How to make the new creative gift shop called loud?

How to make the new creative gift shop called loud?
Open a creative gift shop, how to name it? Name as name, must pay attention. The streets of similar creative gift shop name more and more, the first start are generally the most profitable. After the row of queues have to follow suit will be more and more no new Cartier love bracelet replica ideas, no creative gift shop customers generally do not bother to write down the name of the store. Then today’s hand music gift creative Xiaobian specifically for our shop to talk about the name of the note.
One, festive + warm = positive energy
Everyone is happy Up to see your family plaque, even if only passing, but also because of the warmth of your name and let the mood beautiful day.
Second, give a sense of drawing
That white is to see the name of the store will be able to imagine in the mind of this store is what style – is a simple type or retro style. Give the customer a name, so that customers automatically make up your home store style, many customers will be in order to confirm their own guess into the store by the way to buy some creative gifts.
Third, the concept of creative gift shop
Whether it is creative gift industry or any other industry, in addition to the need for funds and other explicit support, the more need is a stealth support, cultural philosophy is one of the core. A simple and straightforward name allows customers to quickly grasp what the Cartier love ring replica store can provide. Double eleven, many people are with the mood to stop in Taobao “Taobao”. Taobao, not art, not tall on the word one word, but very simple to let men and women
Understand this site is to do: let everyone can Amoy treasure! Have to admit, “Taobao” than other online shopping site named much more successful.
Fourth, the atmosphere is long
Simply do not take too much “small home jasper” name to name. why? Because once you scale bigger in the future, the chain company was established, a gas field name will make you a deep headache. (Xiao Bian believe that you have the potential to do wide, so deliberately add this one)
Five, should not repeat! The
Looking for something that is not common is not to say looking for Replica Cartier love bracelet secluded. To be easy to remember, these common sense Xiaobian not much to say.

Long skirt and boots long 10 gold scale better

Long skirt and boots long 10 gold scale better
Temperature drop, at the same time of constantly add clothing still don’t want to beloved skirt off. Might as well learn from autumn/winter 2014 show that the genius designer dress boots with inspiration: whether in knee above the miniskirt or over-the-knee MIDI skirt, as long as the appropriate conversion between the ankle boot and knee-high boots, good grasp of the long skirt and boots long proportion can even when autumn/winter communication style no less beautiful imitation cartier love bracelet dress to wear to go out.
Style parsing:
This season of Isabel Marant combine nomadic customs and modern profile forms, into the rough fur elements, suede short boots English lang swagger. Leather mini skirt and jackets retained urban feeling strong profile, very real. If feel mini skirt slightly thin leather, a pair of leather heel ankle boot can wit the balance of the temperature difference and highlights high straight leg ministry line, to knitted sweater to plug into the short skirt still can rise to help the effect of lumbar line, the level of the modern fashionable young women make a casual.
Style parsing:
Legend of in addition to the continuation of Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Ghesquiere also don’t forget to forward as a designer Marco Jacobs with respect. At the same time in the continuation of the classic, wonderful fabric mix is Louis Vuitton 2014 autumn winter’s important topic. Side split knee-length skirt from the vision of the long leg ministry line, fashionable avant-courier, also do not lose feminine taste collocation patent leather high heel ankle boot to make women looks more slim some magical effects, also the continuation of the urban fashionable feeling has always been.
Style parsing:
From New York Chinese American designer Derek Lam, using a variety of materials and profile this season, and adopted the collocation of color piece design, in New York, advocation of real wear, restore ancient ways will make modern urban women and buy Cartier love bracelet replica mood.according desire. Derek Lam, this season on the profile shape and color, green, dark red colored, cream-colored, shallow purple, a large number of applications for autumn/winter brought a lot of life. Turtleneck sweater, MIDI skirts and contour type of coat, the collocation of the classic solid pointed high heel ankle boot ankle bias radian to alleviate the MIDI skirt of dull sense of natural prolapse, very able to bear or endure look. Revealing sexy ankle also extend the leg line, big rich profile and the collocation of color piece for this series of increase a lot of charm.
Style parsing:
Sacai model of current designer Chitose Abe has been do STH unconventional or unorthodox, its design style, sichuan are long bao ling and junya watanabe. Use elegant chiffon with heavy fabric contrast this season and the beauty of splicing weaving the conflict and fusion. Rural plaid cotton fabrics used on the MIDI skirt, pure and fresh and natural. Tassel MIDI skirt gauze as frivolous fabrics elegant and rich move feeling, and the cloth of autumn winter thick texture ably collocation are together, hale high-heeled leather ankle boot reveal subtle legs between walking, as if the body structure in confusion to find out the reorganization of the order.
Style parsing:
Reed Krakoff2014 early autumn series as always full of contradictions: contracted amazing grace again at the same time. Attractive design, creative design, elegant and feminine. Is more noble fashion, the use of leather and fur black dress split foil a white color of skin not only style, more show off sexy legs, deduce black charm temptation. With patent leather high heels pointed ankle boot is tie-in, realize the combination of hale and hearty and feminine, designers try to flow linear structure, hope to get some unique new Fake Cartier love bracelet effect, build a distinctive mix effect.
Style parsing:
This season, Hedi Slimane with the interpretation of his works to the rock to intoxicate, smooth cutting way, open the wool coat show a brief lines, decent. At the same time, Saint Laurent is still keep the elegant style, swing s knee boots, Gogo is lighted up with flashes of luxury, sexy black silk stockings added a rebel, and dynamic miniskirt makes the dress the same administrative levels sense, these shiny details for winter is never boring.
Style parsing:
Designer Guillaume Henry clever collocation all sorts of shapes and fabrics, carefully for the Carven 2014 autumn winter series shape most of the 1940 s style. Knee-high boots and cloth miniskirt with improving the waist line show slender and attractive legs, an institute wind replica Cartier love bracelet restoring ancient ways. Through the deconstruction and reconstruction of outline and collage art, both decorative and modification of shape, love art into a lady.
Style parsing:
Alexander Wang shaped Balenciaga handsome girl there is always a kind of confidence. Knitting coat of cocoon contour and sleek shoulders to foil a woman’s flavor, atmosphere full of american-style movement style. Asymmetric pencil skirt of liberating knee-high boots that fasten with color make strong, “she explains. Fact wear sex is extremely strong, not only has the building outline tops and gathered effect the bottoms of the outline of slender straight lines.
Style parsing:
Christophe Lemaire’s most famous is the precision cutting and Oversize coat, this one season, designers will knitwear as the main design, have administrative levels feeling extremely of women’s clothing series. Rib khaki wool sweater and scarf of skirt and sweater to mashup Cartier nail bracelet replica modelling, knee-high boots and ruffle MIDI skirt fold wear not only ensure the warmth, and the romance of Bohemian. Designer Lemaire in this winter series strengthened the contracted style, in combination with tonal cascading style technique to strengthen the warmth retention property of a complete set of clothes.

More beautiful than the bracelet accessories Is a small dial watch

More beautiful than the bracelet accessories Is a small dial watch
Under the big dial has become increasingly popular agitation, exquisite small dial also return to the trends of wrist watch. For most women, a small wrist wear between the wrist and can show seems to be more feminine and elegant temperament. Take a look at this year’s small size wrist watch, maybe you will like it again contracted and delicate.
Dior DE La D Dior Satin series advanced wrist watch The dial diameter of 19 mm
Draw inspiration from the 70 s, the use of gold, diamond, and decorative stone jewelry, such as division of commonly used materials. Custer LAN designer Victoria her Howard (Cartier love bracelet replica) retained the men’s wrist watch the original pure simple shape, giving it a very feminine characteristics at the same time. DE La D Dior extract the essence of the Dior fine jewelry, used for jewelry division of snow that Mosaic art, the decorative stone dial, bold and creative to the integration of material, the color and the Swiss watchmaker, including by Zenith design Elite mechanical movement. Wrist watch like “ribbon” general modelling, equipped with milan type steel braided bracelet, texture is soft and flexible, metallic luster, is like a piece of metal texture of fabric.
Bulgari PiccolaLvcea series wrist watch dial 23 mm in diameter
LVCEA series wrist watch was born with a passion for light and time, extremely attractive. With the increasing demand for small size of the wrist, launch a small version of the watch of wrist of existing product. Piccola Lvcea wrist watch every line, every part after the designer’s thoughtful, reinterpret the contemporary women’s charming and elegant, is the perfect fusion of traditional and modern. Modern women through the size more delicate wrist watch, not only can express love for the watch of wrist of cultural inheritance, more add the tide of contemporary elements. Bracelet in subtle connection technique gives this watch a variety of different combinations. A delicate gem stone highlight female gracefuls and restrained, dense diamond is perfect showily temperament.
replica Cartier love bracelet turquoise blue bracelet wrist watch dial 15.8 x 23.6 x 6.2 mm
In 1987, chanel to launch its first designed for women to build a classic watch the PREMIERE. Its octagonal dial design, inspired by N ° 5 perfume bottle shape and Paris fang square landmark silhouette. In 2016, the PREMIERE camellia floating the tourbillon wristwatch, marked the PREMIERE from now on to the world of watch of wrist of complex function.
Harry Winston Emerald series wrist watch dial 17.75 x 24 mm
Emerald series wrist watch, fine and elegant white gold or rose gold watchcase material design is the classic type Emerald cut, for inspiration, and dial 12 when the position of the same type USES the Emerald cut gold stereo brand logo mutual reflect. Pure blue color dial, and it is one of the world’s most prestigious blue diamond is clever. Oh the harry Winston dial and strap “hope diamond” light blue attune, makes the wearer copy is like place oneself harry Winston jewelry world. Around two of satin wrist strap design, the main color to match the dial. In addition, the wrist watch equipped with elegant rose gold or platinum materials netting milan type bracelet, delicate netting milan type chain containing the craftsmanship of wonderful artical excelling nature, soft stick take hand catenary, precious metals will turn into elegant ornament wrist.
Table Cartier nail bracelet replica Prime Time watch dial 24 mm in diameter
Dodecagon CENTURY CENTURY sapphire watch case is the most dazzling mark: watch with its can readily identify the modelling of contour, the diameter of the lady’s wrist was only 24 mm, small and exquisite, modelling is just give Prime Time watch real jewelry. Dial, a total of 12 of the beauty of brilliant-cut decoration on every hour mark, will watch sublimated fantasy, showing this immaculate chronometer unprecedented bright beautiful. Table with pure white, pearl grey and noble generous jet-black mother-of-pearl dial, and with different adjustable strap that coincide with the same color, the two white style more through delicate rainbow paint processing, in the casual place bloom low-key CLS.
Treasure pearl women’s clothing series of lady bird Ladybird wrist watch dial diameter of 21.50 mm
(Ladybird) watch the lady bird, dial with contrasting bright finish, modelling is layer upon layer the delicate leaves. Brilliant purple strap special made of Louisiana crocodile build a fine elegant aesthetic effect. On the table ring set with 32 bright beauty; , drops on dial pointer light swept with a dazzling diamonds and platinum material scale of hours. Wrist watch equipped with platinum case only 21.50 millimeters in diameter. Carry with silicon balance spring automatic chain machine, automatic pendulum tuo made from platinum Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica put tuo on set with a gorgeous beauty to show limited wrist watch is scarce, in a specially equipped with three surrounding diamond punching groove to ensure that the diamonds was smooth and beautiful, the degree of detail to reaches can be seen; In addition, equipped with siliceous balance spring, can better avoid wrist magnetic – women’s watches also enjoy the material of the latest upgrade.