunday morning, I quietly got out of bed, took out a few dollars from the small cash box, took the key, went downstairs to run. So I took a good bike, ran away on a smoke. Came to the breakfast shop door, because today is the mother’s holiday, I bought my mother’s favorite Melaleuca and mother favorite drink milk after the run back. After entering the house, I found my father and mother had to get up, but also looked at me with a surprised look, I was still behind the breakfast! Mom and Dad told me that they get up to see me and found that I was not, They told me Mom and D Mom: “Today, I get up, suddenly remembered today is Mother’s Day, took a few dollars to buy breakfast.” I put the “mysterious missing” game! Behind the early took out, “the original hand on your back is the yo!” In this morning, the home because I made such a small thing and filled with everyone’s laughter.
At noon, I painted a picture, put it in front of her Replica Cartier jewelry mother’s bed, which read: Mother Happy Mother’s Day! Son Xuan May 10, and then quietly left.
Part III: Mother’s Day gift diary 500 words

That day to visit the Sacred Heart of the Cathedral, from the concentration of time there are half an hour

That day to visit the Sacred Heart of the Cathedral, from the concentration of time there are half an hour, just near a subway station, took the time to go to see, but found inside the hall is very spacious, very beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica decoration. So many people, the order is very orderly. First person to buy a ticket window tear off their own ticket number, and then sit and wait for your ticket number is displayed from the top of the mask at the ticket window. Of course, this way to buy tickets very rules, there is no jam, the votes of the votes, trustees, the article, the collision, and do not need the police to maintain order, obviously more civilized than our domestic way of buying tickets, more easily accepted by people. A scholar once said, “The more rules you face, the more you treat ‘equal treatment’; the more flexible the rules you Cartier love ring replica face, the more likely you are to be discriminated against.” In Paris, Traffic lights in the non-stop changes, from the public toilet in front of the orderly queue, from the subway ticket window above that one of the numbers, to further deepen the understanding of this passage.

I met with the French girl Sylvie do not fly

I met with the French girl Sylvie do not fly, which may also indicate that our intersection part is composed of some do not fly things.
At that time I wanted to learn French, MSN on a never met, through the work of the Cartier love bracelet replica relationship between the girls know E, her encounter on the train, want to improve the level of Chinese Sylvie introduced to me. E help us to make an appointment to the location: Beijing Fuxingmen Parkson Starbucks.
That time, I just became a small white-collar workers, every month the money had to clutching the wrist flower, Starbucks this place is not very often into the place In order not to hurt my national pride in front of the French friends, I ordered a cup of coffee, slowly sipping and so on. Two hours in the past, a cup of coffee is against the 8 cups of water also drank, Miss Sylvie came slowly.
Sylvie talked to me for a moment, set us twice a week in Parkson’s KFC meet, I need to buy this French tutorial; As for teaching Chinese, I just chat with her, talk about cultural life on the line, do not have to pay each other, sounds Yes. Farewell, Sylvie through the area, picked up a free small cream, opened plastic paper, drained.
Agreed to a day, the next class to eliminate all difficulties to Kentucky Fried Chicken and other Cartier love ring replica Sylvie. It was so late that Sylvie was late for half an hour and was late for two hours, and she explained that it was French culture.
This is nothing. Class time, turn to learn Chinese, Sylvie on the full of energy; turn to teach French, she yawned. But then I found that she was not listening to my pronunciation. She said she went to Sanlitun every night bar, drink two o’clock in the morning to go home, or back home. Sylvie is willing to spend money to buy drunk, but not willing to spend money to buy rice. Often see me, said: “I am so hungry.” See me eating hamburgers, begged me to bite her a few mouthfuls. Sometimes my drink did not finish, she was halflessly halfway.
Sylvie said that working in France is not easy to find, China’s work is not easy to find, she spent four months to find a job. According to her, she was a software tester at a company that served Microsoft. She neither told me the company location, but also refused to tell my company name, she said that this is part of the French culture, to protect personal privacy.
I thought I would have been ignorant of Replica Cartier jewelry Sylvie, she would ask me to eat, to return the last time I asked her to eat Cantonese cuisine. Out of the subway Xinjiekou station, she took me to go, through all kinds of alley, and finally to a large stall. On the white side of the road in the plastic white table, we shared the cold seaweed silk and several lamb skewers.

How to make the new creative gift shop called loud?

How to make the new creative gift shop called loud?
Open a creative gift shop, how to name it? Name as name, must pay attention. The streets of similar creative gift shop name more and more, the first start are generally the most profitable. After the row of queues have to follow suit will be more and more no new Cartier love bracelet replica ideas, no creative gift shop customers generally do not bother to write down the name of the store. Then today’s hand music gift creative Xiaobian specifically for our shop to talk about the name of the note.
One, festive + warm = positive energy
Everyone is happy Up to see your family plaque, even if only passing, but also because of the warmth of your name and let the mood beautiful day.
Second, give a sense of drawing
That white is to see the name of the store will be able to imagine in the mind of this store is what style – is a simple type or retro style. Give the customer a name, so that customers automatically make up your home store style, many customers will be in order to confirm their own guess into the store by the way to buy some creative gifts.
Third, the concept of creative gift shop
Whether it is creative gift industry or any other industry, in addition to the need for funds and other explicit support, the more need is a stealth support, cultural philosophy is one of the core. A simple and straightforward name allows customers to quickly grasp what the Cartier love ring replica store can provide. Double eleven, many people are with the mood to stop in Taobao “Taobao”. Taobao, not art, not tall on the word one word, but very simple to let men and women
Understand this site is to do: let everyone can Amoy treasure! Have to admit, “Taobao” than other online shopping site named much more successful.
Fourth, the atmosphere is long
Simply do not take too much “small home jasper” name to name. why? Because once you scale bigger in the future, the chain company was established, a gas field name will make you a deep headache. (Xiao Bian believe that you have the potential to do wide, so deliberately add this one)
Five, should not repeat! The
Looking for something that is not common is not to say looking for Replica Cartier love bracelet secluded. To be easy to remember, these common sense Xiaobian not much to say.

But these did not tell me how to clean, only can be fast, the effect is good

But these did not tell me how to clean, only can be fast Cartier love bracelet replica, the effect is good. Before I also use toothpaste, and then brush brush, but unfortunately so tired, wash necklace, I have been too tired to die. Today finally found a simple method.
First silver jewelry on the towel, and then put the detergent, add water began to rub, like a towel, like this, very fast, the effect is very good. Can be found after the rinse with water, and then put the toothpaste, so start washing, the result is haha ………….. bright …..
How to clean silver jewelry at home
The easiest thing is to use toothpaste
1. Wipe clean and then put away
Silver jewelry if not wear for a long time, some silver surface will appear copper rust, which is because it contains a small amount of copper, must use wiping like silver cloth wipe clean, so that perspiration left on the jewelry caused by Cartier love ring replica corrosion, and then into our Attached to the sealed bag or box, so good to isolate the air to avoid oxidation of silver to yellowing black.
If the usual wear, the body’s oil quality will also use the effect of silver oil maintenance, can have a warm natural luster.
2. restore bright color
Silver will be due to air oxidation, exposure to hot springs or strong acid solution and sometimes black, with K gold and silver in the long-term wear of the wear, will slowly let the silver exposed under the air. You can use the silver cloth to wipe the smooth surface of the silver jewelry, carved or irregular surface, you can use a soft toothbrush stained with a little dentifrice or soda powder gently scrub, natural and cheap. After washing the bubble attached to the silver jewelry for about a minute, then rinse with water, with a soft cloth to dry, you will find your favorite silver jewelry and restore its bright character.
3. Do not use wash water
Try not to use silver water to clean silver jewelry, because it will erode the surface of sterling silver, although it will soon return to light, but will soon turn yellow and black. And each time to wash the silver water, is once again corroded silver Replica Cartier love bracelet jewelry, for your beloved silver jewelry, or point of mind to use the silver cloth bar.

Like the size of the directors of China scrambling to send works to Oscar to participate in the best foreign language film campaign

Like the size of the directors of China scrambling to send works to Oscar to participate in the best foreign language film campaign, the Chinese athletes for four years and so on a proud to the Olympic gold medal in a piece of his chest, the Chinese fashion industry began to group To capture the well-known Earth for many years the four major fashion week. Especially this year.
The Dior show in Paris, the Parisian fashion week, is the most striking part of the Paris Fashion Cartier love bracelet replica Week, and the new work of John Galliano in previous years will be the biggest news point, but this year’s trip to Paris to show the Chinese people Actress, really saved the Galliano absent Dior show field.
Li Xiaolu’s carnation and Tong Yan big breast shape, and Huo Siyan that top “wonderful work” black hat … … challenge the human nerves.
“They must not sleep the night before, the day out of the time, must also be very confused, and no hesitation to fight it.” Material mad to see them both look like, she felt like this two Biezujinjin to own The best look presented to everyone’s bride, the results get a big face, on the sedan chair.
“Super like this hat, this is my gift in Berlin to give you a hat you are very chic, appreciate your people will always appreciate you, you do not like to let it go with the wind … … floating floating … … “Huo Siyan in their own Sina microblogging on the cover of the love of this hat.
“Maybe it is really like this hat, so just like the holidays to wear their most beautiful clothes to New Year’s wear, she wore the top hat to see Dior’s show.” Material mad can understand her Of the mind, “but she forgot the most critical point, where she can be considered a beautiful one, especially the chest and back. Is the head and body ratio is too large this point, perhaps her only fatal Weakness, and the top of her favorite hat, but why exposed her fatal Cartier love ring replica weakness that hat to her head looks overwhelmed, head and feet, like a strange black dahlias.
“Miss sister (Note: Huo Siyan in the girlfriend nickname sister), we two of the bulk I still lost to you, ha ha, because I did not buy a hat in Berlin.” Li Xiaolu although escaped hat hatred, but planted Bigger pit.
“Even if it is intended to use the chest Xiren, can not be so regardless regardless of it!” When you see Li Xiaolu who Dior2012 spring and summer dress is always at any time from the body may fall from the dangerous situation, the material mad for her pinch Khan.
A network called “sucking noodles chat fashion” fashion column author so satirical Li Xiaolu: “other people dressed no matter how good only in a ‘beauty’ word, and in the small Lu who I almost saw the entire Oscar: makeup Is the thriller, the skirt is the fashion film, the giant milk is the porn film, there are science fiction film … … This is a real master.
“There are several sets of fur really good to see, but I do not wear fur for a long time.We can only whisper blowing a afternoon, hair stylist is hard for an hour.” Li Xiaolu in their own Sina microblogging Tucao , That she is indeed a sincere child.
Chinese star out of Paris fashion week early battle is not good.
However, the Chinese people, especially Chinese women have always been more and more courageous perseverance. Paris Fashion Week also have a lot of show can read and see, there may be regain.
Grand Chancellor of the Chanel Show, destined to Paris Fashion Week Huacai chapter. As Chanel Chinese image ambassador Zhou Xun live up to this, was the Lafayette called the young cocoa Chanel and ballet master Zizi Jeanmai re complex of the Chinese star, a profound understanding of Ms. Chanel in the definition of elegance mentioned, To be irreplaceable, you must be different from the true meaning.
“Fashion-related clothes, style is identity.” People called “Zhou Gongzi” Zhou Xun twill in the day with a small jacket with a short Replica Cartier love bracelet skirt dress, indicating that her king see more and more agree with this sentence.
And Louis Vuitton Show a end, we all know, Paris Fashion Week has come to an end.
But then Fan Ye played.
“I can withstand the number of slander, to afford the number of praise!” Fan Ye white hollow dress, flames lips, big day umbrella Baotou modeling, was slandered and praised, any comment.

Sri lankan gem industry has a long and splendid history, Sri Lanka, was affectionately known as Ratna – Dweepa

Sri lankan gem (Gems of srilanka.)
Sri lankan gem industry has a long and splendid history, Sri Lanka, was affectionately known as Ratna – Dweepa, this means that the gem island, the name is a reflection of the natural wealth. The island has the best sapphire, topaz, amethyst, and other gemstones in the world. Astronomer Ptolemy had record, emerald and sapphire is a mainstay of the stone industry in Sri Lanka. Tome of Cartier love bracelet replica Mr Lima jewelry from Sri Lanka to bring you high quality natural stone. High quality gem is beautiful, good color and clear), rare and durable. We provide all kinds of precious stones, including blue, white, starlight and fancy sapphire, chrysoberyl cat’s eye, spinel, tourmaline, garnet, topaz, moonstone, zircon and so on
One of the most famous gems are: blue sapphire and starlight sapphire, ruby, pink sapphire, orange sapphire, opal, alexandrite.
Blue sapphire
Hardness – 9 glass luster Sri Lanka’s blue sapphire market is unique. Starting from the gem trade history, Sri Lanka sapphire is considered to be the world’s best gems. Blue sapphire is also known as Ceylon sapphires. It is said that Sri Lanka sapphire, blue sapphire, relative to other countries compared with unique color, clarity and gloss.
In ancient times, blue sapphire is favored by color, because it is a symbol of Cartier love ring replica heaven. People wear or carry a sapphire is regarded as a rule of rights granted. Sapphire can be used as antidote to the poison, also can cure skin disease, fever and colds, etc.
Other colours of sapphire
Pink, yellow and green sapphire is common in Sri Lanka. Sapphire is also show to orange and brown. Colourless sapphire (white sapphire) is sometimes used as a substitute for diamond jewelry.
Ruby belongs to the category of corundum. Wear ruby can show the good health and social prestige. Also can realize the government service, protect themselves from the enemy, and achieve self independence.
Bart ballard
Bart ballard is subtle light orange color to orange powder pink and tonal corundum, originally found in Sri Lanka, bart ballard sapphire is a rare, rare breed is completely natural. (the name comes from the Sanskrit “color lotus” lotus = lotus; color = ranga), the color is similar to the lotus. (natural bart ballard pink orange) sapphire than many of the best blue sapphire is usually has a higher price.
Starlight sapphire
Starlight sapphire is shows the phenomenon of starlight gem, known as imitation Cartier love bracelet constellation, red gems known as the “star ruby”. Starlight sapphire crystal structure in the bottom contains cross needle-like inclusions, through overhead lights show for six the appearance of the star pattern.
Jewelry is introduced 2 instruction (No 2)
Star of opals are called cat light, also called line; Because turns, stone surface light flashes, like a cat’s eye blink. Opal is chrysoberyl gem varieties. Generally there are two types of opal – alexandrite opals, chrysoberyl cat ‘s-eye. The ideal chrysoberyl cat ‘s-eye is yellow brown – also known as the color of honey, and yellowish – also called apple green.
History – the guardians of the opal is seen as a good luck. Sri Lanka’s local people still think it has against the devil’s magic. The British royal family often use it as an engagement gems.
Garnet is January birthstone, the enduring, splendid stone can be found in all colors, such as deep red, bright green, bright red, red raspberry pink and orange.
According to the egyptians, garnet is an antidote for the treatment of snake venom and food poisoning. These attractive
Gem is not very expensive, it is said that wore night give guidance and protection against a nightmare, and have a special intimacy and blood. In the traditional sense, it ensures the constant, wealth, health and happiness. More: www.ourlovestore.com
Topaz (topaz)
Topaz is found in many colors, such as blue (blue topaz), yellow, lemon yellow, pink, brown and green, transparent orange “empire” topaz is very rare. Topaz is the birthstone of November, due to its high gloss, beautiful color and good formation of polyhedral crystal, topaz can be a very attractive mineral samples.
History – for stone powder into the wine, it can be used as asthma, insomnia, burns, and hemorrhage of therapeutic agent.
Moonstone is often a colorless to white, translucent to transparent, its visibility are confined to the perspective. Is the most precious of feldspar class gem.
History – is seen as the magic of love, moonstone are endowed with tender feelings and the ability to predict the future. Therapy USES include protection of mental disorders, appealed to people’s anger and relieve fever.
Purple crystal color with iron, it is various kinds of coarse quartz, and show the transparent pink rose to purple.
Sri Lanka’s da Lima, sapphire at chongqing gem stones exhibition in 2012
By chongqing association of gold and silver jewelry industry association, the Hong Kong international pearl gem collection, chongqing association, the guangdong bo long exhibition co., LTD., Qingdao Botai exhibition co., LTD., chongqing bo long sponsored exhibition co., LTD. “in 2012, chongqing international jewelry and gem exhibition”, since the beginning of the 2012 years since July, cause the extensive concern of the community from all walks of life. Not only has many first-class jade jewelry enterprises actively take part in the exhibition, but also attracted foreign jeweler’s favour. Already has more than 200 jade jewelry become the jewelry jade exhibition