Below the diamond lap for the laser engraving of the enlarged photo affixed to the certificate for easy verification

As the world’s three major authoritative institutions in the true sense of the only cross-continent global laboratory, IGI to solve the various laboratory standards a high degree of unity of the problem, its stability has been widely respected by the industry, the famous Mont Blanc, Cartier , Escada and other international brands have chosen IGI to provide identification or training services.
First, the certificate title part:
International Gemological Institute is the name and logo of the IGI Lab
HEARTS AND ARROWS DIAMOND REPORT is the certificate name
The upper right corner is the diamond “eight heart” and “eight arrows” darkroom photos, photos for the actual shooting and affixed to the certificate.
Second, the contents of the certificate Part I:
The first line on the left there will be a Number, this is the certificate number, and each diamond waist laser lettering is one to one correspondence, the only Internet access is by virtue of this number, with 10 times magnifying glass in the diamond waist You can see this imitation Cartier love bracelet, of course, unless the business did not require IGI engraved. This is also possible.
Antwerp on the right side of the first line, December 13, 2002 is the time and place of the certificate.
The mainland’s most visited locations are Hong Kong and Antwerp.
Third, the contents of the certificate Part II:
Description of Diamond. Natural diamond for natural diamonds.
Shape and cut is the basic cut shape, Round and brilliant for the round brilliant type.
Fourth, the contents of the third part of the certificate 4C:
Carat weight is the weight of the caravan. 1 gram = 5 carats, 1 carat = 100 points. IGI calculated to the decimal point after the two, the third every 9 into a, such as 67.88 67 points, 67.89 count 68 points; where the weight is 53 points, or 0.53 karats.
Claritygrade is the clarity of diamonds. IGI divides diamonds into several large grades of IF-VVS-VS-Si-I according to the nature, quantity and visibility of the internal defects of diamonds. VVS is divided into VVS1 and VVS2, VS Divided into VS1 and VS2, Si is divided into Si1 and Si2, clarity gradually reduced. This diamond is IF, that is the best clarity (10 times magnifying glass defects are not visible). The clarity here is VS2
Corresponding to the right of the two diamond patterns, called ploting diagram, is the grading division of the specific flaws of the location, type, etc., to facilitate consumer checks.
Common are cloud (cloud), crystal (crystal), feather (pinnate), pp (tip) and so on.
Internal flaws are marked in red, and external flaws are marked in green.
Color grade is the color level, IGI diamonds from completely colorless to yellow letters from D to Z said, the best colorless diamonds are D color, E, F, G gradually yellow, Z color level lowest. Where the color is E color, D, E, F is very rare.
Cutgrade is a diamond cut. That is, the proportion of diamond polished cut to determine whether the diamond can show a good fire color and flash. Cut is a comprehensive measure of many cutting faces, including symmetry and polishing. IGI will cut from Excellent to Very Good, Good, Fair, Poor is divided into 5 grades, where the cut is the best.
Here are two other data related to the cut:
Polish is the diamond’s degree of polishing and symmetry. And cut into five grades.
Symmetry is the symmetry of diamonds. And cut into five grades.
The IGI is critical of cutting work and must meet extremely high cut Replica Cartier jewelry requirements.
The following is the detailed data:
Measurements refers to the size of the diamond, that is, the diameter of the diamond * height. Diamond is hand-polished, and sometimes can not guarantee its 100% round, so there are two different diameter, maximum diameter and minimum diameter. General diamond gap within 3%.
Table diameter is the aspect ratio, that is, the ratio of the table width to diameter.
Crown height is the crown height ratio, that is, the crown height of the proportion of diameter.
Pavilion depth is the ratio of pavilion depth, ie pavilion depth to diameter.
Girdle thickness is the waist thickness, usually from thin to thick thick are possible.
Total depth is the ratio of the height and diameter of the diamond.
Culet refers to the bottom of the diamond case, here is the pointed, that is, the tip, in addition, there may be medium middle bottom, large base, chopped broken bottom.
Fluorescence here refers to the fluorescent effect of diamonds. Most of the diamonds in the ultraviolet light will have blue and white fluorescence, fluorescent color and most of the diamond itself with a weak yellow color is complementary. For high color diamonds above J color, strong fluorescence has a negative effect on the value of diamonds. For J colors and below, low intensity diamonds have a positive effect on diamond value, while weak fluorescence has no effect on diamond value.
Comments lists any information related to the quality of diamonds, such as diamonds lined laser engraving content, or eight heart eight arrows diamond, whether it has been manually optimized, will be listed in this column. The diamond information is: eight heart eight arrows ideal cut (so far IGI is still the most authoritative eight heart eight arrows diamond identification), waist lettering (diamond certificate number).
Below the diamond lap for the laser engraving of the enlarged photo, affixed to the certificate for easy verification.
Photo on the right for the IGI laser security signs.
IGI’s industry status
IGI is currently the world’s largest independent laboratory, the global experts to 800 members, distribution of the world more than ten countries, IGI’s patented invention and technology are laser lettering, darkroom photo, the first eight to eight evaluation criteria, and first created 3EX cut the evaluation system, the system is the current international standard diamond cut grade evaluation method, there are more than 100 countries of the jewelry industry to accept IGI services.
1975 – 1985
IGI is now the oldest laboratory in Antwerp IGI gem school in the world’s first diamond rough course IGI laser system imprint (IGI Laserscribe System Mark) patented the use of laser permanent mark diamond method IGI is the world’s first jewelry Laboratory certification IGI is the world’s only laboratory for diamond correction and re-cutting services IGI is the world’s first diamond seal service to provide protection for diamonds laboratory IGI developed a complete comprehensive diamond cut rating table
1986 – 1999
IGI is the first to use ion beam technology in the diamond countertops to achieve permanent imprinting IGI laboratory fully equipped with conditional identification synthetic diamonds IGI research and development UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer identification of artificial diamond IGI research and development of a unique photoluminescence (photoluminescence) spectrometer identification HPHT Dealing with diamonds IGI became the first global operation, unified management of the laboratory. Today there are 15 laboratories around the world.
2000 – 2010
IGI Develops an Innovative Grading System for Small Diamonds IGI is the first laboratory to issue a dual-brand certificate for industry-renowned brands. IGI offers factory-based hands-on courses, improved production IGI offers courses for salespeople and consumers, Industry knowledge IGI created the world respected eight heart eight arrow diamond certificate.

Every time you sing a draft contest, the most one word is “dream”

Every time you sing a draft contest, the most one word is “dream”. Yeah, dream, always the best aphrodisiac. Especially when the dream and grass roots linked together, it becomes a realistic version of the soul of chicken soup and inspirational Cartier love bracelet replica story.
However, the dream is full of reality is very skinny. So more and more people began to doubt the dream, began to give up the dream. So, many years later, only people say “I had a dream”, or even say “Do not talk about my dream.” Ma said that life still have a dream, if the realization of it?
Review my experience, the original and “dream” is closely related.
In fact, I have their own brand, a few years ago have this idea. Such as their own brand of perfume, underwear or jewelry. But always feel that their fame is not big enough, popularity is not high enough, fans are not enough, so always tell myself: wait, wait for opportunities to mature it And, I have been very worried if the brand, then it may be very tired of things, I am afraid that will affect my writing. I understand at all times: I can not let other things affect my writing. Unless it is love, and I know that love is conducive to my writing. So, I set the brand dream has been shelved shelved until the end of 2014, I went to Hefei to participate in the fan of the General Assembly, by the major media from the big coffee pointing, especially my new media instructor tube Peng and Internet researcher Ding Chenling Of the Cartier love ring replica instructions, found from the media and new media to make the brand easy and simple, especially the rise of micro-mall and micro-business, so that marketing, sales have become a lot easier. So decided to start doing their own brand.
What am i doing? My readers my feathers (my fans name) my audience is female, then I am good at and concerned about the field is the female field, I have opened a micro shop, sold scarves sold underwear, but because it is not their own Production, so there is no guarantee of quality, I am worried that will hurt to trust my feathers, so later my micro-shop to stop pushing new products, and if the sale of products so that feathers are disappointed, I would rather not make the money. This is not my style.
Just past April 12, psychic jewelry acquisition of the Belgian royal beads brand “Leysen” 81% stake in the price of 4.35 million euros, equivalent to more than 30 million yuan.
This announcement is Cartier nail bracelet replica inconspicuous, but we are shocked. Leysen is Belgium’s prestigious high-end jewelry brand, so far has 162 years of history, however, but to less than 40 million yuan price, sold to Chinese companies.
This is too cheap, right?

For example, GUCCI brand advertising tactics used: the female model and the two men together

For example, GUCCI brand advertising tactics used: the female model and the two men together, and write the photo below, “a family of three.” There are two women wearing GUCCI clothing to watch each other, these are filled with a hazy Cartier love bracelet replica homosexual atmosphere. United States, “Dallas” magazine editor in chief that GUCCI ads contain homosexual appeal. Especially in the two women watching each other’s ads, in this ad, two women face to face embrace, a woman’s hand on the other woman’s buttocks, another woman watching the first woman’s chest, and her hand Is stroking the other side of the chest a naked place. These ads reflect the Gucci brand luxury Mi, sexy, decadent features. Another example is Christian Dior’s ad, has been “fine” magazine as the most adornment in the clothing ad, designer Gary Hainuo also known as the “bad boy.” Because of its arrogant beauty of claws occupy an expensive advertising space, Dior brand advertising often naked to show a kind of female homosexual tendencies, advertising in the model sexy wild, body covered with brown bright oil, intertwined with each other , And show the fascination of passion.
In the fetishistic view of clothing, when the pleasure or characteristic of sexuality begins to run counter to normal or natural heterosexuality, such appearance or style is usually regarded as “abnormal” or even “pathological” “Transgressions, especially sexual transgressions, once defined, often reinforce rather than diminish the attractiveness of something, which explains why mainstream fashions Cartier love ring replica tend to have” marginal “characteristics such as Masochistic, fetish or gay and lesbian characteristics. These appearances and styles make fashionable moment “show” in the range of what is called “normal” sexy.
Thus, we can see that with the development of modern marketing, the connotation of the brand symbol gradually beyond the meaning of a simple product, like Levis jeans has long been a denim clothing is not just a reference, it also means that the United States cultural connotations significance. Many brands of meaning, that the brand is not simple is a brand signifier and product refers to the composition of such a simple symbol, but a more complex semantic phenomenon. DIESEL jeans not only refers to a kind of clothing, but also “sexy, rebel” symbol: wear DIOR clothing is not only choose a decorative body beautify, but also a means of social status. imitation cartier love bracelet Brand ambiguity, the brand as a symbol of the existence of an extension to the connotation of the ever-changing “shift acceleration” process. The brand has already reached far more than the signifier refers to the stage, clothing advertising to clothing itself with more identity and social significance. Aestheticism in the form of greater than the content in modern society has become more and more widely reflected. Relative to the content, the form is the most important, as Semir brand advertising slogan: “What is what to wear”, it is reflected in such a signifier and the meaning of the fracture.

Almost all of the women have such a feeling, no matter how much wardrobe clothes to what extent

Almost all of the women have such a feeling, no matter how much wardrobe clothes to what extent, each time still can not find when to go out to wear. If we learn the “clothing with” this course, the situation may be greatly improved. Now, let us look at the dress with a few professionals with the principle.
First, the overall concept: clothing is three- Cartier love bracelet replica dimensional, so do not look up and down from the shape, from the overall to the slim-type dress.
Second, the concept of color: the mind should first have their own color for the color series. Must pay attention to all the clothing is to wear in their own “color” on, rather than with the white wall or model rack. If you really love a certain color but it really does not suit your skin color, or use it to decorate the room.
Third, the body concept: the body is not perfect, especially people learn to use clothing to avoid weaknesses. For example, the larger the hip if the person will wear a more prominent narrow skirt, but if put on the folds of the dress will make people feel a chic rural style.
Fourth, the concept of accessories: accessories and clothing are inseparable, buy clothes is just the first step in the Long March, to be half of the money budget to consider accessories. Accessories are not optional, but make your clothing icing on the cake an important part.
Fifth, the concept of hair: fashion designers of the Cartier love ring replica latest works, and sometimes through the strange hair show, hair style determines the style of clothing with the hair change less people should pay attention to this point.
Six, makeup concept: different clothing with different makeup type, can be more of the different styles of makeup, of course, is the best way. If the makeup type is relatively simple, it will affect the expression of clothing.
7, the concept of personality: young people have a very keen response to fashion, but often thick lines of intuition. The most intelligent people are popular when the “seasoning” into the seasonal clothes, so that their fashion will always be unique.
Eight, the economic concept: certainly the higher the quality of the more expensive clothing. The more clothes over the streets, the more options. The best way is to determine the purchase price list, buy clothes higher price, then the number of less, while the price of accessories listed.
9, maintenance concept: This is the most people do not attach importance to a, but it is the most important rules of a dress. Including clothing washing, ironing, collection and custody.
In fact, many people dress in the texture design style and so on has almost no gap with foreign countries, the difference is that some people wear out crumpled, and not through professional washing and ironing, collection of a lack of imitation cartier love bracelet science. Remember, good clothes to be regularly sent to the laundry for processing, wardrobe should also choose the internal orientation of the division is very detailed modern wardrobe, so that clothing to do classified storage.

Is also a delicate and glorious fusion, to praise Josephine Queen innate charm

“Joséphine, Joséphine! You can remember what I once said: God made me strong and decisive, and weave the soft beauty with lace and tulle …” – Napoleon, the emperor of France’s first empire, Condensate Fanghua. November 7 to 13, Cartier love bracelet replica Joséphine crowned love high-level jewelry exhibition in Beijing SKP VIP salon elegant presentation. Nearly 50 pieces of Joséphine’s coronation and love of fine jewelery and watches are displayed in the exhibition space. They are intertwined with portraits of Queen Josephine, precious antique manuscripts and magnificent classical ornaments. To more than two centuries ago the brand inspiration Miao Si Josephine Queen is full of whimsy aesthetic world.
Back to the brand in the 1900-1915 beautiful age (Belle Époque) created by the period of graceful products, from necklaces, pendants, to the crown, hair ornaments are reflected CHAUMET from the minutiae to the layout of the extraordinary idea. Power and Dexterity, Balance and Rhythm: This is the Cartier nail bracelet replica style of Joséphine’s coronation and love series – the elegance and femininity of the birth of the ever-evolving history. Inspired by the classic geometric patterns in the building, around the moment between the whirlpool and vibrant beauty, as if the jewelry has caught the burst of water droplets scene. Her ethereal and noble interpretation of CHAUMET characteristics: is a combination of different contrast, is the combination of pure and strength, is also a delicate and glorious fusion, to praise Josephine Queen innate charm, both soft and moving Distinguished authority.
This style of writing and Josephine Queen’s  replica Cartier love bracelet own life experience, temperament and preferences of solidarity, Queen Josephine was born in a Caribbean garden of the Martinique island, the birth background of the distinguished she has a refined taste, rich in inspiration Of the drive to continue to explore the good things in life. She favored the graceful swans, not the eagles representing the empire; she admired the warmth of nature, not the cold shades of marble in the palaces; she liked the softness of fine cloth, rather than the complexity of royal tapestry. Arabian floral, whirlpool totem, leaves and floral patterns that make her favorite aesthetic symbols, are neo-classical geometry of tough lines into the beauty of Smart women.
As the emperor of France’s first emperor Napoleon’s wife and his beloved woman, Josephine Queen’s distinctive emotional characteristics of Napoleon Queen jewelry maker – CHAUMET founder Niduo create a piece of handed down the endless inspiration. Under the guidance of the infinite artistic creativity, emotions such as diamond-like burst out of the spark, but also as lace-like delicate and moving. These highly poetic and full of emotional jewelry works, celebrating the life full of love and surprise moments of grace, for the militarized ice cold empire added a soft touch of charm.
This time, Joséphine crowned love high jewelry exhibition on the nearly 50 works, once again interpreted CHAUMET proud of the style of art: the combination of chic design and colorful gems, with a very modern creative way to re-explore CHAUMET pass 12 generations, after more than two centuries of peak jewelry production skills. Joséphine Coronation · love series devoted to Napoleon and Josephine deep love, will be different styles of diamond crown into the fingers of the United States ring, neck side of the necklace, drape of the earrings, wrist bracelet and Zhen US watch, the continuation of “coronation for love,” the waves