Watch and Download Full Movie Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Watch Full Movie Online Crazy Rich Asians (2018)

Crazy Rich Asians

Released |Duration : 2 hours 1 minutes



PRODUCED BY : Nina Jacobson, John Penotti.

GENRE : Drama, Comedy.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : 广州话 / 廣州話, 普通话, English.


COUNTRY : United States of America.

PRODUCTION BY : Color Force, Ivanhoe Pictures.


‘Crazy Rich Asians’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in August 15, 2018. Jon M. Chu was directed this movie and starring by Constance Wu. This movie tell story about An American-born Chinese economics professor accompanies her boyfriend to Singapore for his best friend’s wedding, only to get thrust into the lives of Asia’s rich and famous.

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Watch and Download Movie Operation Finale (2018)

Watch Full Movie Online Operation Finale (2018)

Operation Finale

Released |Duration : 2 hours 4 minutes


DIRECTED BY : Chris Weitz.

PRODUCED BY : Fred Berger, Oscar Isaac.

GENRE : Drama, History, Thriller.

VIDEO : 720p.

LANGUAGE : English, Español, עִבְרִית, Deutsch.


COUNTRY : United States of America.

PRODUCTION BY : Automatik Entertainment, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.


‘Operation Finale’ is a movie genre Drama, was released in August 29, 2018. Chris Weitz was directed this movie and starring by Oscar Isaac. This movie tell story about In 1960, a team of Israeli secret agents is deployed to find Adolf Eichmann, the infamous Nazi architect of the Holocaust, supposedly hidden in Argentina, and get him to Israel to be judged.

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Repair the process of the watch is not like the repair of home appliances and other large items

Repair the process of the watch is not like the repair of home appliances and other large items, like in the repair process and change parts are we can see very clearly. And repair the table is a very complex process, that is, you look at the next, it is difficult to see what doorway, is to repair the table master do your hands and feet will not pay attention to. Know the knowledge of the watch is also very little, because the repair table is not a very fresh thing to do things, and complaints are quite a lot of complaints. Of course, the table is broken to repair, in order to obtain a satisfactory repair and fair prices.The following describes how all of a sudden at the time to repair the table was black cheated a few ways:Method one: look at the repair and repair code, and the table must be a good teacher to talk about the price, then the table handed him.Method 2: do not have to repair fast, do not trust what “stand is appropriate” should be due to inspection and inspection and do go carefully to watch the maintenance of the imitation Cartier love bracelet is an indispensable link, it is impossible not to pass on the watch by the reliable study, Immediately delivered to the customer.Method 3: to try to pick those good credit table shop or a large shop within the table shop, the big shop on the individual repair shop also have a management of the constraints.Method 4: Do not easily believe that the table shop ads, check their table repair equipment and table oil, you can let him look out the table oil, no 4 to 5 kinds of table oil above you do not in him That repairMethod 5: After repair, must obtain all the parts under the change, especially for maintenance in the gear or change the circuit board watch.Method 6: on their own watch failure to have a basic understanding of the bad gear and quartz watch bad circuit board is very unlikely. Sure enough, it is really bad, the corresponding fault phenomenon can be reflected, it is impossible to end the watch on the flat out of these problems.Method 7: must obtain a repair invoice and cover the repair of the internal meaning of the details of the registration form, the spare parts must also be Rob, if imported parts should also be marked, and then let him cover the chapter.Method eight:. If you are a foreign land, do not say your hometown, it is best to bring a local friend to go with you. Now repair the table with the thief is to do, however, knock the mountain tiger this move should also make, can not give some black heart table shop no matter what the chance of fraud.Way nine: plus I still do not trust, then go to the local technical quality inspection departments to identify, to the business or consumer association to complain, before this must bring enough strong evidence of their own, and enhance their self-best care to understand The Many black repair table shop are not to replace the parts, or the parts are not your watch inside, it is because they simply did not give you change. Then, repair the price of the problem is that you and repair shop pre-agreement and permission, even later know that the maintenance price is higher than elsewhere, you can not complain, this and buy goods is the same.Most quartz watches use Replica Cartier jewelry silver oxide batteries, which are small in size, large in capacity and stable in output voltage, making them ideal for use on quartz watches. Quartz watch with battery specifications and types are also very much, in addition to silver oxide batteries, there are lithium batteries, alkaline batteries. Generally speaking, the capacity of the battery and its volume, the larger the volume is also the greater the capacity of the battery capacity also determines the battery life. How to check the quartz watch battery capacityMeasuring the performance of the watch battery equipment       Unlike ordinary dry batteries, the silver oxide cell discharge curve is very flat, it will not be like a dry battery, with the use of the voltage is gradually reduced (see photo), this time to keep the watch travel time is of course very good. But also bring a problem, that is, can not measure the voltage to determine how much battery capacity, silver oxide battery nominal voltage is basically 1.55V, and this voltage will remain until the battery life is about to end before. But in order to avoid affecting the normal wear of the watch, many quartz watches are equipped with a battery voltage warning function, is stopped by the second hand for 4 seconds, and then the rapid jump with the 4 down that , Once the phenomenon occurs, the watch can walk about 10 days or so, to remind you to immediately replace the battery. This function is also called “E.O.L”, but there is no center second hand quartz watch, there is no such function.       In fact, as with all the batteries, the new battery capacity is not exactly the same, the battery capacity of the unit is expressed in milliampere hours (maH). So far, has not heard of a kind of instrument, you can quickly, lossless and accurate detection of silver oxide battery capacity, as early as 20 years ago, I heard that foreign countries have been rewarded with heavy money to the equipment Invention, but now still no one can give it out.       Battery manufacturers to do the battery factory quality inspection, are still used as a batch of battery discharge experiments, is to test the battery connected to a load, the formation of a certain current closed loop, until the battery voltage down to a certain value, Discharge current multiplied by the discharge time is the actual capacity of the battery. When the experiment is over, the battery will be scrapped.       Now the rapid detection of the watch battery are heavy-duty discharge, see the battery at different discharge current, the pressure drop, because with the use of the battery internal resistance (also known as battery resistance) will increase; Once the discharge current increases, the closed-circuit voltage will suddenly drop.       Like some Swiss-made quartz calibration instrument, are attached to the battery heavy-duty discharge test function, the load resistance of 2000 ohms, 50 ohms and 5 ohms several files (see photo). In fact the watch with silver oxide batteries also have different uses, such as high current output type and low current output type, their electrolyte is different, the former is usually used for light alarm LCD quartz watch, the latter for the pointer Type quartz watch.       When the button is pressed, the load resistance is turned on, immediately observe the extent of battery voltage drop, different batteries should have different indicators, but generally can not be less than 1.35V voltage.       The size of the cross-sectional area of the battery, the test temperature and test results are related to the larger battery, the ambient temperature is relatively high, the voltage drop less.       Battery heavy load experiments, only about the estimated capacity of the battery, but can not reach the precise measurement of the value, and this experiment can not do a long time, because it is more consumption of battery power. How to check the quartz watch battery capacity

Swarovski than the imitation of the refractive index of luster, in the sun can reflect the colorful luster

First, Swarovski crystal look to see shape
Gloss: Swarovski than the imitation of the refractive index of luster, in the sun can reflect the colorful luster
Purity: clear and transparent, no bubbles, no impurities, no flaws.
Transparency: Swarovski crystal with other ordinary crystal or natural crystal can not match the light transmission
Cutting: cutting methods are different, different Cartier love bracelet replica refractive effects, cutting is not even good luster. Swarovski crystal is the biggest feature of its advanced cutting technology. Crystal cutting surface more, the more light the more flashing, the more shining, like a diamond-like effect. And cutting line sharp, cutting facet smooth and no fine lines. Particle size is absolutely equal, unlike the general crystal cutting line has a rounded feeling, feels very blunt feeling
Swarovski (Swarovski) crystal cutting methods are different, different refractive effects, cutting is not even no luster
2, see Swarovski (Swarovski) crystal details 1, to see whether the hole plane uniform: Swarovski (Swarovski) the same size of the hole plane (that is, the hole in the circle of the circle, such as beads commonly used 5301 diamond beads, etc.) A circle of basic thickness of the same; and imitation of the hole in the plane of a circle of different thickness.
See the Swarovski crystal hole plane is uniform
2, see the hole plane approach: Swarovski (Swarovski) hole plane and cutting the surface is different, like a layer of film covered in the above (such as beads commonly used 5301 diamond beads and 5040 oval beads, etc.), looks no cutting So sharp and smooth; and imitation of the hole plane and the cutting surface of the same way. This is also the most important way to distinguish, even if the other special signs do again, but this special certificate has not yet seen what imitation made Swarovski (Swarovski) this.
Swarovski (Swarovski) crystal is also the degree of smoothness of the key to identify the key part of the obvious
Swarovski (Swarovski) crystal true and false roughness is obvious.
Third, on the Swarovski (Swarovski) crystal products logo
1, swarovaki counter products: Swan Cartier love ring replica logo
2, swarovaki strass series of products: that is, the beginning of the number of 8 products, each pendant inside the laser inlaid security logo, the specific shape of a very small trapezoidal, and its brand logo the same.
3, the number of the beginning of the product is swarovski compents series of products: without laser anti-counterfeit signs, but also authentic. This series of products produced earlier, is swarovski semi-finished products early representatives. One of the most popular products is the cross of the 6866.
4, jewelry box: blue box, the box will have a swan logo and write a few words SWAROVSKI.
5, open the jewelry box is generally the first to see the certificate, the size of the certificate is based on the size of the jewelry to change, in general, relatively cheap, box size 55mm * 55mm square box, if it is necklace, Necklace box, relatively speaking, his certificate and the box is about the size. But there are countries such as the United States sales necklace is decorated with Swarovski special jewelry bags, jewelry bags for the blue outside the red velvet bag, there are many languages written in the certificate, the customer can rely on the certificate to any of the world Swarovski Monopoly Shop for maintenance.
6, the certificate is generally a variety of text, each text will be printed behind Helmut Swarovski signature, and finally there will be all offices around the world phone and address and Mail.
Four, Swarovski crystal ornaments and jewelry how maintenance?
(A) imitation crystal ornaments
1. Do not immerse the crystal product in a clean water to avoid an indelible watermark.
2. Do not place imitation crystal products in high temperature or direct sunlight.
3. Imitation crystal jewelry can only be used dry cloth or brush clean, do not use chemical composition cleaning agent cleaning.
(B) simulation jewelry
1. Avoid direct contact with water, perfume, soap, hair spray, mothball, detergent and other ingredients with chemical composition of the erosion of the simulation of jewelry.
2. Do not wear simulated jewelery while sleeping, bathing, swimming or doing strenuous exercise.
3. Do not use clean water, ultrasonic cleaners or Replica Cartier jewelry cleaning agents containing alcohol or any commercially available jewelery cleaner.
4. Simulation jewelry should be stored in the box, to avoid long-term exposure to humid air or strong light.
5. After worn, wipe the used product with a clean, soft, dry cloth to keep the product luster and durability.

Environmental protection and creative home accessories

Environmental protection and creative home accessories
Modern home in the choice of home decorations Decoration, in addition to consider the appearance and practicality, but also very concerned about the decorative material, in this low-carbon and environmentally friendly Cartier love bracelet replica society, the more environmentally friendly materials in the modern home in the more popular, Old transformation has also been a lot of family attention, as we usually see the exchange of space in the design of the same, many old things can be transformed into a very fine home jewelry Oh.
To the environmental protection of the modern home decorations Decoration, you can consider the straw of the decorations, the most natural material, absolutely no pollution, this a straw rabbit frame, with full of pastoral style, exquisite appearance beautiful, lively and lovely, placed at home given You are a comfortable living museum.
Paper ornaments simple, creative infinite, the magazine’s own gorgeous colors, so that the finished product has a Cartier love ring replica unpredictable beauty, a fresh life was born, watching them dance with the wind, you can also feel that distant Drums.
Storage is the most troublesome one of the most troublesome people in every home. To make the home clean, then the storage space must be done in place. With creative home to create indoor storage space.
Practical and visual arts to be fully integrated and play, of course, the effect is not questioned the wonderful chrysanthemum. Note that the color of the shelf is the same as that of the wall, and its smooth curves and convex surfaces give a false impression of the Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica wall. Rich grid, large capacity, you can place a variety of items. Its wall-mounted design and unique appearance not only save space and give a sense of oppression.

Fashion life is today’s very fashionable term, what is fashion life?

Fashion life is today’s very fashionable term, what is fashion life? Probably who is also difficult to make a conclusion, each with its own standards. But as a white-collar family, in their fashion life, some people used to supper Cartier love bracelet replica, some people like to eat instant noodles, some people love fruit. In fact, this is not a fashion life, but a misunderstanding
And “supper” farewell
Shi Mincheng
I and many people have “supper” habits, tired after a glass of beer, fried a few dishes delicious dishes, is indeed a pleasure. I am a fashion magazine editor, because of the long climb lattice, often boil the middle of the night, empty belly, always want to add something and “supper”. And sometimes like after 10 o’clock in the evening and three or five close friends to the food stalls eat and drink meal, Jiuzufan full home again to rest. Although I know that “supper” habits of good health is not good, but for many years are so, it is not too concerned about the.
Recently, I saw from the publication of a report that people have 1/3 of obesity and eat “supper” related. The reason is that people eat “supper”, especially eating high-fat diet will lead to a large number of insulin secretion, and because most of the sleep after the sleep state, this time less activity Cartier love ring replica, low calorie consumption, supper intake of excess calories In the role of insulin under a lot of deposition, obesity and thus.
This news aroused my vigilance, because these years my “general belly” more and more “quite”, the body more and more Shen. I went to the hospital to find the internal medicine director. Director Zhang not only gave me a physical examination, gave me patiently introduced a long “supper” in addition to obesity, the impact of other health “guilt” –
It can cause high blood pressure. In the “supper” if too much to eat meat, not only will increase the burden of gastrointestinal, but also make the body of blood suddenly rose. Because the speed of blood running in sleep is slow, a lot of blood lipids adhere to the blood vessel wall, causing atherosclerosis, high blood pressure is also produced; clinical practice shows that long-term “supper” crowd than “supper” Of the fat to be higher than 2 to 3 times.
It will form urinary stones. In recent years, according to some hospital medical practice found that stones, especially urinary stones and “supper” directly related. This is because the main component of urinary stones is calcium, and food contains calcium in addition to a part of the absorption by the intestinal wall, the excess calcium is discharged from the urine. Body urination peak after eating 4 to 5 hours, due to “supper” in the middle of the night, after eating most of the bed to rest. So “supper” after the urine generated by all remain in the urinary tract, and sometimes difficult to excreted, which makes urinary tract urinary calcium content continues to increase, thus forming a urine stones.
It can induce neurasthenia. Once the stomach, stomach, intestine, liver, gallbladder and other organs of the load increases, it will produce information transmitted to the brain, so that the corresponding parts of the Replica Cartier love bracelet brain cells are very active. Once the excitement spread to other parts of the cerebral cortex will lead to a variety of nightmares, will make you feel tired, so that the nervous system disorders, resulting in disease, induced neurasthenia.
Zhang Zhuren’s remarks made me sober. This bad habit has been developed for 20 years, and I love to persuade me all day, I can not listen to still so I, now I opened my heart, for health and “supper” completely broke up!

The “Only Watch” charity auction is to support the Royal Muscle Charity Association for medical research held for the first time in the auction in 2016

The “Only Watch” charity auction is to support the Royal Muscle Charity Association for medical research held for the first time in the auction in 2016, followed by once every two years, get a number of Swiss senior Cartier love bracelet replica and watch brands to support participation , It is said that in 2009 raised a total of 2.2 million euros, while in 2011 rose significantly to 4.5 million euros, it is estimated that this year’s charity also broke the previous record. The watch brand will be specially for this charity auction will design a unique watch, and at the meeting public auction, the proceeds of all donated to the Royal Muscle Shrink Charity Association. Participating in the Swiss watch brand is increasing each year in the first year when only a few, to this session (to be held on September 28, 2013) will increase to 33, shows that the charity more and more attention and support.
Many people are not familiar with “Duchenne muscular dystrophy” (Duchenne muscular dystrophy), in fact, this is a genetic disease, there is no cure. People with this disease, the human chromosome X chromosome abnormalities, loss of a DMD gene, and the role of this gene is to produce an important dystrophin (Dystrophin), if the lack of intracellular protein, Will make the muscle fiber membrane becomes weak, slowly will make muscle cell death, the most serious is the patient’s respiratory muscle will be greatly recession, leading to pulmonary complications or respiratory failure, and finally death. According to medical statistics, every 3,000 men will have a genetic disease, while the incidence of women is replica Cartier love bracelet twice as many men, one in every 1,500 people, can be a very serious and fatal genetic disease.
Only Watch Knowledge
Q & A
Q: What is the “Only Watch” charity auction?
A: “Only Watch” charity auction, from the name to see that only watch brand participation. It was launched in 2005 by Luc Pettavino, chairman of the Muscular Atrophy Association, and was supported by the top watchmakers and the Monaco royal family.
Q: When will the “Only Watch” charity auction be held each year?
A: Exactly, “Only Watch” charity auction was founded in 2005, held every two years, in September this year is the fourth. Before the auction, these watches will tour the world’s 10 cities, September 1 to 5, respectively, in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, and finally in the September 22 return to Monaco, during the Monaco Boat Show auction.
Q: Which brands are willing to participate in the “Only Watch” charity auction?
A: Generally speaking, very good personal relations with the royal family will spare no effort to participate in the charity auction, the more brains to launch a imitation cartier love bracelet unique work. Because these watches, although not one day in the window to make money, but to establish a brand image has a great role, attracted the top watch brands have joined.
Q: “Only Watch” So far the amount of fund-raising?
A: The last four “Only Watch” auction, in 2005 the first raised 1.9 million euros; in 2007 a higher level, raising a total of 2.7 million euros; to 2009, the third “Only Watch “Charity auction raised a total of 3 million US dollars; in 2011 to raise 4.5 million US dollars, to refresh the charity figures.

Easily dropped more than ten million to buy Hermes bag, Rolex gold watch, it must be the real thing?

Easily dropped more than ten million to buy Hermes bag, Rolex gold watch, it must be the real thing? Sellers competing to promise the “Overseas Shopping Service” commitment, can guarantee is genuine? As the world’s largest consumer of luxury Cartier love ring replica goods, Chinese buyers are often “fall into” fake traps. Thus, fashion and mysterious “luxury appraiser” came into being. Their eyes, hand touch, nose sniffing and other stunts, the fastest ten seconds you can know to buy Chanel, LV bag is true or false! As the industry leader, Taiyuan girl Su Qing has “Kam” out of 700,000 annual salary and their own boutiques. This is how the multi-Jin Li Ren made?
Overseas Daigou deceived, female translation oath “extravagant teacher”
Tall, delicate look, a Versace printing scarves to bring out the women’s soft, Shoulin luxury fashion Chanel new handbags. The first to see 27-year-old Su Qing, many people will regard her as a foreign white-collar workers, but the “play for the luxury goods industry,” 85 after the girl, income is much higher than foreign beauty, the work easier than the former ” a lot of.
Su Qing was born in Taiyuan in 1988, after graduating from university in replica Cartier love bracelet, a private company to do the English translation. In order to meet their years of international big-name longing and longing, on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2012, she took out their full 3 months salary, so a circle of friends in the WeChat “overseas purchasing” friends, buy from Hong Kong Burberry (Burberry) handbags, the price cheaper than the domestic flagship store more than 3,000 yuan!
One day, a sharp-eyed female colleagues poured cold water on her, said her bag is a high imitation goods.
She reluctant to accept this brutal reality, to Shanghai Burberry flagship store repeatedly watch, compare, and search the relevant information online … … eventually convinced that he spent 17,000 yuan to buy back the “big British”, in fact only produced in the country Of the top cottage package, online price is only 2,000 yuan!
In a classmate, when the sisters listened to the Su Qing Aizai Aizai things, actually have spit bad, they also had a similar painful lesson. A female classmate said: “If a professional identification of people like, and help us to buy luxury goods when the gate, even if the higher fees we are happy!
Su Qing vaguely feel that with China has become the number one luxury imitation cartier love bracelet consumer, this fashion career will be promising. Even for the middle class to provide one-on-one luxury identification services, the market is also incalculable ah! Tired of the translation of her work, decided among the meantime.
In May 2012, Su Qing was informed by a recruitment network, Shanghai Milan station is recruiting staff, so pleased to go to candidates. Founded in Hong Kong’s Milan station, is a second-hand luxury goods trading platform for the country, stores across Hong Kong and Macao and the North-Canton and other places, mainly the sale of big handbags, clothing, leather goods and so on.

A long history of the brand. Brand history is an important asset brand

Price Strategy
1. A long history of the brand. Brand history is an important asset Cartier love bracelet replica brand, the brand can bring trust and rich association. 160 years of history, has given Cartier unique cultural connotation, for the magnificent matchless, ingenious jewelry, watches and clocks to write a glorious chapter in the history of light can not be intimidated.
2. The birthplace of luxury. Heroes can not ask the source, but depends on the origin of luxury goods. Paris, France, London is the production of luxury goods, as long as the mention of these cities, there will be a rich origin Lenovo. Cartier from Paris, France, has a natural advantage.
3. Royal descent. Cartier royal descent to make it a symbol of high society, a distinction between the rich and the general public a special symbol. Cartier initially with innovative color gem ornaments sound noisy royal court, deeply Napoleon III applaud; King Edward VII has appointed him to make 27 crown for coronation, and as “jeweler emperor, emperor jeweler “; European multinational royal family also issued a letter of imitation Cartier love bracelet appointment to him.
4. Constantly innovative brand spirit. Innovation is the brand in the minds of consumers to maintain the vitality and freshness of the source, the brand’s history is the history of continuous innovation. Cartier in the product design and innovation has been at the forefront of leading the trend of contemporary art and fashion.
5. Unique design inspiration, quality and workmanship. Jewelry design requires classic aesthetics, but also with the contemporary spirit of interpretation, to a more contemporary, which was accepted. Cartier has a long history of many important design topics, including “series theme creation”, “to reproduce the essence of fine jewelry,” and so on, these traditional design concept has far-reaching impact on Cartier. In the smooth lines, Ming Cheng color, Cartier interpretation of the true meaning of beauty – the United States is simple but not complicated, is not in the conflict of harmony.
In addition to these sturdy, stand up to scrutiny to support its high price, all the details – the location of the store, store design, display, service staff attitude, product quality, print quality … … are Continue to enrich, interpretation, and strengthen the high-priced luxury brand Cartier love ring replica reason, and to consumers in the Cartier brand continue to examine, continue to understand and experience the formation of strong preferences, and ultimately constitute the brand of Cartier’s beliefs.

As the majority shareholder and chairman of the United States is the largest shareholder and chairman of the listed company Tang Yiu’s cousin

As the majority shareholder and chairman of the United States is the largest shareholder and chairman of the listed company Tang Yiu’s cousin, this acquisition constitutes a related party transactions, and has been approved by Belle Independent Shareholders. Investment bank UBS issued a report saying that after this acquisition, Belle in Greater China, the number of stores will grow to 6500, and estimated that Belle will have sufficient cash for new Cartier love bracelet replica acquisitions.
Belle CEO Sheng Baijiao said earlier, the group is now emphasis on women’s shoes business, while the beautiful treasure is the agent of a number of men’s shoes brand, through acquisitions can improve the Group’s product mix.
Edit this paragraph
Easy to see through the false Belle
Look at the price
Belle official authentic sales price of ordinary shoes and sandals in the 250 ~ 450 between the boots priced at 450 ~ 1000 Belle
, While the fake and shoddy products due to the selection of low-grade PU, plastic and other materials and simple rough work, under normal circumstances, the sale price of online fake goods is lower than the cost of Belle genuine, and Belle genuine in principle will not be low At the cost of sales. So price recognition is the most common method! At the same time warned hope that the Internet with a very low price to buy Cartier love ring replica Belle authentic friends do not believe you will buy low-priced genuine!
See baby description
Baby title or description of the baby is 100% original statement, Wei Huo, the same paragraph, and almost can be determined as fake, Belle Group will not have the so-called Weihuo, do not believe.
See product pictures
The use of professional camera and studio shooting, the picture clear professional, can truly reflect the original appearance of the product, counterfeit products to take pictures using ordinary camera, the picture clutter irregular, part of the fake will steal official website shopping Network Amoy network picture, but the price is very low.
See shoes
Buy shoes, leather products to observe the color, the genuine feeling of two shoes no color. The two shoes soles coincide, the length of the two shoes should be the same. And then the two shoes are on the platform to see if there is no two-heeled, if each kind of comparison are consistent, then this pair of shoes basically meet the standard.
Look at the cortex
Belle shoes are mostly leather material, even if the fabric to take a special treatment, Lippi must also be leather. Cortical mainly by the naked eye, the skin will have small pores, and uneven size, striae will have thickness. Under normal circumstances, the toe in the production will
Using the best leather, and often less lumbar cortex, tongue skin more times, so the pores of each place are not the same. The PU striae are often 100% consistent. Feel, the PU is now done with the leather has been very much like. In the shoe-making process used in chemical processing, relying on the news is difficult to distinguish the cortex.
Look at work
The work best embodies the quality of a shoe, the main criteria are: the toe can not have skin injury, folding to flat, uniform needle, about the same imitation cartier love bracelet, smooth inside, vamp and sole smooth, no thread, Glue overflow and other phenomena, vamp anywhere can not have uneven conditions, soled LOGO print clear, in line with standards.