Repair the process of the watch is not like the repair of home appliances and other large items

Repair the process of the watch is not like the repair of home appliances and other large items, like in the repair process and change parts are we can see very clearly. And repair the table is a very complex process, that is, you look at the next, it is difficult to see what doorway, is to repair the table master do your hands and feet will not pay attention to. Know the knowledge of the watch is also very little, because the repair table is not a very fresh thing to do things, and complaints are quite a lot of complaints. Of course, the table is broken to repair, in order to obtain a satisfactory repair and fair prices.The following describes how all of a sudden at the time to repair the table was black cheated a few ways:Method one: look at the repair and repair code, and the table must be a good teacher to talk about the price, then the table handed him.Method 2: do not have to repair fast, do not trust what “stand is appropriate” should be due to inspection and inspection and do go carefully to watch the maintenance of the imitation Cartier love bracelet is an indispensable link, it is impossible not to pass on the watch by the reliable study, Immediately delivered to the customer.Method 3: to try to pick those good credit table shop or a large shop within the table shop, the big shop on the individual repair shop also have a management of the constraints.Method 4: Do not easily believe that the table shop ads, check their table repair equipment and table oil, you can let him look out the table oil, no 4 to 5 kinds of table oil above you do not in him That repairMethod 5: After repair, must obtain all the parts under the change, especially for maintenance in the gear or change the circuit board watch.Method 6: on their own watch failure to have a basic understanding of the bad gear and quartz watch bad circuit board is very unlikely. Sure enough, it is really bad, the corresponding fault phenomenon can be reflected, it is impossible to end the watch on the flat out of these problems.Method 7: must obtain a repair invoice and cover the repair of the internal meaning of the details of the registration form, the spare parts must also be Rob, if imported parts should also be marked, and then let him cover the chapter.Method eight:. If you are a foreign land, do not say your hometown, it is best to bring a local friend to go with you. Now repair the table with the thief is to do, however, knock the mountain tiger this move should also make, can not give some black heart table shop no matter what the chance of fraud.Way nine: plus I still do not trust, then go to the local technical quality inspection departments to identify, to the business or consumer association to complain, before this must bring enough strong evidence of their own, and enhance their self-best care to understand The Many black repair table shop are not to replace the parts, or the parts are not your watch inside, it is because they simply did not give you change. Then, repair the price of the problem is that you and repair shop pre-agreement and permission, even later know that the maintenance price is higher than elsewhere, you can not complain, this and buy goods is the same.Most quartz watches use Replica Cartier jewelry silver oxide batteries, which are small in size, large in capacity and stable in output voltage, making them ideal for use on quartz watches. Quartz watch with battery specifications and types are also very much, in addition to silver oxide batteries, there are lithium batteries, alkaline batteries. Generally speaking, the capacity of the battery and its volume, the larger the volume is also the greater the capacity of the battery capacity also determines the battery life. How to check the quartz watch battery capacityMeasuring the performance of the watch battery equipment       Unlike ordinary dry batteries, the silver oxide cell discharge curve is very flat, it will not be like a dry battery, with the use of the voltage is gradually reduced (see photo), this time to keep the watch travel time is of course very good. But also bring a problem, that is, can not measure the voltage to determine how much battery capacity, silver oxide battery nominal voltage is basically 1.55V, and this voltage will remain until the battery life is about to end before. But in order to avoid affecting the normal wear of the watch, many quartz watches are equipped with a battery voltage warning function, is stopped by the second hand for 4 seconds, and then the rapid jump with the 4 down that , Once the phenomenon occurs, the watch can walk about 10 days or so, to remind you to immediately replace the battery. This function is also called “E.O.L”, but there is no center second hand quartz watch, there is no such function.       In fact, as with all the batteries, the new battery capacity is not exactly the same, the battery capacity of the unit is expressed in milliampere hours (maH). So far, has not heard of a kind of instrument, you can quickly, lossless and accurate detection of silver oxide battery capacity, as early as 20 years ago, I heard that foreign countries have been rewarded with heavy money to the equipment Invention, but now still no one can give it out.       Battery manufacturers to do the battery factory quality inspection, are still used as a batch of battery discharge experiments, is to test the battery connected to a load, the formation of a certain current closed loop, until the battery voltage down to a certain value, Discharge current multiplied by the discharge time is the actual capacity of the battery. When the experiment is over, the battery will be scrapped.       Now the rapid detection of the watch battery are heavy-duty discharge, see the battery at different discharge current, the pressure drop, because with the use of the battery internal resistance (also known as battery resistance) will increase; Once the discharge current increases, the closed-circuit voltage will suddenly drop.       Like some Swiss-made quartz calibration instrument, are attached to the battery heavy-duty discharge test function, the load resistance of 2000 ohms, 50 ohms and 5 ohms several files (see photo). In fact the watch with silver oxide batteries also have different uses, such as high current output type and low current output type, their electrolyte is different, the former is usually used for light alarm LCD quartz watch, the latter for the pointer Type quartz watch.       When the button is pressed, the load resistance is turned on, immediately observe the extent of battery voltage drop, different batteries should have different indicators, but generally can not be less than 1.35V voltage.       The size of the cross-sectional area of the battery, the test temperature and test results are related to the larger battery, the ambient temperature is relatively high, the voltage drop less.       Battery heavy load experiments, only about the estimated capacity of the battery, but can not reach the precise measurement of the value, and this experiment can not do a long time, because it is more consumption of battery power. How to check the quartz watch battery capacity

Valentine’s Day gift to see what Valentine’s Day and quietly coming

Valentine’s Day gift to see what Valentine’s Day and quietly coming, although the girls do not want to receive a gift in the mouth, but my heart has already begun to expect to receive a gift of heavy love. For many boys for Valentine’s Day gift selection is also a lot of Amulette de Cartier Bracelet Replica brains, too many choices in front of it is not know which is the best gift. Valentine’s Day gift …
(Hereinafter referred to as the Group) key to the key parts of the explosion, highly toxic, radioactive sources and other dangerous areas to strengthen the Jingyuan Coal Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) key points, (Hereinafter referred to as dangerous, chemical) safety management, and enhance the key key parts and dangerous, the overall security of chemical products to protect the production, …
Men are most concerned about the characteristics of a woman 10 The following ten features are the most important men: 10. Independence No men want to be a woman’s nanny, if you are only in the sad when relying on his shoulder, he sure But if you leave him can not do anything, it will let him have Cartier love bracelet replica the urge to escape. If a woman has your own character and opinion, the economy …
Valentine’s Day gift to send what
Seeing Valentine’s Day and quietly coming, the girls do not want to receive a gift in the mouth, but my heart has already begun to expect to receive a gift of heavy love. For many boys for Valentine’s Day gift selection is also a lot of brains, too many choices in front of it is not know which is the best gift. Valentine’s Day gift to send anything, take a look at it
Wooden music box
Wooden jewelry gives a rustic and tranquil feeling, cleverly music ringtones and fine retro wood perfect combination, pure sound, beautiful shape. Plus a specially designed interior small lattice can be when the jewelry box, collection of their own little baby. Valentine’s Day sent to her hands, watching her open the surprise, this romantic feeling how much to enjoy it?
Chocolate gift box
Bitter with sweet chocolate like love, white chocolate on behalf of the passion, but also hesitant what? Hurry to send her a box of chocolate it, the girls for the chocolate, but a soft spot, send your most sincere passion, loudly say your love! Let the chocolate for Cartier love ring replica your captive your heart love, so that your love sweet to the eternal.

How to make the new creative gift shop called loud?

How to make the new creative gift shop called loud?
Open a creative gift shop, how to name it? Name as name, must pay attention. The streets of similar creative gift shop name more and more, the first start are generally the most profitable. After the row of queues have to follow suit will be more and more no new Cartier love bracelet replica ideas, no creative gift shop customers generally do not bother to write down the name of the store. Then today’s hand music gift creative Xiaobian specifically for our shop to talk about the name of the note.
One, festive + warm = positive energy
Everyone is happy Up to see your family plaque, even if only passing, but also because of the warmth of your name and let the mood beautiful day.
Second, give a sense of drawing
That white is to see the name of the store will be able to imagine in the mind of this store is what style – is a simple type or retro style. Give the customer a name, so that customers automatically make up your home store style, many customers will be in order to confirm their own guess into the store by the way to buy some creative gifts.
Third, the concept of creative gift shop
Whether it is creative gift industry or any other industry, in addition to the need for funds and other explicit support, the more need is a stealth support, cultural philosophy is one of the core. A simple and straightforward name allows customers to quickly grasp what the Cartier love ring replica store can provide. Double eleven, many people are with the mood to stop in Taobao “Taobao”. Taobao, not art, not tall on the word one word, but very simple to let men and women
Understand this site is to do: let everyone can Amoy treasure! Have to admit, “Taobao” than other online shopping site named much more successful.
Fourth, the atmosphere is long
Simply do not take too much “small home jasper” name to name. why? Because once you scale bigger in the future, the chain company was established, a gas field name will make you a deep headache. (Xiao Bian believe that you have the potential to do wide, so deliberately add this one)
Five, should not repeat! The
Looking for something that is not common is not to say looking for Replica Cartier love bracelet secluded. To be easy to remember, these common sense Xiaobian not much to say.

The “Only Watch” charity auction is to support the Royal Muscle Charity Association for medical research held for the first time in the auction in 2016

The “Only Watch” charity auction is to support the Royal Muscle Charity Association for medical research held for the first time in the auction in 2016, followed by once every two years, get a number of Swiss senior Cartier love bracelet replica and watch brands to support participation , It is said that in 2009 raised a total of 2.2 million euros, while in 2011 rose significantly to 4.5 million euros, it is estimated that this year’s charity also broke the previous record. The watch brand will be specially for this charity auction will design a unique watch, and at the meeting public auction, the proceeds of all donated to the Royal Muscle Shrink Charity Association. Participating in the Swiss watch brand is increasing each year in the first year when only a few, to this session (to be held on September 28, 2013) will increase to 33, shows that the charity more and more attention and support.
Many people are not familiar with “Duchenne muscular dystrophy” (Duchenne muscular dystrophy), in fact, this is a genetic disease, there is no cure. People with this disease, the human chromosome X chromosome abnormalities, loss of a DMD gene, and the role of this gene is to produce an important dystrophin (Dystrophin), if the lack of intracellular protein, Will make the muscle fiber membrane becomes weak, slowly will make muscle cell death, the most serious is the patient’s respiratory muscle will be greatly recession, leading to pulmonary complications or respiratory failure, and finally death. According to medical statistics, every 3,000 men will have a genetic disease, while the incidence of women is replica Cartier love bracelet twice as many men, one in every 1,500 people, can be a very serious and fatal genetic disease.
Only Watch Knowledge
Q & A
Q: What is the “Only Watch” charity auction?
A: “Only Watch” charity auction, from the name to see that only watch brand participation. It was launched in 2005 by Luc Pettavino, chairman of the Muscular Atrophy Association, and was supported by the top watchmakers and the Monaco royal family.
Q: When will the “Only Watch” charity auction be held each year?
A: Exactly, “Only Watch” charity auction was founded in 2005, held every two years, in September this year is the fourth. Before the auction, these watches will tour the world’s 10 cities, September 1 to 5, respectively, in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and finally in the September 22 return to Monaco, during the Monaco Boat Show auction.
Q: Which brands are willing to participate in the “Only Watch” charity auction?
A: Generally speaking, very good personal relations with the royal family will spare no effort to participate in the charity auction, the more brains to launch a imitation cartier love bracelet unique work. Because these watches, although not one day in the window to make money, but to establish a brand image has a great role, attracted the top watch brands have joined.
Q: “Only Watch” So far the amount of fund-raising?
A: The last four “Only Watch” auction, in 2005 the first raised 1.9 million euros; in 2007 a higher level, raising a total of 2.7 million euros; to 2009, the third “Only Watch “Charity auction raised a total of 3 million US dollars; in 2011 to raise 4.5 million US dollars, to refresh the charity figures.

In the hot sun, shining on the coast. Sparkling blue and ochre yellow rock, dancing sunset, black waves

In the hot sun, shining on the coast. Sparkling blue and ochre yellow rock, dancing sunset, black waves, Cartier was vieira’s charming scenery moved with changeable colors, new senior jewelry Etourdissant Cartier series was born.
This series of in smooth shadow overlap weave beautiful…… Extremely precious diamond, sapphire, emerald, ruby, and opal, coral, Tanzania stone, garnet, or chrysoprase gem, rich in beautiful posture and unique bright light dance form for Cartier love ring replica. New series of design freedom is bold and unrestrained, bold innovation, after carve stone gleams of light, like fireworks in the night sky and intoxicating.
Day and night, as if the face of positive and negative of well-dressed fabrics, are reflected. Look, gorgeous infinity, lively and strong contrast to let a person dazzling, and gradually under the soft night comfort, tranquility.
The day is hot and sunny
Under the hot summer sun, a series of powerful colour hot like fire, flares, occasional water like the fresh color, enjoy the pleasure of life.
Cartier love bracelet replica. Engraving emerald, ruby and sapphire, constitute the iconic fruit trick style… Contrast color and rich achievements modelling unique, senior jewelry works, collar, forehead, wrist blooms in unprecedented female glamour.
HYDERABAD tire – platinum, 1 18.23 -carat octagonal Colombia emeralds, carving carving sapphire, and emerald, teardrop-shaped ruby, ruby, sapphire, and emerald bead, onyx, triangular diamond, round brilliant cut diamonds, satin ribbons. Tire can be used as a bracelet or necklace to wear.
ROMANOV. The 197.80 -carat shines slightly pink sapphire blue color, just like the coast sunrise, fall from the sky a piece of blue. In the crystal and diamond surrounded by bright, its myriad facets on this bracelet acura emitting bright luster. Of the legendary rare gems had belonged to Romanov, Romanov family heir, tsarist Russia last queen – Maria fee o love her more (Maria Feodorovna). It trimmed to the bracelet to blossom downy burnish, surrounded by the beauty of the magnificent diamonds around, foil a magnificent bright it up.
Romanov bracelet – platinum, 1 197.80 -carat rose cut pillow Ceylon sapphires, 2 total weight 2.50 -carat peltate cant cutting D IF Replica Cartier jewelry, a 1.03 -carat F SI1 triangular diamond, a 1.02 -carat E VS2 triangular diamond, natural crystal carving, round brilliant cut diamonds. Among them, the sapphire can be replaced with natural crystal carving.
In the darkness
Under the darkness, the grandeur of the jewelry, the changing face… Chalcedony and rich purple crystal jade, ruby and diamond intoxicating.
VIOLINE long necklace, necklace back – platinum, chalcedony beads, purple crystal beads, amethyst, round brilliant cut diamonds.
GARANCE necklace – platinum, 2 pillow mozambique ruby, weighs 5.27 carat, respectively, and 5.27 carat, 26 total weight 8.44 -carat circular and elliptical myanmar rubies, round brilliant cut diamonds.
ETEINDIEN bracelet – platinum, 1 24.91 -carat oval convex circular cutting Ethiopian opal, garnet, carving carving spessartine, manganese aluminum pomegranate Shi Zhu, convex circular cutting color sapphire, fry circular cutting sand stone, round brilliant cut diamonds. By
ARABICA bracelet – 18 K rose K gold, 18 K white gold, pomegranate Shi Changzhu, ruby beads, brown round brilliant cut diamond, round brilliant cut diamonds.

gorgeous flowers reveal feminine flavour

The wooden bottom of feeling restoring ancient ways and the smooth cortical reminiscent of the 80 s, building feeling heel raises some avant-garde fashion, imagine Ulyana Sergeenko put on after the socialite lasting appeal.
After last season after Roman shoes hot, it still has its place in the 2016 Cartier nail bracelet replica spring and summer, concise design, combined with reflective bottom, let a person do not love is difficult!
Givenchy wind will play sports? ! Surprising 2016 spring summer series shoes design, combined with the movement of mesh with wind and feminine pointed spike, just want to try.
Since taking office Alessandro Michele, Gucci is always with some girl feelings with amorous feelings restoring ancient ways, improved and shoes by muller shoes for this season, the iconic double G logo and green red green ribbon logo, thick with set with pearls modelling design, can’t wait to.
As brand tailored to the hale and hearty and the transition of the minimalist, also extends to the footwear design, with a tassel burrs and open-toed sandals with feminine phase and style, spell able.
Since the designer Carol Lim and Humberto Leon since he took office, the avant-garde combined with history has always been the core of Kenzo comes, this season they unexpectedly tries to clamp as inspiration to use on the shoes design, combined with Japanese bandage Cartier love ring replica design, novel and avant-garde.
2016 chun xia, Loewe will PVC material play, transparent shoes can be seen everywhere in the show, the light, like a dangling walk again through the divine light.
Louis Vuitton this season opened a modern space trip, thick primer leather shoes with metal buckle design, rebellious feels dye-in-the-wood, this will be the first choice for young women in spring and summer.
WHAT! This is CONVERSE? Yes, Marc Jacobs will CONVERSE changed to pointed flat shoes!
Marni is a because the color of his works and printing and popular with women’s brand, this shoes also fully reflects the characteristics of simple black sideband, a striking red leather cover the part of the toes, contracted with personality.
Printed since the “queen” proper cut their digital printing on garment design, she will be replica Cartier love bracelet playing this season on the high-heeled shoes, high-heeled shoes is naturally gorgeous flowers reveal feminine flavour.
Ballet shoes become the Miu Miu design inspiration of the season, with plaid bow bind girl can not help but make people want to finish at the beginning of the heart.
This season, and Mr Ralph Lauren used expressions related to navigation, common cork bottom sandals seemed to be playing our holiday and heart.
For Hedi Slimane, sex appeal and rock is always his theme, this season shoes from color to line design, sexy, needless to say.
Platform shoes is likely to return again in spring/summer 2016, Stella as if aware of this key, the Cartier love ring replica bottom of the wood grain leather belt, with irregular cross all fashionable casual.
In the eyes of Valentino, bind shoes seems to be the best companion of bud silk dress collocation, long skirt is hot summer without it how line?
As synonymous with wild, Versace always can normal to ignite a passion, to ultra-high with three belt design combined with metal buckle brand trademark design, very sexy.

30 at fashion week forecast next year

30 at fashion week forecast next year spring and summer of the most popular type of footwear
Let people overwhelmed as early as the early spring/summer 2016 fashion week is over, in more than three hundred brands of clothing, we selected for you this season’s most popular, the most beautiful shoes, from the flat shoes to high heels, covering all kinds of style, there is always a will you fall in love.
Spring/summer 2016, Alexander McQueen to French ancient “huguenots” for inspiration, with “haute couture” level of grosgrain jacquard present ShengJieGan, reflect the dramatic decorative metal and wood carve patterns or designs on woodwork, and fashionable style Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica will be closer to reality, modified legs, an easy wear thick bottom design.
Alexander Wang, the 10th anniversary of the series will naturally be attention, high heels to rock and roll style as a benchmark, the bottom of the wood base, the metal heel incarnation steel pipe, the edge of the leather with dark buckle, all sexy rock unruly.
As Alexander Wang, in charge of the last series of Balenciaga, this batch of garment and shoe bag not surprisingly will be collected by a group of fans, the feature of this one season, the shoes on the basis of ivory and ivory lace, laced with stereo flower embroidery, tender bud silk slippers how could one not have deep of your heart.
Cross chalaza of fishing nets with extremely aureate stiletto heel, cover the ankle just modify the length of the curve, open-toed sexy, can’t help to imagine the Kardashian sisters dressed in your mind.
Concise and fluent line of shoes, exquisite leather cutting, the selection of senior ash, with original Cartier love bracelet replica wooden bottom acrylic heel, the building of feeling and nature fusion style will be an office worker and elegant women’s favorite.
The sport wind of this season, Christopher Bailey design of rubber soles sandals turn a classic image of Burberry impression, decorated with metal lock ring, avant-garde and combining exercise like comfortable soft bottom, high practicability.
The skirt with shoulder-straps of sexy is Calvin Klein Collection, then it will continue this style this season to the shoes, the motion of wind flat shoes as fundamental key, edge grinding line fabric with deconstruction to remake, floating disorder reveal romance.
You never expect to Karl unabashed Lagerfeld what surprises! 2016 chun xia series, LED lights set into the soles, so it’s creativity can not to a pair of!
Concise romance is the design concept of Chloe, say this season most those styles, nature is the combination Fake Cartier love bracelet of the elements of “rainbow”, cross tie strap shoes color cord mutual crisscross, fresh color let a person cannot help once again return to a summer romance.
Pointed flats heat continues unabated, Christian Dior this large area above the instep, plus point design atmosphere, the right ankle height and with a bit sexy.
Once in summer, fresh color will always be our first choice, the Dries Van Noten chamois leather feeling to glance round element orange high-heeled shoes may be to mix of good helper.
Clever feather decoration always reminds women dream girl of heart, one word with sexy high-heeled design unceasingly, the breeze slowly, let feathers flying up your romantic.
Emilio Pucci also played the brand logo, the founder of the name with highly artistic smooth lines attached on the flat shoes, a brown leather brand iconic national characteristics, resolute choice when a pair of holiday.

30 a style sheet is tasted Easily create new season fashion modelling

30 a style sheet is tasted Easily create new season fashion modelling
Givenchy Lucrezia series is design director Riccardo Tisci a new interpretation of daily bag bag, once the launch was popular in the world. Showed Givenchy handbags focus all the signature elements: concise and rich in the design of the structure, compared with soft perceptual form strong impact. Lucrezia contracted outline box design highlights the perfect design and unique symmetry, symbol of strength and spirit of independence, take in everything Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica in a glance to capture the Givenchy unique trait in women.
Black wool twill adopt stereo clipping of cultivate one’s morality, removable belt, decorative slant pocket and latch collar details of those cool feels dye-in-the-wood costly temperament, in autumn and winter essential classic urban women.
Cara Delevingne hope she design works hand-in-hand with Mulberry practical – grace with “design should not be too persistent, but to pursue with free and easy”. The camouflage printed calf hair backpack can use two handles, to carry it in your hands; Also can install removable leather straps, use it as a backpack. Lion modelling rivet and heart-shaped tattoo sign is intended to reveal the British model.
Michael Kors of this large leather handbag is a daily fashion bags. This item size is rather large, with a chocolate color golden hardware fittings, piping and brand logo added modern fashion sense, edge controller can ensure the affirmative and comfortable. The bales lining with dark brown suede lining, the capacity, enough to load your makeup bag and tablets, and is equipped with several pockets, can receive small items in order.
Studio Nicholson this “Ludlow” dust coat shoulder by clipping cultivate one’s morality, the garment body is looser, shows large profile design. Slightly by the bonding process of flannelette matte satin cloth to build a crisp effect, and present a velvety soft luster. It is also equipped with a imitation cartier love bracelet smooth satin, twill lining easily layer outside the sweater.
Miu Miu the midnight blue cardigan can add feminine charm for your workday modelling. The ground flower knitting fabric item contained soft wool and mohair, also with shining crystal. Recommend collocation pleat mini skirts and high heels.
The Row this luxury backpack will be your weekend modelling to be bestowed favor on newly. This only capable of choose of smooth leather bags, abundant internal capacity, which can hold tablets, a bottle of water, and other daily belongings. Can also take it in a single shoulder, again tie-in shift dress.
Miu Miu the eye-catching red leather purse using strong abrasion resistant texture. It is equipped with two notes, four card slot and three intercalation, and enclose a pink box, make it become a ideal gift given the brand loyal fans.
Fendi using smoke grey suede and leopard grain calf hair on its iconic “Peekaboo” reworking the handbag. It has two large capacity interlining, golden shackles can provide protection. Also can install removable shoulder straps, will be used as a single shoulder bag, match again relaxed shirt and cultivate one’s morality pants outfit.
Shinola released each a watch was used for the world of the highest quality Cartier love bracelet replica components, and work in the brand in Detroit, indoor assembled by hand. Swiss-made quartz movement walking ensures precise; The classic burnt orange leather strap is carefully made by craftsmen. Polished stainless steel watchcase considerable weight, and let the people’s physique to it feel at ease, could be used for many years with you.
With the unremitting exploration of new wear-resistant material, Serapian for the first time in 1965 launched a durable texture of leather to build the “Evolution” series. Today, the Italian brand are still using this material to make this series of leather goods. The travel bar at the top and side of the box is equipped with a handle, you can lift it with or transversely; Roller and adjustable rod design, convenient you pull it forward. Elaborate layout inside a zipper also has dark bags and used for the elastic band of fixed clothes and shoes.
Mark Cross the bags with handle is inspired by the movie grace kelly in 1954 rear window used the brand in the old suitcases. It USES black grain leather, sleek, and equipped with brand trademark red lining, and polished gold hardware accessories. In the busy days, may wish to install a removable straps put it back in the shoulder, hands free.
Banjo, & “Matilda this cardigan in” Jeronimo “silk and cashmere blended thread into purchasing from Italy, is the four seasons all appropriate. It feels soft and do not break luxury, at the same time of providing warm caress, does not show fat; Loose hang down object profile has become an ideal layer of Fake Cartier love bracelet choice.
Start with the classic “2 jours” black handbag, how to play the Fendi’s signature style. It is extremely durable “saffiano cross grain leather texture” seiko manufacturing, equipped with contrast effects on both sides of smooth leather, and is equipped with three separate layers.
Tamara Mellon paragraph dust coat grows with the silk blended metal wire fabric, to deduce the classic black trench coat. Can open in, highlight its elegant profile; Also can use removable constrictive waist belt. After nightfall, can match a pencil skirts and sandals, a lavish look.

Long skirt and boots long 10 gold scale better

Long skirt and boots long 10 gold scale better
Temperature drop, at the same time of constantly add clothing still don’t want to beloved skirt off. Might as well learn from autumn/winter 2014 show that the genius designer dress boots with inspiration: whether in knee above the miniskirt or over-the-knee MIDI skirt, as long as the appropriate conversion between the ankle boot and knee-high boots, good grasp of the long skirt and boots long proportion can even when autumn/winter communication style no less beautiful imitation cartier love bracelet dress to wear to go out.
Style parsing:
This season of Isabel Marant combine nomadic customs and modern profile forms, into the rough fur elements, suede short boots English lang swagger. Leather mini skirt and jackets retained urban feeling strong profile, very real. If feel mini skirt slightly thin leather, a pair of leather heel ankle boot can wit the balance of the temperature difference and highlights high straight leg ministry line, to knitted sweater to plug into the short skirt still can rise to help the effect of lumbar line, the level of the modern fashionable young women make a casual.
Style parsing:
Legend of in addition to the continuation of Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquiere also don’t forget to forward as a designer Marco Jacobs with respect. At the same time in the continuation of the classic, wonderful fabric mix is Louis Vuitton 2014 autumn winter’s important topic. Side split knee-length skirt from the vision of the long leg ministry line, fashionable avant-courier, also do not lose feminine taste collocation patent leather high heel ankle boot to make women looks more slim some magical effects, also the continuation of the urban fashionable feeling has always been.
Style parsing:
From New York Chinese American designer Derek Lam, using a variety of materials and profile this season, and adopted the collocation of color piece design, in New York, advocation of real wear, restore ancient ways will make modern urban women and buy Cartier love bracelet replica mood.according desire. Derek Lam, this season on the profile shape and color, green, dark red colored, cream-colored, shallow purple, a large number of applications for autumn/winter brought a lot of life. Turtleneck sweater, MIDI skirts and contour type of coat, the collocation of the classic solid pointed high heel ankle boot ankle bias radian to alleviate the MIDI skirt of dull sense of natural prolapse, very able to bear or endure look. Revealing sexy ankle also extend the leg line, big rich profile and the collocation of color piece for this series of increase a lot of charm.
Style parsing:
Sacai model of current designer Chitose Abe has been do STH unconventional or unorthodox, its design style, sichuan are long bao ling and junya watanabe. Use elegant chiffon with heavy fabric contrast this season and the beauty of splicing weaving the conflict and fusion. Rural plaid cotton fabrics used on the MIDI skirt, pure and fresh and natural. Tassel MIDI skirt gauze as frivolous fabrics elegant and rich move feeling, and the cloth of autumn winter thick texture ably collocation are together, hale high-heeled leather ankle boot reveal subtle legs between walking, as if the body structure in confusion to find out the reorganization of the order.
Style parsing:
Reed Krakoff2014 early autumn series as always full of contradictions: contracted amazing grace again at the same time. Attractive design, creative design, elegant and feminine. Is more noble fashion, the use of leather and fur black dress split foil a white color of skin not only style, more show off sexy legs, deduce black charm temptation. With patent leather high heels pointed ankle boot is tie-in, realize the combination of hale and hearty and feminine, designers try to flow linear structure, hope to get some unique new Fake Cartier love bracelet effect, build a distinctive mix effect.
Style parsing:
This season, Hedi Slimane with the interpretation of his works to the rock to intoxicate, smooth cutting way, open the wool coat show a brief lines, decent. At the same time, Saint Laurent is still keep the elegant style, swing s knee boots, Gogo is lighted up with flashes of luxury, sexy black silk stockings added a rebel, and dynamic miniskirt makes the dress the same administrative levels sense, these shiny details for winter is never boring.
Style parsing:
Designer Guillaume Henry clever collocation all sorts of shapes and fabrics, carefully for the Carven 2014 autumn winter series shape most of the 1940 s style. Knee-high boots and cloth miniskirt with improving the waist line show slender and attractive legs, an institute wind replica Cartier love bracelet restoring ancient ways. Through the deconstruction and reconstruction of outline and collage art, both decorative and modification of shape, love art into a lady.
Style parsing:
Alexander Wang shaped Balenciaga handsome girl there is always a kind of confidence. Knitting coat of cocoon contour and sleek shoulders to foil a woman’s flavor, atmosphere full of american-style movement style. Asymmetric pencil skirt of liberating knee-high boots that fasten with color make strong, “she explains. Fact wear sex is extremely strong, not only has the building outline tops and gathered effect the bottoms of the outline of slender straight lines.
Style parsing:
Christophe Lemaire’s most famous is the precision cutting and Oversize coat, this one season, designers will knitwear as the main design, have administrative levels feeling extremely of women’s clothing series. Rib khaki wool sweater and scarf of skirt and sweater to mashup Cartier nail bracelet replica modelling, knee-high boots and ruffle MIDI skirt fold wear not only ensure the warmth, and the romance of Bohemian. Designer Lemaire in this winter series strengthened the contracted style, in combination with tonal cascading style technique to strengthen the warmth retention property of a complete set of clothes.

sexy and elegant coexistence of Italy

Both edge, suede leather and alpaca hat, gloves that joining together of different fabrics also reveal the compromise aesthetics. Cerruti’s design with high plasticity, make every man can be deduced leisurely style, to reveal individual grade clothes. Art is always contains autobiographical elements. It is derived from the reality around the high-quality goods, is surrounded by a spiritual force quantity entities. You can call it the material, and my work is changing with the matter. – Joseph Beuys
Aldo Maria Camillo draw inspiration from the works of Joseph Beuys, meticulously CERRUTI 1881 PARIS new autumn/winter series. Jo – seph Beuys advocating the shaman, works with profound pragmatism and desire for change, this series is Cartier love bracelet replica just reflects the unique artistic concept.
Aldo Maria Camillo point to collect wave in accordance with the creative spirit, and his preference for soft fabrics, bright living force to present concise aesthetics. Its creation way and Joseph Beuys used “felt” shielding and protecting, Aldo Maria Camillo by patch adornment that people can not help but recall traditional fixture and hunting. Leather, fabric and suede throughout the series, many elements in stark unified mark, to enduring series, more durable and personal style.
Brand fashion aesthetic images into real man. Present and future of aesthetics and protean consciousness Wonderful fusion. Profound connotation and hidden man – the Cerruti unique DNA – looking for a perfect wardrobe, both essential clothing, and contains the modelling of aesthetic and practical both. New series with extremely exquisite fabrics style coat, trench coats and jackets, suits and sportswear blend of the entire series. In addition, there are wide lapel two-piece suit or more pocket suede ma3 jia3 three piece suit. Tooling coat and long trousers, coats detachable fur and wool hidden inside lining.
The modelling of this season also emphasizes the slender lines, naturally show the elegant posture of men, highlighting contours. Get a down after lining, precise structure, fabric preached the breath of a dynamic, as well as the hidden beauty. Designed to be used Mouline spun melange of pure wool, jacquard pattern, wool blended fabrics, cashmere and shirt is adopted light cashmere Flannel blended silk fabrics. The inspiration of fabrics mainly derived from Lanificio Cerruti past the collection design Fake Cartier love bracelet, bring And rich texture of unexpected: as light as a feather silk shirt compose with the patterns of the wanton collage, nylon satin material mix cotton quilted jacket, delicate materials carefully. Color perfect blend vigor and simplicity style of fabrics. Different levels and highly cut cut artisan color gray gradually penetrate into the integration of wine red and the color of camel’s hair, turned to dark blue, black.
Shoes series, adhering to the brand for the pursuit of quality and durability, use horse leather, cowhide high-quality leather, the tradition of classic infix to tooling shoes details.
Both edge, suede leather and alpaca hat, gloves that joining together of different fabrics also reveal the compromise aesthetics.
Cerruti’s design with high plasticity, make every man can be deduced leisurely style, to reveal individual grade clothes.
Coat shunt pie Which school are you?
Big lint “genre”. Wear the attendance of the color of camel’s hair that may come from more than 30 years ago Italian MaxMara global phenomenon “101801” coat; This season is the most love the Oversize (large profile) may be the ancestor of cocoon shape coat from the French brand Balenciaga. There is agile and easy easy to full-on British “military” – yes, Burberry, it’s best not only the dust coat, wool coat also classic replica Cartier love bracelet … A woman’s closet is protean, we may only treat coat, only has man of suits general “solemn feelings”. Choice is very important to coat, coat with genre, however, need to know about it. What you want, right reserved “club”.
Coat styles, sexy and elegant coexistence of Italy
Giorgio Armani said: “women want to be sexy, my design will give their sexy!” Italian fashion as a whole have a mysterious and sexy, coat is no exception. Both the PI cao of elegant and classic that originated in Italy in the color of camel’s hair coat, both in telling a blurred charm “Sicily’s beautiful legend”.
“More than half a century of camel’s hair coat”, MaxMara
In 1981, MaxMara introduced using wool and cashmere blended fabric, collocation and suit sleeves and double-breasted coat “101801”, a global phenomenon, as in the work. Until today, this coat is still a year qiu dong shows will debut on style, created a miracle of up to 135000 pieces per coat.
The well-known Emmanuelle Kahn, Anne Marie Beretta, Karl unabashed Lagerfeld and Guy Paulin had cooperate with my MaxMara design coat. These designers as MaxMara classic coat with fur cloak, elements, such as the late Sportmax young style also blended in Britain.
The waist of wen wan knot is the only “decorate” the coat. MaxMara flagship pure color coat, this season, you can also choose to plum red, sapphire blue, classic camel, midnight black, emerald green, dove grey and other colors.
“PI cao family is famous in the world” – Fendi
If the family does not exclude the fur coat, coat of Italian style we are going to have to mention Cartier nail bracelet replica. In 1962, Fendi hired galeries lafayette Karl Largerfeld as a designer, with Fendi family on the fur coat. With a passion for the Fur, galeries lafayette invented the “Fun Fur” (Fun Fur), created with the double C Chanel, Gucci, double G is as famous in the fashion world Fendi double letters type logo – double F.
Water mink, squirrel skins, fox and so on rare leather is a favorite of Fendi. , under the guidance of the galeries lafayette Karl Largerfeld Fendi to colorful dyed fur makes the coat on the color of its own, and more wear-resisting durable. The most understand women heart galeries lafayette is still in a tiny incisions on the thick blank fabrics, in order to achieve the function of the air permeability, light.
Under the coat styles, elegant profile of French feelings
As Coco Chanel had said, “fashion and architecture is in proportion to the study.” French woman coat, though each unique individual character, but in common is that elegant romantic clipping. Is the proportion of fine and soft line has created the unique French elegance.
“The ancestor of cocoon shape coat” — Balenciaga
Balenciaga motorcycle bag is perhaps the best known star products, but this season we love type cocoon coat is Balenciaga create a precedent. Type cocoon coat prototype is the result of the last century 20 s popular Flapper coat, founder of Cristobal Balenciaga outline based on the adjusted the coat, expanded the shoulder line design and slam the door to tighten the waist. In 1957, the era significance of cocoon coat came out, then become a blueprint for other brands to follow suit.
Balenciaga coat is famous for its sense of building profile. Type cocoon coat’s shoulder line smooth smooth, strong line sexy. Tall waist belt not only stretched lower body proportion, the unique accept waist effect also convince the women wear coat show overstaffed. This “and ‘ ‘ ‘coat not only has a French romantic, more add a gentle and romantic temperament.
The tender feelings girl “” bold innovation, Carven
Mrs Carven champs elysees in Paris in 1945 founded the Carven high fashion company. As the first to join in haute couture clothing designer, Carven coat also showed a new style to break all the rules. Carven coat by building profile, tall waist line emphasizes the female body curves and help spin figure scale. Decorate in the neckline, cuffs details such as lace, embroidery ornament is elegant and delicate. Brand new during world war ii, with soft and fresh design style to win a lot of young women’s Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica preference.
Guillaume Henry become Carven designer in 2016, emphasizes the design style of girl feelings. Coat design in irregular clipping, tall waist line, and switch back and forth between process. Stylist still inspired by the Renaissance art style, the colorful printing on the coat “plating” elegantly “painting”. Fur collar make material, thick tweed coat of nifty style using the laser cutting of hollow out design all show Carven bold innovation.
Coat styles, spirited English “military”
Fashionable in style and practical warm British Trench Coat originated in the first world war, the British and French sergeant raincoat has evolved. Coat the neck of the retaining ring can wind; Shoulder strap is used to tie the telescope and the kettle, now play a let neck more forceful function. Back wind piece of former rain, and now it is cultivate one’s morality; Wrist strap can prevent the rain water flow into the sleeve.
“Innovation and the perfect combination of classic” – Burberry
In 1856, established the Burberry brand Thomas Burberry Hampshire in Britain. At the beginning of the 20th century, Burberry started for the flight home, adventurer, and the soldiers of world war I specially manufacture all kinds of overcoat, thick warm, weatherproof and fashionable hale full of masculinity. Even the first landing of the Antarctic explorer Roald he did choose Burberry products into the South Pole, and said “Burberry has played an important role in their own journey of snow, is his true comrades”. 1912 a is called “Tielocken” rain dust Coat as a Trench Coat was born. Two years later, Burberry launched a Trench Coat.
Comfortable and durable material, double-breasted “label” and history can be traced back to the 1960 classic “Haymarket” plaid. Christopher Bailey after capturing the Burberry boldly in classic Trench Coat in joined the new elements, such as lace, rivets and other personal imitation cartier love bracelet adornment. Dust coat color is no longer fixed khaki, double-breasted sometimes become a single-breasted. Like a kaleidoscope of Burberry Trench Coat and became a fashion item. Christopher Bailey invited supermodel Kate Moss idols and Stella Tennant for Burberry Trench Coat endorsement, the performance of the traditional British, historical uniforms and the trend of The Times to perfect combination.
Coat genre: free leisurely and comfortable American fashion
The late master Oscar DE la Renta once said, “the so-called style, is to show the real side of”. So we see the American style of coat, always can feel a sense of freedom. Don’t pay attention to perfect luxury, leisurely and comfortable is the most true of my performance.
“Believe the first lady’s eye” – j.crew
Emily Woods in 1983 founded the “simple life” j.crew lifestyle brand, design style is the typical American toward. The American middle class leisure brand can develop into today $700 million worth of fashion empire had to carry a person is the us first lady michelle Obama. Michelle was wearing j.crew yellow skirt in the Jay Leno show, the brand became an instant hit.
The ultimate embodiment of the concept of “luxury” — Michael Kors
Michael Kors FIT after graduation from the New York fashion institute of technology, Michael at Lothar ‘s. In 1981, Bergdorf Goodman bought the Michael Kors series of garment, Michael Kors brand has been formally established. Michael Kors have always a half red not purple in the nineties, has been during the LVMH group, both for Celine design clothing and leather goods.
Michael Kors advocate minimalism design, with contracted line clipping elegant jet – set style is well known.